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Savannah W ~ (savannah_white) Tori's fingers trace along the cool glass of a music shop. Her pale blue eyes so full of life are looking straight ahead and her smile holding true as she hums to herself. When her fingers find an absence in the glass, Tori glances to her left, finally noticing what she had been walking by. The door to the store is propped open, allowing the gentle, cool breeze to filter into the well managed store. 

Tori's smile fades for a moment as she looks into the store, but upon stepping into the room, the shiny maple floor feeling cold to her bare feet, her smile returns. In her other hand she holds her flats, not liking the feeling as much as the bareness of the world. A hippy--thats a word thrown her way open. But, Tori is not a hippy. She just enjoys the simple things, like the earth's touch to her body. 

The musical instruments range greatly, but the vibe of the store still feels aged. It's nice. She looks to the guitars, memories of her mother teaching her a few cords coming into her mind. As she walks deeper, though, her attention is drug to the grandpaino at the far right end of the store, standing upon a small wooden platform. She grins wider and sways towards the platform, bounding up gracefully to the oak bench. She sits softly and let's her shoes fall to the floor. Soon, her fingers are playin along the tone of a simple song learned as a child. Her eyes close and her smile turns to a tiny, tranced one as she allows herself to fall into the notes.

₪Daughter of the Rain and Snow₪ Iliza wandered through the shelves of music, doing anything other than what she was supposed to be doing, which was picking up a CD for her mother's boyfriend's birthday. Eric wasn't a bad guy, but he wasn't her dad. No one would ever be. Eric made her mother happy, but Iliza couldn't bring herself to like him. To be honest, she found him kind of skeevy. Looking for the new Walk Off The Earth CD was much more appealing to her.

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Soren walks into the shop, he is meant to meet his older brother here later, but being dead doesn't exactly mean you have loads to do. Every minute of your day as a ghost is free time, Soren never thought he'd hate having nothing to do, nothing to really worry about.

Although thats not technically true, he worries about his brother.A lot. Damien was meant to leave on his book tour a long time ago, but he won't. Soren knows he blames himself and Soren wants to make his brother see that it isn't anyone's fault but the people who murdered him.

Damien always was over protective, and if he'd been there than Soren knows Damien would have stopped him from getting into that fight, or at the very least have faught along side him. Damien was always a good fighter, and so is Soren, it comes with growing up on an Irish estate.

Soren feels trapped in this world, not free like you might imagine, it's almost suffocating. Not that he'd know, considering Soren no longer needs to breath. Soren has secretly spent hours trying to breath, just one at a time, but it hurts so much, like the core of him is on fire so he stopped doing it.

Most people pass by Soren in the shop as he scans the old records. Soren thinks back over things with his brother, desperately trying to hold onto memories, Damien is the writer, Soren is the artst. Or WAS. He handn't drawn or painted anything since he died.

Being an artist was the thing that Soren loved most about being alive, it was his life line, the thing that defines him most, a way to move past his horrible life before and create a new future. But something stops him every time he looks at a sketch pad or a pencil, he doesn't know why, but he feels like.....he's lost something he can't ever get back, he needs inspiration, but thats hard to get when you're dead. Being a ghost feels NOTHING like being alive, everything feels a little duller, more grey instead of technicolour. It's an artists worst nightmare. Anyone's worst nightmare.

₪Daughter of the Rain and Snow₪ Feeling her phone buzz in her pocket, Iliza sighed figuring her mother was getting impatient out in the parking lot. This was supposed to be a quick stop to the store, but Iliza simply believed that if this was what her mother wanted, she should have just come in herself.

Grabbing some random country western CD off the shelf, she headed over to the register to pay. Another thing she couldn't stand about Eric was his taste in music. She didn't know any respectable adult who liked country music. Her dad hated it; he was a classic rock lover. This was simply another reminder of what Eric would never be to her.

After paying, she stuffed the CD into her coat pocket and turned to the door. What she saw caused her to stop in her tracks. Iliza blinked hard, hoping there was just something in her eye that was causing her to see the fuzzy outline of a person standing near the store entrance. She opened her eyes again only to become even more disturbed. Maybe it was all of these thoughts of her father.

After he had died she had become so obsessed with death that she believed she could see dead people, like that kid in The Sixth Sense. After awhile it became clear that she had some kind of disorder from not handling her father's death properly. She hadn't been able to let him go, seeing his image from time to time. When her mother had finally put her on medication, Iliza no longer heard voices or saw people who weren't really there. She had been cured for years now, so why wasn't this one going away? A twisting feeling formed in her stomach as she filled up with dread and she new she needed to get as far away from here as she could, but she couldn't bring herself to go past the figure when it was standing right by the door.

