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Sarah I totally can't wait for the next book that's coming out in the fall. What are your predictions and what do you think happened to Marco?

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Well, as the title of the next book states "Lost in Babylon", the team is most likely going to end up in the Hanging Gardens of Babylon next time. As for Marco, I wasn't expecting him to run off with the Loculus to Ohio even after Jack told him he trusted Marco with it. My predictions for what will happen to Marco and the gang are: 1. Macro took off with the Loculus to go back and meet his parents but will later return to his friends or 2. Macro betrays his friends for power (though I don't think this will happen).

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Swilkes I really enjoyed this book and looking forward to reading the rest of the series.
I don't think Marco ran away. I think Marco was kidnapped by the Monks as they wanted the Loculus and in the next book we will find out where he has gone. I don't think Marco is a villan but I think the Monks will make him work for them. The others (Jack, Cass and Aly) will still look for the other Loculus too. I agree with Bryan, I think the next book will be based in the Hanging Gardens of Babylon.

Celia I liked Lost in Babolyn, but I can't believe Marco is a traitor!

Julia Celia wrote: "I liked Lost in Babolyn, but I can't believe Marco is a traitor!"

Your comment is confusing. If you're referring to something that happened in Lost in Babylon, than this is a spoiler (on this thread at least). If you're referring to his actions at the end of Colossus Rises, please say so.

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