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Someone PLEASE help me!

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OK so I read this book LAST year and I finally got REACHED XD XD but now I cant remember what the previous book was about!! o.O

Please write a detailed summary of the plot, including some background description of the main and not so main characters.

Some questions also:
What happened that made Cassia's family go to work in the fields?

How did she escape?

Who died after those contamination things fell out of the sky? the ones that were meant to make the water unsafe for drinking...

What was the whole deal with the blue pills again?

What happens in the end?


Ilana i HATE writing spoilers in these types of posts since i'm afraid i'll make someone mad, so i'll just suggest that maybe you check out some of the reviews that people have posted on here or even on other blogs like wordpress. i could answer your questions via personal message though if you'd prefer...that is if someone else doesn't respond.

Annie Ditto for me- I don't want to spoil anything for ANYBODY!
(SPOILERS!!!!! Don't read any further, unless you're actually into spoils.)

But I'll answer just one question.

'What was the whole deal with the blue pills again?'

Well do you remember in the first book, Cassia's grandfather? How he told her a 'green eyed girl with green tablet?' Because she was stressed out about a test, and she wanted to take the green pill? (Green is used for calming yourself, btw.)
Yeah, well in that, he told her NOT to take the green tablet, or any, for the matter.
"You're strong without it." he told Cassia, something like that.

Yeah, so the deal with the blue pill, is it paralyzes you. You're unable to move, and if nobody saves you in time, you're going to die...

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OK Thank you, you guys!! I am starting to remember a bit now XD

Inda My best suggestion would be to read it again if you can. You can't really describe it without leaving something out. Sorry:(

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