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Soren moves around the shop slowly, he soaks in the feel of the records and CD's. He has been going through periods of not being able to feel things physically, there are even moments when he spaces out mentally and doesn't come back until a couple of days later. It scared the shit out of Damien when it first happened.

Soren see's a girl then, quite a beautiful girl, she looks lost, not physically lost, but mentally. A little frustated too. She meets his pale blue eyes and that's when he realises she must be a Sight Child like Damien.

Soren hasn't met many Sight children, but this one he feels compelled to talk to. Soren isn't sure what to say though.

It's kind of comforting to know that even in death he still doesn't like talking to people. For Soren his life had been all about his art, mates and girlfriends just hadn't really come into it that much.

So apart from the occassional one night stand he never really spoke to anyone apart from his brother. And now he CAN'T really talk to anyone apart from his brother, even Soren has to appreciate the irony in that.

Soren's intense and perceptive gaze takes her in and holds onto her eye contact.He runs a hand through his dirty blond coloured hair, a habit he's never broken out of.

₪Daughter of the Rain and Snow₪ Iliza's hands began to shake and she stuffed them into her pockets, clenched tightly into fists. The increasing pull of the knots in her stomach were making her a bit queasy and she felt that if those blue eyes got any clearer she would be sick.

This wasn't supposed to be happening. She was cured. Cured meant she wouldn't hallucinate like this. When she was younger, her imagination had been all too vivid and she couldn't separate it from reality. It seems now that nothing has changed.

Taking a deep breath, Iliza spun on her heels and began walking in the opposite direction, deeper into the store. Maybe if she waited a few minutes, the "ghost" would be gone and she would be able to leave. Maybe she would be able to go home and dig up some old medication so things could go back to normal again. Or maybe she really was crazy and needed more than just some pill capsules for help.

Trying to act as casually as possible, Iliza went over into the Indie rock section to browse. If her mother got impatient enough, she might just have to come and drag Iliza out.

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Well, that isn't good. For the first time since he died Soren can feel. Really feel. And he just knows this girl has something to do with it. Soren pauses for only a moment before following the girl deeper into the shop.

Walking past other people who cannot see him, Soren barely notices. It's strange really because Soren has never been one who could blend in. There was always something that people noticed, and most of the time it wasn't a good thing.

After going to prison for almost half a year Soren became even more angry and hot headed than he was before. All his life he had to be strong and show no weakness.

No weakness in front of his dad because otherwise it would be beaten out of him. No weakness in front of his mum because she didn't care, and it hurt more than anything that his mum did not give a shit. No weakness in front of his old gang because he was their leader, and they needed him to be better than that. No weakness in prison because otherwise he would have been dead long before now.

Here he is, in the same black t-shirt, hole filled jeans and boots he was wearing when he died. His hair tousled as ever and eyes that keep getting paler and paler, now they resemble blue glass.

When he gets close to the girl he gets a better look at her. She is beautiful, but not in the conventinal way. Soren steps behind her, knowing that she'll hear him when he says softly,
"I judge what is beautiful by what inspires me to draw. You make my hand twitch for a pencil and some paper. You inspire me, and i'm dead, so thats really saying something"
Soren realises that might have been weird to normal people. But, then again, she see's dead people, thats not exactly normal either.

₪Daughter of the Rain and Snow₪ Iliza kept her attention firmly focused on the shelves in front of her. She could do this. She could beat this thing. When she looked back towards the front, he would be gone. She could do this.

Iliza bit back a whimper when she heard the deep smooth voice in her ear, though she felt no breath on her neck. Oh God. She couldn't do this. She wasn't cured, not even close. His- its words struck her hard, not only the fact that she had heard him, but the meaning behind them. What in her mind would make that up?

Closing her eyes tightly, she whispered, "Please go away. You aren't real. Leave me alone." Iliza knew she was probably making it worse. In the beginning, her shrink told her to simply ignore the hallucinations, it would make them less real.

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Soren realises he was right. She doesn't think he's real. For a moment that hits him hard, like a physical punch to the stomach. Not real. Not real. Not real.


He cannot go down that train of thought otherwise he'll begin to question his own existence. Soren has met ghosts like that, the ones who have lost themselves completely. It is his biggest fear to one day become like them. To believe everything he once was is a lie.

