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Savannah W ~ (savannah_white) The scent of books...what was it those smelled like again? Was Allison actually smelling them? Or was it a memory? She believed she was still able to fully smell considering she had walked the streets and smelled the food stands of the populated town she resided in currently. It wasn't a far stretch. She has come to realize that she could even move things if concentration is on her side. 

Allison has been dead for a short time, pieces of her past a blur--well the last few months of her life when she was taken. The face of her obsessor had even vanished from her mind almost. And she hated it. She hated that the bastard was still living and wished to know his face so she could maybe find him and torment him as he did her. 

As that desire bubbles into her mind, Allison loses sight of the book shelve before her. She sits on the floor, back against another shelf. The fantasy isle had attracted her this day. 

But, she reads no book. She can not manage to open them without massive effort. And even then, the librarian comes along and picks it up before Allison has time to read much. Books and this library relax her, though. It's quiet there and she feels normal. There are rarely people to not notice here. 

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Soren walks into the book store, he is meant to meet his older brother here later, but being dead doesn't exactly mean you have loads to do. Every minute of your day as a ghost is free time, Soren never thought he'd hate having nothing to do, nothing to really worry about.

Although thats not technically true, he worries about his brother.A lot. Damien was meant to leave on his book tour a long time ago, but he won't. Soren knows he blames himself and Soren wants to make his brother see that it isn't anyone's fault but the people who murdered him.

Damien always was over protective, and if he'd been there than Soren knows Damien would have stopped him from getting into that fight, or at the very least have faught along side him. Damien was always a good fighter, and so is Soren, it comes with growing up on an Irish estate.

Soren feels trapped in this world, not free like you might imagine, it's almost suffocating. Not that he'd know, considering Soren no longer needs to breath. Soren has secretly spent hours trying to breath, just one at a time, but it hurts so much, like the core of him is on fire so he stopped doing it.

Most people pass by Soren in the shop as he scans the titles. Damien had always been the one to love books, Damien is the writer, Soren is the artst. Or WAS. He handn't drawn or painted anything since he died. Being an artist was the thing that Soren loved most about being alive, it was his life line, the thing that defines him most, a way to move past his horrible life before and create a new future. But something stops him every time he looks at a sketch pad or a pencil, he doesn't know why, but he feels like.....he's lost something he can't ever get back, he needs inspiration, but thats hard to get when your dead. Being a ghost feels NOTHING like being alive, everything feels a little duller, more grey instead of technicolour. It's an artists worst nightmare. Anyone's worst nightmare.

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Savannah W ~ (savannah_white) Allison began to ponder again why she was stuck as a ghost. Was everyone to be captured as one? She didn't believe that. Allison had only crossed paths with a few ghosts, and if all of them were meant to stay behind, then there wouldn't be any room at all to move without running into a spirit. So, why her?

Allison guessed she had that bullshit referred to as "unfinished business." How do you manage to take the person that murdered you into justice or kill them back if you can barely interact with the world?! It was stupid in her eyes. If getting even with that bugger who ruined her life was what it took to move on, Allison figured she'd be stuck as a spirit forever. 

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Soren moves around the shop slowly, he soaks in the feel of the books. He has been going through periods of not being able to feel things physically, there are even moments when he spaces out mentally and doesn't come back until a couple of days. It scared the shit out of Damien when it first happened.

Soren see's a girl then, quite a beautiful girl, she looks lost, not physically lost, but mentally. A little frustated too. He decides she must be a ghost, only a ghost can look that at a loss in this world. Soren hadn't met many ghosts, but this one he feels compelled to talk to.

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Savannah W ~ (savannah_white) Sensing a new presence, Allison glances to the end of the row she was in. At first, Allison isnt sure how to react. He could see her! But, that quickly goes away--the excitement of someone seeing her--when she realizes he was like her. The aura she catches and the slight difference in appearance gives it away. Though, she may have just believed him to be a ghost because it was so far fetched for a human to be able to see. "Hi..." she says, somewhat shyly, not used to speaking to someone since her death. There had been only a few conversations she had had with a dead or two. But, it was still a struggle at times to maintain a conversation. What the hell would the talk about?! The weather? Right. 

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Soren isn't sure what to say. It's kind of comforting to know that even in death he still doesn't like talking to people. For Soren his life had been all about his art, mates and girlfriends just hadn't really come into it that much. So apart from the occassional one night stands he never really spoke to anyone apart from his brother. And now he CAN'T really talk to anyone apart from his brother, even Soren has to apreciate the irony in that. "Uh, hi. Who the feck are you?" he says, but not in a mean way, like i said, NOT good with people.

