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What do you think of the book "The Maid" by Kimberly Cutter?

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message 1: by NormaCenva (new)

NormaCenva I personally liked the book very much. How was it for you?

Sandi *~The Pirate Wench~* (thepiratewench) I enjoyed this one but found it lacking it some detail that would have made it more complete tale and history of her.But a good book for those who don't want to much historical detail/battles/politics ect.

message 3: by Alyssa (new)

Alyssa | 2 comments It wasn't my favourite but I can see how others would like it. The writing style wasn't one I liked but another person would very much enjoy it.
In my opinion there were parts where the author missed how Jehanne truly was and that was pretty off-putting for me. It was a well told story, I just wish the author had a better understanding of Jehanne and did not put in false details in any part.

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