On reflex Soren wraps his still strong hand around her upper arm and turns her around easily. He's always been taller than most, but he almost towers over her enough that he has to look down.

Soren lifts his hand and smoothes his thumb over her cheek. It's then that he registers her shock. And he realises, he's touching her. That doesn't happen. Not even with Damien.

Soren forces himself not to flinch back from the feeling of warm skin. He'd almost forgotten what that felt like. He cannot let her go, it feels too good, and Soren is afraid it will stop if he lets go. His hand stll lightly carressing her face he whispers, his voice low,
"I can feel you "

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₪Daughter of the Rain and Snow₪ The shaking has spread from Iliza's hands and has turned into a full body tremble. A breathless yelp escapes her when she feels hands descend upon her. She opened her eyes, praying it was her mother, but when she registers the black clad chest, tears began to form.

This had never happened before. It wasn't supposed to. What was this supposed to mean, that her disordered has evolved to something a whole lot worse?

The moment fingers slid over her cheek, tears of desperation spilled from the corners of her eyes. She refused to look up, refused to look him in the eye. She felt as if she were suffocating, but she was probably hyperventilating. "This is impossible, " she whimpered. There were so many thoughts running through her mind now, it made her head hurt. Iliza couldn't even try to figure this out in her mind. She felt crazy enough as it was.

₪Daughter of the Rain and Snow₪ ((I apologize for the shorter posts. I'm on my phone))

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(s'okay ;)

Soren can see her panic and instantly all thoughts about himself dissapear. He wants nothing more than to take that panic away. Soren pushes hair away from her wide eyes and cups her face so he can turn it upwards. His crystal eyes meet her much darker ones and he is instantly hit again by the strange sensation of rightness.

But Soren pushes that back, it isn't important right now, even though his mind screams at him to figure out the overwhelming feeling. Soren says, carefully, trying not to frighten her anymore,
" name is Soren. I'm sorry for startling you, it it just that the only other person i have talked to in quite a while is my older brother. He's always been able to see ghosts....he said it happened the first time when his best friend died...he eplains all this better than me....please, i promise i won't hurt you...I...I feel...SO good, and warm beautiful"

₪Daughter of the Rain and Snow₪ Iliza couldn't move, or at least she wasn't able to force herself away from him. Her eyebrows furrowed and she wished she could shake her head but with his hands on either side of her face and his practically hypnotic eyes staring into hers, she felt trapped.

His brother could see ghosts. That was impossible. She had seen ghosts when she was young, but that was only because she had been driven crazy by grief. Considering that this guy was supposed to be a hallucination, he wasn't exactly the most certifiable source of the truth. Maybe her mind was just making him say that to make her feel less insane.

"I don't believe you," she muttered under her breath so that the cashier wouldn't over hear her talking to no one. She didn't believe that he was real, that his "brother" could see ghosts, she didn't even believe he thought she was beautiful. People had avoided her for as long as she could remember. She really hoped this guy wasn't just some imaginary friend she had made up without conscious consent.

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Soren realises that she will need more if he is ever going to get her to believe that he is real. Soren tilts his head to the side in thought, their gazes still locked. His thumb strokes over her cheek again, reveling completely in the ability to touch once more.

Soren's intense gaze is firm and gentle at the same time, he says,
"I know you don't believe that I'm real. And in some ways maybe that's true. I am dead. I was murdered quite a while ago. Ironically everything feels dead to me lately. I can't feel things or smell things, i onl have the memory of it. But i can feel you" Soren can't stop himself from leaning in, his lips brushing her jaw and neck lightly as he breathes in her fresh scent, he shivers, "and i can smell you too" he whipers.

Soren pulls back then, there really is only one thing that he can do, asks,
"My brother is meeting me...he works at the school near you want to meet him. He's better with words than i am". He desperately wants her to believe he is real, nothing has ever seemed so important.

₪Daughter of the Rain and Snow₪ Iliza struggled to take in all of his words. She liked to think she knew herself fairly well, but she couldn't think of a single figment of her imagination that would make something like this up. She couldn't be that crazy.

Her heart leaped into her throat and her eyes widened as she felt lips press against her skin. Hands were one thing, but this was far to intimate and she was getting increasingly overwhelmed. Swallowing hard, she murmured,"Can you promise me that I'm haven't gone completely insane?"