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(Ok, i don't want to force you into anything, but i was thinking that one of the brother's could be your characters 'soul mate', not in a cheesy way, because as put in the description, thats what people are kept as ghosts for. If you don't like it then just say)

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Savannah W ~ (savannah_white) ((Im open for that :). Ill reply in a minute with my response to yours above that one. But, I have to go get my car from the shop (now). So, I'll reply in about an hour :).))

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Savannah W ~ (savannah_white) Allison stares blankly at the boy for a moment, caught off guard from the way he asked who she was. One of the few conversations she had, and here it started off being abruptly asked who she was. After regaining herself a little, Allison tells him, "I'm Allison. And who are you?" She glances over the guy, instantly wondering how he died, but that question would come later.  

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Soren looks the girl over and frowns, not in anger, just in curiousity, but he doesn't want to make her feel awful if her death was really bad. "My name is Soren. Dead boy for 4 months now. It's brilliant, i have so much time to find myself" he says. Soren tries to smile, but he forgets for a moment what it feels like to smile properly, but eventually it comes back to him.

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Savannah W ~ (savannah_white) Humor. That was something Allison recalled losing a week into being taken by her obsessor. A very small, almost unnoticed smile comes to her. But, it was something that she does not notice. "I suppose time is all that's left now. Finding yourself could be something useful to do in your free time," she says quietly. "I died two months ago. How did you go out?"

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Soren dips his head and his dirty blond hair falls into his light blue eyes slightly. His gaze is intense when he finally meets her eyes, "Yeah, but what if i find myself and i'm a prat?" he says with a smirk. "I died in a gang fight. You were murdered too have the look" says Soren. Most people may try to explain themselves, especially when they say the words gang, but Soren has never been ashamed of where he came from, even if it was really rough.

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Savannah W ~ (savannah_white) Allison smiles at the British word and how he chooses that to be the thing afraid of being found out to be. But, as he continues, her grin somewhat fades. He didn't struck her greatly as a gang member. But, perhaps she was misjudging yet another person. One misjudgment could land you in a bad spot. So, Allison tries to rid her early assumptions of the guy and allow him to fill in who he is as it goes alone. 

She nods. "I was murdered, yes," she says somewhat short cut. I was tormented and abused...I don't even remember when I transferred from living to dead. None of it is even recollect-able. Maybe that's a good thing... "Sucks about you dyin and all," she adds, trying to keep the conversation a bit light. 

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"Yeah, it's pretty shit. You if you like a that living malarkey. I don't really miss much, but i do miss feeling things, and seeing the world and people as something just waiting to be re-created through my art" says Soren carefully, "They ever find you're killer then?" asks Soren, as if it's so normal to asks such a question, which it sort of is now.

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Savannah W ~ (savannah_white) Art? He's into art. So, that's odd. An artistic gang member. This boy was interesting to say the least. Perhaps he wasn't involved in a gang, but just crossed paths with one. The mention of her murder brings a bit of flame to Allison's gaze. She looks from him and to the bookcase before her. "They hadn't found him within the month he had taken me. So, I highly doubt he's been identified now," Allison explains. She is pretty certain the man is still out and breathing. She wonders what happened to her body. Had he just tossed her out in a river or something? 

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"You want him found?" asks Soren genuinely, "The blokes who mudered me got off, my brother took it real personal" Soren can remember when the people who'd murdered him had gotten off in court, had been found not guilty, despite Soren's pleas that they were the ones. They had been Damien's old mates, Damien used to be the leader of thier gang, they'd attacked Soren because Damien had 'betrayed' them by making a good life for himself. Not that Soren was innocent, he'd done a lot of bad things back then, before he found his art.

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Savannah W ~ (savannah_white) Allison cocks her head to the side to look upon Soren again. She thinks for a moment, contemplating what he has said. "I'm sorry they got off. Maybe they'll all burn in a huge fire, unable to escape and perish." With a sigh, she continues. "I don't want him found. No. That would be to nice of a way out for him. I want him to feel how I felt. To be tormented day in and out." Allison feels the darker side created after she was taken coming up. That sweet, savior type girl had been drained from her so easily. 

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"You can lose your sense of self fast when you're dead" comments Soren, he had chaged a lot really since death, not nessicarily in attitude but in the way he thinks. It is almost as if he cannot feel anything other than anger, other than pain and rage.

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Savannah W ~ (savannah_white) "I haven't noticed. I changed before I was killed," Allison admits. She shakes her head and stands to her feet. This isn't exactly what she wished to speak about. So, she shall avoid it. "Soren, right?" she say rhetorically. "It was nice to met you. But, I...umm...I think I should go..."

