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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > trans-global flight by Graf Zeppelin [s]

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message 1: by Feliks (last edited Mar 12, 2013 05:49PM) (new) - rated it 3 stars

Feliks (dzerzhinsky) This is an 'Arthur Hailey' or 'Grand Hotel' type story --you know the type--"ensemble cast" of diverse characters each with their own set of problems--passion, affairs, forged papers, larceny, debts--all thrown together and facing a common crisis like a fire.

The setting for this period-piece story set in the early 1930s takes place aboard Germany's 'Graf Zeppelin' as it makes one if its many record-breaking flights.

Its a rather hum-drum book which went unnoticed--but I read it and liked it well enough. It would have been called something like 'Zeppelin' or 'Graf' or something..

But so far I have been unable to locate it! Halp!


message 2: by Andria (new)

Andria (airdna) | 2501 comments Mod

Feliks (dzerzhinsky) Yes, I bet that's it. Now, why did it not show up when I searched on the same phrase? Sometimes Goodreads search seems to balk if you do things like 'fail to capitalize the first word'--anyone else notice this?

Anyway, thanks! I am going to assume this is the book!

message 4: by Andria (new)

Andria (airdna) | 2501 comments Mod
You're welcome! I've noticed the GR search function is a bit glitchy. Sometimes I'll search the same exact title twice, the first time nothing comes up, but the second time it does. I had to type in the author's name to get the link for this book - just typing Zeppelin brought up a bunch of stuff about Led Zeppelin. :)

message 5: by Andria (new)

Andria (airdna) | 2501 comments Mod
Feliks, can we move this to "solved" or should it be "possibly solved"?

Feliks (dzerzhinsky) I am about to do just that! Yes indeed! :)

Feliks (dzerzhinsky) oh and see! Right there! When I wanted to add the book, Goodreads would not find it because I wasn't typing it in like so:

"Zeppelin, a novel"


message 8: by Andria (new)

Andria (airdna) | 2501 comments Mod
Hey, the Zeppelin you linked to is by Pepe Moreno, but the one I linked is by Ronald Florence. Do you know which one is your book?

message 9: by Andria (new)

Andria (airdna) | 2501 comments Mod
ah, nevermind. I see you fixed it. Cool. ;)

Feliks (dzerzhinsky) Ronald Florence for sure

I got foiled by the search engine again, see above :(

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