((I apologize for yet another short post. I have school to get back to and I just wanted to get something down)

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Soren can't help the spark of amusement, but he tries to sound reassuring when he says,
"I can't promise that, i'm just a dead artist, but i can promise you with everything that was and am that you are not imagining my existence. I am completely real, and also completely honest when i say that you are so very beautiful to me."

Even though he wants to be closer to her Soren can see that he's overwhelming her a bit so he doesn't push forward anymore. But Soren doesn't let go, he'd rather die all over again than stop touching her yet.
"Tell me what i can to prove to you that i'm real. And please tell me your name."

₪Daughter of the Rain and Snow₪ Iliza studied him with a narrowed gaze. She still didn't believe him. There was nothing he could do that would make her believe him. But this brother... if he was in fact real and could see Soren too, then maybe she wasn't as crazy as she thought. Then again, she would have to be pretty crazy to let some ghost introduce her to his brother. "I need to meet him. No offense, but you aren't exactly reliable if you're just a figment of my imagination," she said slowly.

She felt her phone buzz in her pocket and her lips thinned. She was still shaking, but she managed to take her phone from her pocket and was able to text her mother that she would be home later and that she could leave. "And my name is Iliza."

₪Daughter of the Rain and Snow₪ ((hopefully my posts will get better when I get out of school...))

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Iliza. Iliza. Iliza. The name spins around and around inside Soren's mind. He likes the name, it's different, interesting, and suits the strangely compelling girl very well.
"Iliza" he says mainly to himself, the name rolls off his tongue rather well, his voice going low and his mixture of irish and english accent becoming thicker.

Soren meets her eyes again, his own blazing with interest,
"All right, he should be here soon."
Almost as if on cue, Soren's older brother Damien strides in purposfully, his confidence evident in his every movement. If there is one person on this earth who can convince Iliza of anything then it's Damien.

Soren turns around the meet his brother's eye. Their eye colour used to be the same even though Soren's was aways a lighter blue. But now they are almost on opposite ends of the spectrum. Soren with his pale as glass eyes and Damien with eyes dark enough to resemble the early night's sky.

Soren wonders what Iliza will make of his 21 year old brother. They actually look rather similar, apart from Soren's blond hair and Damien raven couloured hair. Damien looks undoutably older, although becoming a ghost has aged Soren considerably. Damien is taller by a few inches and appears even more intimidating than Soren. The again Damien has suffered more than even Soren has, and it shows in the way he controls his emotions, even in front of Soren.

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(obviously Damien is my other character. And don't worry about length of posts, i'd rather have a short one than none at all x)

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₪Daughter of the Rain and Snow₪ Iliza bit her lip as he said her name. She didn't understand why, but her heart warmed just from the way it sounded with his voice. Maybe she was just a nut case, whether he was real or not.

She contented herself knowing that a living breathing human being would be able to explain this to her. He could either tell her that she's insane and is talking to thin air or that there is actually a dead guy talking to her.

The bell from the store's front door rang and her gaze was immediately drawn to the man who walked in. Iliza glanced between the "ghost" before her and the man at the front. She was able to make out distinct similarities between the two of the and she hoped it wasn't her mind just filling in the blanks to make a connection. "Is that him?" she asked quietly as she nodded towards the front of the store.

₪Daughter of the Rain and Snow₪ ((awesome :) ))

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Soren looks between his older brother and Iliza. His eyes fix on her when he says,
"Yes, it is". Soren watches as Damien comes towards him and stops, taking in the scene with both Soren and Iliza. Soren moves away from Iliza so they don't appear to be so intimitely intertwined. He misses the feel of her already, which is equally fascinating and ridiculous.

Damiens perceptive gaze is alight with interest when he says,
"Brother, for the last time, stop scaring your new mates, if they try to run away it means they don't want to be your friend.
Soren gives Damien a look and Damien returns it with an affectionate smirk. A facial expression they both share.