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Soren frowns, "Why? You got a doctors appointment. If so, you really don't need to, i can diagnose you right now, i'd say you got a serious case of the deathyasitous" says Soren with a slight smirk.

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Savannah W ~ (savannah_white) Allison gives a fake smile and a small laugh before letting her face show her agitation. "Really? Wow, you're absolutely brilliant. I'm surprised you aren't a doctor--or surprised you werent one when among the living," she says with a small bit of venom to her voice. She has no where to go, but she doesn't enjoy the darkness brought in her from the thought of her death.

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Soren looks taken aback, "I was joking luv, no need to get bitchy about it. Being dead isn't easy for anyone you know, it's not just you", this is why he doesnt like talking to people. They take offense to everything. "You should meet my brother...he's better with people than me....probably why he can see us...people like us i mean" says Soren.

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Savannah W ~ (savannah_white) Allison's checks would of slightly heated in mild embarrassment had her face had blood still drifting under the surface. She hadn't meant to snap at this guy. But, she wasn't her self since three months ago. Allison was readying to apologize, but the mention of someone could see them. Wait? A living person could see them? "" she asks, trying to process it correctly. "He's alive and can see us?" Outlandish. 

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Soren shifts his body slightly, talking to this girl feels great, even though it's strange for him. At least it's real. "Yeah my older brother, Damien, he can see the dead, or at least the dead who turn into ghosts, i'm not sure why, he just can" says Soren. His older brother has aways been the special one, the one who everyone looks at twice, the one everyone notices. Soren has never resented him that though, because Damien has never really noticed it, how people are drawn to him naturally. Maybe it's his looks or his personality, Soren isnn't sure, or it could be something else atogether, some otherworldly thing that draws people in.

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Savannah W ~ (savannah_white) Allison doesn't notice she is taking a few steps closer to this ghost. But she is, a bit of hope flashing across her features. Maybe there is a way to at least get peace or whatever and maybe go somewhere not so dank and full of reminders of what she can't do, who she can't speak with or interact with. "That's amazing," she says quietly, the excitement not at all let out of her voice. For once in three months, her eyes sparkle with a bit of life. "And you say I can meet him?"

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Soren doesn't move back even though she is rather close. "Yes, if you'd like to, but i don't know what good it would do. You'd probaby like him though, he feels guilty you know, about me dying, so just don't ask him about it" says Soren.

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Savannah W ~ (savannah_white) Allison smiles a bit, gaining some of her humor as she says, "Yes, because your death is at the top of my conversational topics." Her smile grows a bit and the death grip her heart had held since she died seems to looses slightly. It's an obvious relief, something she hadn't expected to happen ever. She keeps looking at him, eyes still sparkling. 

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Soren has a comeback on the tip of his tongue when Damien walks in. In some ways Damien and Soren couldn't look more different if they tried. Whereas Soren has stylishly messy dirty blond hair and crystal light blue eyes Damien has jet black hair that curls at the ends slightly and dark fire blue eyes. Both the brothers are very tall and broad shouldered, and their faces have the same hard jaw.

Soren is stuck in the ripped light coloured art covered jeans and slightly too tight white t-shirt he died in. Damien comes into the shop in dark jeans, a plain black t-shirt and his signiture biker jacket and boots. Damien see's Soren right away, he has always had good perception, could spot the strangest things in any situation, and especially in people, Damien just aways seems to KNOW people, maybe thats what makes him such a good writer. Damien walks confidently over to Soren, not caring that he got quite a few looks from strangers when he says "Little brother, where the hell have you been? I take that back, i don't want to know, last time i asked you told me you were tripping over policmen and then gave me a full show of it"
"Now THAT was hilarious"
"No, it was you being an immature blondie idiot"
"What have you been up to then?"
"None of your fucking buisness"
"Come on tell me, or i'll trip people up all day so you fall over them"
"You can take a flying fuck at a rolling biscuit but that won’t make me tell you jackshit little brother"

Damien smirks at his little brother, the one he feels his chest tighten painfully every time he remembers isn't actually alive anymore no matter how much they joke. Damien is distracted however by a strange, but not entierally unpleasant feeling, sort of like a silky pull to his mind. Damien's fire blue gaze fall intensly on a girl stading near Soren, he knows she is a ghost straight away, only ghosts look like that, only ghosts make you feel both undeserving of your own life and, for Damien at least, makes you want to watch them forever. This one in paticular Damien wishes he could take his notebook out for so he can get something written down fast, his hand aches to write about this ghost, and not just because she looks so unnervingly lost,angry and beautiful, there is something else.

