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Alexandra (alexbaddour) The library of the Strange Estate.

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Alexandra (alexbaddour) Alice walked in, glad to be away from her demanding sister. She settled herself into one of the overstuffed chairs in the room and picked a book.

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Alexandra (alexbaddour) Lady Strange walked in and shook her head. "You and your books. You are so unladylike." She shook her head.

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Alexandra (alexbaddour) Lady Strange walked out of the room and went to the den.

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Alexandra (alexbaddour) Alice looked up as she heard her sister walk down the hallway. She had just looked down to continue reading when Sara came in. She looked up and smiled. "Hello Sara. What is it?"
Sara curtsied and said, "Your mother would like to see you in the den."
Alice sighed and put down her book. "Thank you Sara." Sara curtsied and left the room with Alice in tow.

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