Soren asks,
"How was your day at school, tosser"
"Forget that shit little brother, where the hell have you been? I take that back, i don't want to know, last time i asked you told me you were tripping over policmen and then gave me a full on show of it"
"Now THAT was hilarious" replies Soren, amusement obvious on his face.
"No, it was you being an immature blonde idiotic git" Damien says rolling is eyes in mock exasperation.
"Did your new students appreciate that fast wit brother?" drawls Soren.
"None of your fucking buisness" Damien says casually with the same amount of affection.
"Come on tell me, or i'll trip people up all day so you fall over them"
"You can take a flying fuck at a rolling biscuit, but that won’t make me tell you jackshit little brother"

Soren laughs at that. But then Damien's expression turns serious, he regards Iliaza for a moment, his gaze intense and focused. Soren feels bad for Iliza, he knows those looks can be intimiating, he's been on the end of a few. Soren is about to introduce them when Damien says,
"He's real unfortuantely. My name is Damien, and that blond twit is my brother Soren. Ghosts are very real, but i wouldn't go around shouting it off any rooftopes, the normies don't like it. They have special jackets and special rooms for that kind of honesty."
Soren isn't at all surprised that his brother knew exactly what was wrong with Iliza. Soren looks at her and says,
"See, real, very dead, but real"

₪Daughter of the Rain and Snow₪ When Soren finally gave her room to breathe, Iliza took the moment to wrap her arms around herself for some form of comfort. It was almost disturbing the way the two conversed easily with each other. Damien was more than real, she knew he was alive and well, but the fact that he was speaking freely with Soren made her blood run cold. She wasn't the only one who could see him.

She wasn't crazy... well, everyone is a little crazy, but still. For years she had convinced herself that ghosts weren't real. She conformed with society, convinced herself that she was a psycho when she could see people that wasn't there and it was all because she had lost her father not once, but twice. Instead of feeling horror, or even sadness, she felt anger bubbling up inside of her.

"Great," she muttered. "Just fucking great." Her dad should have just left her alone. She wouldn't have had to grieve twice, been put on medication, and become a social outcast if he had just left her alone. She wouldn't be an emotional mess right now.

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Soren can see a thunderstorm of emotions cross over Iliza's face and he instantly reaches out to take her hand. He does it on instinct and tries really hard to ignore that fact, and how she feels.
Soren racks his brain trying to think of something comforting, as usual Damien goes for blunt when he says,
"I wouldn't say it was great. It's bloody awful. Ghosts are irritating on so many levels. I've got into a lot of shitty situations because of ghosts. They are damn persistent too. Especially this twat" he gestures towards Soren who shakes his head.

Damien continues, his voice strong and somehow reassuring without sounding like pity,
"We could just zap em all away with dark magic, although that is a bit dramatic. You shouldn't blame whoever died and made you think you were insane. Insanity is just a sane reaction to an insane world", Damien looks at her with understanding but no judgement and Soren is glad for that because he is truly awful in emotional situations.

Soren speaks then,
"I didn't mean to ruin your denial. Tell me what you need Iliza", concern lacing his voice.

₪Daughter of the Rain and Snow₪ She didn't see him move, but Iliza noticed when Soren took hold of her hand. It wasn't exactly easy to ignore. His touch felt so much different from others and she couldn't figure out why. Maybe it was just because he was dead. She was holding hands with a dead guy.

Her lips curled back slightly as she grimaced at Damien's words. She knew all about how ghosts can turn your life into a total disaster. "Yeah, you're preaching to the wrong person here," she said, desperately wanting to cross her arms, but unwilling to take her hand away from Soren. To make up for the other hand dangling at her side, she shoved it in her pocket with the horrid CD she had bought for Eric.

"I just need to be angry right now. What I had wasn't denial, it was normalcy. For twelve years my life has been fucked up because I never knew how to deal with this. For five years I haven't had to deal with running the risk of seeming crazy because it looks like I'm talking to myself until you showed up," Iliza fumed, her anger leaving her father and being focused on Soren. "Why do you care so much, anyway? You don't know me, you've just stepped into my life and screwed everything up again!"

She knew it wasn't his fault, and underneath the anger she felt guilty for making it sound like she was blaming it on him when she knew he hadn't chosen this either. Everything was piling up, though and the only way she knew how to let it out was to be angry.

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Soren stiffens slightly, but he exchanges a look with Damien. They both know what sensless anger is, and they know what it feels like to have the whole world seem like it's against you in some way. Soren queezes her hand and refuses to rise to the bait she wants him to take.
"I don't need to know everything about you to want to help you. I can touch you Iliza, that means more to me than you will hopefully ever have to know. I'm dead remember, so, all in all, if we're doing a who's life is the most shit, i think i win. Because, you know, i have no life, i'm dead", replies Soren simply, as if it's nothing, even though it's everything. Soren has never needed pity, despises it actually.