"I'm Damien" he holds his hand out to her,he needs to touch her, "who are you?".

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Savannah W ~ (savannah_white) Allison stands somewhat shocked and mesmerized by the boy--brother. Soren didnt lie. His brother can see them. Allison doesnt begin to ponder how it is he sees them, but rather clings to the happiness that he simply can. As him and his brother throw their comments between one another, Allison recalls how she used to be able to bicker and joke around with her family and friends. That isn't a possibility now. She pushes those thoughts behind her when the handsome man turns his attention to her. First and foremost, Allison is caught in his eyes. The life in them as well as a blaze that she can not just put her finger on has her trapped. She manages just barely to reach react to his words. "I'm Allison," she informed, reaching her hand up as she normal would. The thought didn't cross her mind that she may not be even capable of shaking his hand. She is so captivating in his gaze and an underlining desire she wasn't even sure of. 

((I wasn't sure she would be able to actually touch him, so I'll let you write the outcome of that part :).))

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(Normies cannot touch ghost's and most ghosts cannot touch each other unless it is under special circumstances, but sight children can touch ghosts if they choose)

Damien doesnt understand why he feels so intensly about touching this girl, this ghost. He has never wanted to be so close to anyone in his life, maybe it is simply because she has one of those faces, the ones that Damien can create an entire story based on just that face. Her eyes are a strange shade of brown, but the feeling in them makes Damien's heart speed up. It is a radiculous reaction to have to a person you have only just met, but he feels it deep down inside of him all the same. His dark night blue gaze refuses to leave her wondering one, eyes that have seen too much to be innocent, much like his own. Damien takes her soft but cold and in his much bigger warm ones, the coldess of her hand does not bother Damien, he barely notices it in fact. He is too busy focusing on the spark that ignite both within himself and in her compelling eyes. His hand covers hers, Damien doesn't understand what is happeing but he doesn't let go either, even though it burns, although not exaclty painfully.

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Savannah W ~ (savannah_white) Unnatural would be the best way to describe the rush of emotions coursing through the young lady--well the spirit of one. She isn't exactly sure what to think towards the sort of energy that's created from their touch itself or what the feeling deep in her is. Her first instinct is that it is do to the fact that he is human and she is a ghost, so this interaction is bound to create an odd energy and emotion. But, deep down, she knows that this surely cannot just be something as passive as that. This has to be something much more. Regardless of what it is, Allison isn't expecting it, so shock catches her before she can stop her reaction. She pulls her hand from his and her expression changes to a bit confused as she gazes at him, then to her hand, and finally back to him. Distantly, she says, "It's a pleasure to met you..." Her voice is hallow suggesting her thoughts are far away from their surroundings that now seem so thick with electricity.

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Damien cannot breath, for an honest to god moment Damien believes he will never breath again unless he is touching her. This girl. This ghost who he has JUST met. The thought is radiculous and yet he can't shake the feeling of her touch, her skin under his, she may be cold but the feeling of her burns him up inside with a heat he never knew was possible. Damien doesn't say anything for a long moment, just stares at the beautiful ghost with so much pain in her eyes, pain he understands better than anyone even if he isn't a ghost. Eventually Soren coughs and is giving Damien a weird look, but Damien barely notices it, he shakes his head and runs a hand through his jet black hair, it's too long really because it curls at the ends slightly, he hasn't had time to get it cut,he's used to looking scruffy though. But now he's wondering what a mess he must look and how much, the ghost.... Allison, jesus he would ever forget that name now, would think of him, how if she thinks he looks like a mess of a man, which he does, with a 5 o clock shadow looming also. Damien takes in a deep breath and says "You...I....yes it is meet you. Has my brother been irritating you? If so i will have to be hitting him upside the head, don't feel bad for him, he deserves it, caught him making a cat float the other day, little tosser. So yeah, it's nice to meet a ghost who is possibly NOT insane....Allison, although i don't know if you want to escape the two of us already, im not exactly the most sane person", he gives her his trademark smirk as Soren sputters angrily about cats and raining.

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Savannah W ~ (savannah_white) Rambling. It's cute. Allison can't help but smile as Damien goes on about his brother. She tucks a stand of hair behind her ear, something she did often way back when she was still alive. It felt different now, the simple little task of pushing a few strands of hair behind the ear. That was probably just do to the fact she wasn't really matter in away. From what she has come up with, Allison believes that ghosts, like herself, are just a build up of energy that retains who they were when they were alive. But, she doesn't know too much about it and doesn't bother researching. She shakes her head a small bit at the end of Damien's words. "No, I'd prefer to have someone to talk with, even if they aren't sane at all," she tells him, still smiling. The thought of the feeling that washed over her when she made contact with Damien has escaped her mind when she refocuses on the man. Though, it still simmers questions in the back of her mind.

