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The Ending......(dont scroll past you know you want to read this)
Elliegrace Elliegrace Mar 12, 2013 05:01PM
when i read the ending i was just about bawling...but then i thought "wait, if i wrote this book how would i end it" and it came to me i would have ended this book exactly like the author did. I mean so many books now seem like they have to have a "happy ending" and it makes everything so predictable. Dont get me wrong i love happy endings, but i think every now and then we have to have a book like this one or tiger lilly or the scorpio races. They're like a sucker punch to the face (the good kind not the nose breaking kind) or less macob a "breath of fresh air". Totally did not see the Edward thing coming but when i thought back i knew montgomry (sp?) wouldnt leave the island he loved the "people" too much. So here's to the heartbreak, the tears, the betrayal, and bloody noses caused by ever so welcome sucker puch to the face. Here's to the UNhappy endings.

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I cried, then I realized there was a second book and I was like "He'll come back"

Hey guys, I wrote to the author the madman's daughter about the next books of the series and here's her answer:

All of the books in the series follow Juliet's story. The themes & science in some of the later books are inspired by different classics, but the characters and storyline are the same.

I agree, I really liked the ending, even though it broke my heart. Because there are just to many happy endings for books and this book instead took all of your dreams and hopes and crashed them. Don't know how that makes it a breath of fresh air, but it does. It really truly does.

However, I really want the next one to also follow Juliette's story, because I feel like it is't done. We don't know if a boat found her and if it did where did she go. I will be really mad if the next one doesn't follow her story, because if it doesn't I need more closure then that.

I was hopeful for a sequel but sadly the 2nd book isn't going to continue with Juliet's story. I hate endings like this, it absolutely tears a hole in my heart.

Marie I've heard that the story will flow into Jekyll and Hyde and Frankenstein but I haven't read anything about them not having something to do with Julie ...more
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Monica I guess the only way we'll find out is when the 2nd book is released. ...more
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I adored the ending of this book! I loved that it was "unhappy" and can't see how it could have been written another way and worked. Glad to know I'm not the only one :).

what a weird ending. yeah, it's refreshing to not have a happy ending every time, but what about bitterweet? those are actually my favorite types of endings. although, in a way, it was bittersweet, bcuz Juliette got off the island but left Montgomery.
still, Sheperd built up this relationship only to have it break off by Montgomery staying on the stupid island. i did not like that ending at all!

The ending murdered me. I knew it was going to happen when he made her go first, but refused to believe it. I need the second book now!

I love Montgomery and Juliet together, urgh ♥ :(

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Haha, I felt the same way when I read the last page. I'm glad that there's a sequel, though (I think). Are The Scorpio Races and Tiger Lilly good books? I was thinking about reading both. (PS I think it's spelled 'macabre'.)

You have described the ending of this book perfectly! I agree the ending may have been a sucker punch to the face but it was also a perfect ending to an amazing book!

Jazzy-may (last edited Jun 07, 2014 08:15AM ) May 10, 2013 08:57AM   0 votes
If you loved this book as much a Moi then you probably fell in love with Montgomery (well i did anyway)
and finally there is the big fight scene and Montgomery's the hero and they love each other blah de blah and then BANG!!!!!!!!!!!
He leaves her in the middle of the ocean in a small boat while he burns to death WHAT!!!!!
if he loved her why would he do that
she has better chance of survival with him!!!
and this guy can make humans out of animals but doesn't even have the common sense to work that out!!!

sp = montgomery :)

I did not care for the ending and I did see it coming. Although over all I do have a great love for unhappy and tragic endings. If this book did have a happy ending I would have been questioning the tone of the rest of the book, just because nothing seemed to be going right from the start.

Happy endings are unrealistic. This book ended just the way it should, though I did feel badly for Edward.

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