Damien steps in then, having seen enough of this ridiculousness,
"Iliza. This is all a bit mental, very mental.And i'm not preaching, i'm being truthful. You were in denial if you think pretending ghosts aren't real is normal. Normal is bullshit. Thats just a fact. Now, my brother is obviously playing the role of the metaphorical good cop, so how about i play bad cop this time around, yeah." he pauses for a second to make sure he has her complete attention, his gaze holding hers in an iron grip,
"Now. Listen. To. The. Words. I'm. Saying. Get over it. You see dead people. I see dead people. A lot of other people see ghosts, talk to them, hell some even help them. Stop whinging, this isn't some sort of teen drama, this is real life. Fuck normal. Normal doesn't know shit about the real world. You only have two choices right now Iliza. Either go off and have a girly tiz fit about something you cannot change, or let me explain things properly. I don't care which you pick, but do it now, i'm not wasting my time on another over dramatic ignorant teenager, i've just spent my whole day at school with hundreds of 'em." Damien waits, his body language casual but his dark eyes unwaveringly intense.

Soren knows his brother means what he's saying. But he has no idea how Iliza will react.

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₪Daughter of the Rain and Snow₪ Iliza met Damien's intimidating gaze unflinchingly. "You're kind of an asshole," she concluded out loud. What she decided to keep to herself was that he was also right. Being normal sucked. Normal people either hated her or ignored her and being normal was keeping her drugged up and scared of reality. At least now she could face the facts, but that didn't necessarily mean she was happy about it.

It wasn't exactly like she needed him to explain much to her. Her father had seen to that years ago, before he had decided to leave her and her mother the second time around. She knew why there were ghosts, and she knew that there was some reason that she could see ghosts, but she didn't really care about what it was. She could see dead people, end of story.

Figuring that Damien was a teacher of some kind, she found it odd that he was giving her the option of laying out the facts for her when he had been stuck around a bunch of "over dramatic ignorant teenagers" all day. It was like she was making him go out of his way because she was too stupid to believe she could see ghosts. It seems she was accurate in labeling him an asshole.

"Fine, then lecture away," she said, doing her best to keep any hint of an attitude out of her tone.

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Damien smirks at that obvious hint of resentment. He doesn't give a shit as long as she listens and stops being silly about everything. Damien runs a hand through his ebony hair and his gaze sofens only slightly. Soren watches all this in amusement,
"Thank you" he says to Iliza "I've been telling him that for years. You are an arsehole brother". Soren gestures at Damien who simply arches an eyebrow out of indifference.

Damien shrugs,
"An arsehole, yeah, if you like. But i'm an honest arsehole. I'm not belittling you Iliza, but if you want me to treat you like a sound minded adult then you bloody well have to act like one at least most of the time" he muses lightly.

Soren envies his brother's ability to not let any situation faze him, he still hasn't let go of Iliza and he doesn't plan to for as long as she allows him to hold on.

Iliza must have realised that he's a teacher. Even though he looks nothing like one really. Damien's wearing a black t-shirt, dark faded jeans and a leather jacket as well as his old biker boots. Along with the bar piercing through his eyebrow and the tattoo's all over his arms and chest that she hasn't even seen yet, Damien looks more like the travelling writer he once was.

Damien looks amused by Iliza's opinion of him and adds,
"I'm afraid Soren is the nice one. He's good enough for the both of us. I'm the fucked up one who see's dead people and doesn't play nice with others. Good brother" he ruffles Soren aready messy blond hair, Soren shoves his hand away in playful annoyance. Damien gestures at himself, "bad brother"
"Right then, first of all, we do have a name for what we are. We are 'Sight Children'. Sounds a bit fairy tale i know, but hell, i didn't pick the names."

Soren interrupts, "If you picked the names you'd be called something like, The 'Death detectives'"

Damien smirks again at that,
"No, i would call us VIDTU, as in 'Very Important Death Talkers United'"

Soren tilts his head'
"Oh right, obviously"

Damien turns back to Iliza and continues,
"There are people who want to destroy both us and send all ghosts to oblivion."

"A.K.A. Super creepy land of darkness" Soren muses.

"They are 'Ghost Assassins', some call themsleves witches or whatever else, but they all have the same goal. They think we are unatural, so like i said before, no running around spouting things about ghosts. They are always watching and they will kill you given the chance. Believe that if nothing else. Also...there's some othe stuff about...soulmates" Damien grimaces like it's a dirty word that he wants to spit out.

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(sorry for longness, just trying to get heavy information out of the way so plot can go forward. Plus trying to get you to laugh.)