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Damien nods in understanding. His heart still racing slightly from touching her. Damien tries to stop being radiculous. Soren smirks at Damien and Damien sends him a colds glare, his midnight blue eyes icing over in warning. Soren looks away but is still smirking. Damien doesn't normally make his feelings that obvious, especially not to a girl he might fancy. Mostly because Damien has never felt too stringly about any girl before. And this time it's not exactly the just fancying a girl, what he feels is so much more than that, lie it's embedded into his soul. Which makes Damien feel...he isn't even bloody sure, there aren't words to descirbe it. "You can talk to me anytime you want to. I know i'm not dead, so i won't understand everything you're going through, but if you want to talk, or you need help...or smetimes i guess you just want someone, i promise to do that, be that for you. I'm already that for this idiot" says Damien slapping his brother over the head. Soren narrows his eyes and says "Oh yeah it's great. He sucks the fun out of everything". Damien rolls his eyes and says "I stop you from being a moron all the time i think you mean".

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Savannah W ~ (savannah_white) ((not sure you wanted to continue or not? I can post if you do :). I've read it back over and recall what was going on well. Sorry for vanishing in the first place...))

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Arwen Arielle walks through the door, her head comes first looking around hesitantly. Before she quickly pulls the rest of her body behind her. Arielle walks to the back of the bookshop and resumes her reading

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Savannah wrote: "((not sure you wanted to continue or not? I can post if you do :). I've read it back over and recall what was going on well. Sorry for vanishing in the first place...))"

(S'okay, we can if you like x)

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Arwen Arielle leaves the shop, drifting through the wall

Jack Frost, Jaquelyn, Jackie:  {The empress of winter; The lonely white wolf } (elchornoboy) | 110 comments Nina walked to the door of the shop and then went in. A bell rang as the door opened. She walked to one of the shelves and looked.

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Damien scans the book shelves, his love of literature is one thing that keeps him grounded. For years he was a travelling writer, but once his brother died and became a ghost he felt the need to stay where his brother was. Hence why he got the teaching job.

Jack Frost, Jaquelyn, Jackie:  {The empress of winter; The lonely white wolf } (elchornoboy) | 110 comments Nina grabbed a book and read the description. She loved reading. Every since she was little, she would ready every day. She was about two levels above what is normal in her grade. Sighing, she placed the book back in between two other books.

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Damien runs a hand through his tousled black hair and picks up a couple of books he's been meaning to buy.

Jack Frost, Jaquelyn, Jackie:  {The empress of winter; The lonely white wolf } (elchornoboy) | 110 comments Nina was about to grab a book when some guy bumps into her. The hairs on her back stand up as the guy grabbed her waist. Taking a deep breath, she slapped his hand. "Yes, I am okay."

Jack Frost, Jaquelyn, Jackie:  {The empress of winter; The lonely white wolf } (elchornoboy) | 110 comments Nina places her hands on her hips, "no, I have not seen any ghost books." She turned back to the shelf she was looked at.

Jack Frost, Jaquelyn, Jackie:  {The empress of winter; The lonely white wolf } (elchornoboy) | 110 comments "It is Nina." She stepped to the right and continued to looked at the books. She was trying to find something the interested her even if she was really smart.

Jack Frost, Jaquelyn, Jackie:  {The empress of winter; The lonely white wolf } (elchornoboy) | 110 comments "No, I am not a ghost." She sighed, " is there something particular you want?" Putting a book back and taking another one off the shelf.

Jack Frost, Jaquelyn, Jackie:  {The empress of winter; The lonely white wolf } (elchornoboy) | 110 comments Nina tilted her head, "alive? Me? Why would I be dead?" She questioned him.

Jack Frost, Jaquelyn, Jackie:  {The empress of winter; The lonely white wolf } (elchornoboy) | 110 comments "I don't hate you, I just was wondering why you thought that I was a ghost." She sighed and put the book in the hand back. "I also do not think that you are crazy."

Jack Frost, Jaquelyn, Jackie:  {The empress of winter; The lonely white wolf } (elchornoboy) | 110 comments NIna smiled at him, "Sure." She grabbed her bag that was lying on the floor and put it on her shoulder. "You coming?"

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