₪Daughter of the Rain and Snow₪ ((gotcha, you succeeded :) ))

Iliza barely managed to contain an unamused snort. He wants her to act like a sound minded adult who sees ghosts. So she's supposed to be some walking contradiction. Maybe what he was getting at was that being sane is all a matter of perspective. This is gonna take some getting used to...

"Sight Children works fine," she interjected. As uncreative as the name was, she could care less. The meaning behind it made it complicated enough to remember some acronym.

She had heard all of this before from both her father and her psychiatrist. However, her father had been aiming at keeping her out of harms way. Her shrink and mother just wanted her to stop talking to herself in public. She had even been filled in about the "ghost assassins" as Damien liked to put it. Her father had just explained it in a way that wouldn't give a seven year old girl nightmares. It was this last bit that tripped her up, though.

"What about soul mates?" she demanded. The way Damien put it didn't sound very pleasant and the term itself didn't sit well with her anyway. It was, after all, the reason that her father had left. When he had disappeared from her life completely, she had convinced herself that he loved his "soul mate" more than he did his own daughter or wife. She had hated the term, and hated him for thinking it was a good enough reason to leave her. What was so important about them, anyway?

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Damien and Soren realise together that they finally have Iliza's full attention. Soren has to agree with both of them that the whole 'soul mate' thing is a bit incredulous. But Damien knows for a fact that it is true and very very real.Damien nods, his eyes look between Soren and Iliza as if thinking about how to word what he is about to say.

Eventually he begins,
"'Soul mates' is just a term that is most commonly used. No one knows for sure how it works, but we do know that it is certain. There is a reason that ghosts stick around after they die. And it isn't because of unfinished buisness, not exactly anyway. People who become ghosts were bound to another 'soul' when they were born. Not all people have soul mates, and we don't know what causes some to have them and some not to. But more important than all that is, people who become ghosts haven't met their soul mate yet, and they will not be able to...'move on'" Damien rolls his eyes at that term but continues, "until they have found their soul mate".

Damien takes a moment and Soren watches Iliza's face, his gaze intent on working out how she is feeling about all this. It must be one hell of a shock to have that kind of information dropped on her.

"Also" Damien adds casually, "Sight Children all have soul mates. So both of you" he getures to Iliza and Soren in obvious amusement, "should get ready to fall in wuv pretty fucking soon with someone".

₪Daughter of the Rain and Snow₪ Iliza rolled her eyes. "Um, yeah, that probably isn't going to happen. I've given up on the whole love thing. When I was little and the girls in my class made fun of me, I just made fun of them about how they still believed prince charming is gonna come and take them to go riding off into the sunset. It's a nice story, but it just doesn't happen," she said, her voice dripping with skepticism.

Iliza knew she wouldn't hate the idea of love so much if her father hadn't left her for it, but it is what it is. She has no illusions that love is pretty and that people are destined to be together. Like she said, that just doesn't happen, at least not for her. If what Damien said was true, she felt bad for whoever got stuck with her. They certainly wouldn't be getting some doe eyed beauty.

But Damien hadn't just mentioned her, he had said that Soren would be falling in love with someone, too. She glanced over at him before turning her gaze to the floor. For some reason or another, he made her see again, and she could physically touch him. Iliza knew she wasn't normal, but she thought there was at least something special about the two of them together. But maybe she was just still some delusional girl who had a hard time facing reality.

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Damien looks between his younger brother and the girl. Soren notices and barely contains the urge to ask what he's thinking. All their lives Soren has always depended on Damien to help him and be honest with him no matter what is going on. Soren knows how guilty his brother feels about how Soren's murder went down. Soren barely remembers his death, it comes in hot and cold flashes, he ignores them as best he can.

Soren is past all that really. He no longer cares about who did what. And he's tried telling Damien that it was Soren's own fault for getting involved even though Damien told him not to. Soren tries to not have any regrets, even about that night, because he can't change any of it. But what else can he do but wait and hope he'll find his soul mate soon, before he really does lose all sense of himself.

"Love can be...surprising. Falling in love is far too easy. Being in love is much harder. Keeping that love alive is near impossible. Especially when the one you’ve fallen already dead" Damien drawls. Soren knows that his brother has had personal experience in the 'soul mate' arena.

Soren thinks about how good it feels to be able to touch someone. Not just anyone either, but Iiza, the girl that is already somewhere under his skin weather she realises it or not.
"Not a believer in love then Iliza?" asks Soren, his pale eyes meeting hers, their hands still touching.

₪Daughter of the Rain and Snow₪ Soren's gaze unnerves her and she decides to look at Damien instead, but his is just as intense. These two were definitely related. She wasn't exactly sure how to respond to that. She didn't understand how love could be so easy. Anyone Iliza knew had always been horrible people and quite frankly, she wasn't sure if they deserved to be loved or not.

"It's not that I don't believe in love. It's just that I don't think it's worth all the hype. It's messy and frustrating and in the end someone always gets hurt. Who in their right mind would want to go through all of that?" Iliza explained, feeling a bit as if she were ranting.

Finding herself glancing back at Soren, Iliza tried reading him, having the urge to know how he felt about all of this. She couldn't understand why all of this had to be so complicated.

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Soren thinks for a moment before answering,
"The thing is, we don't choose when our life is invaded by love. No one does. That's kind of the point. It coud end horribly, but so does life. Life always ends with someone getting hurt. But that doesn't mean we shouldn't want to live. Love is the same way" Soren's eyes dart over to Damien for only a moment,
"Most of the time it probably isn't at all what you expected".

Damien meets his gaze for a few seconds and they communicate silently for a moment in a way they've always been able to. Their connection is a strong one, even though Soren is dead.

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₪Daughter of the Rain and Snow₪ Iliza sighed, shaking her head. It may sound stupid or even selfish, but she didn't want to fall in love. She knew that what the brothers had said was true, but it all sounded absolutely terrifying and she would be the first to admit that she was a coward.

She looked down at the hand wrapped around hers, and she worried the corner of her lip between her teeth. This was pretty scary too. She shouldn't feel such a strong urge to be this close to someone, especially someone she didn't know and even more because he was dead. Iliza wanted to let go, but that the same time she didn't. It was incredibly frustrating, but a voice in the back of her mind tried to remind her of what she had just said was frustrating...

"You should probably let go," Iliza said to Soren, hoping that he would have more self control but then again hoping he was just as selfish as she was.

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Soren moves close enough to her so that only she will be able to hear him, their gazes lock once and it takes all of his will power not to smoothe her cheek. He craves the heat coming off her skin and the scent that comes off in waves from her hair. But he knows how insane that is, despite the fact that this whole situation is not exactly sane anyway.

Soren thinks back to what Damien said about them, about the type of brothers they are. Damien said he was the bad brother and that Soren was the......he whispers, his voice hot and low,
"I'm not that good".

₪Daughter of the Rain and Snow₪ Holy shit. It felt as if Soren was taking all of the oxygen from around her, his close proximity suffocating, yet somehow liberating. Luckily she hadn't really stopped shaking so the shiver that ran through her wasn't horribly noticeable.

"Be that as it may, I still need to go home," she replied as smoothly as she could. This wasn't exactly true. There was no way she could just go home and play it off like nothing had happened. Her mother would notice and she would begin to worry. Even worse, Eric would probably notice and she didn't want him shoving his greasy nose in her business.

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(sorry for late reply, my computer was punishing on me with its willful ways)

Damien watches his brother, blue fire eyes sparking with amusment. Soren tries to ignore it even though he has the most childish inpulse to tell his big brother to fuck off. Damien has this annoying way of getting under your skin without even saying anything. it used to drive Soren mental when he was alive.

Soren isn't sure what to say. Their skin is still in contact and the though of losing that almost feels like he's dying all over again. He runs a hand through his messy dark blond hair and bites his lip out of habit.

Damien smirks lightly and purely for his own amusment he says,
"We'll walk with you then. Not every day we meet someone who isn't blind. Maybe you can even convince Soren not to be a complete tosser around alive people just because they can't see him".

₪Daughter of the Rain and Snow₪ ((I'm sorry to hear that, I know what it's like. But it's nice to have you back ^_^))

Damien's words drew Iliza's attention from Soren, which was probably a good thing. It wasn't healthy to be this attracted to a dead person, so there was no way she would ever admit that the conflicted expression on Soren's face mirrored exactly what she was feeling inside. Taking a deep breath, she sprung on Damien's offer.

"I don't want to keep you from anything, but I think some company could do me some good," Iliza replied slowly, not daring to let her gaze wander over to Soren. She would have to distance herself from him if she was going to do the right thing. There was a reason he was here, and she wouldn't get in the way of that... later. Right now, she didn't see much distance happening between them. She would have to work on that.

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Soren isn't sure what to say once again. For once he hates having no social skills. Soren was never one to have a lot of friends, especially when they became orphans. Going to live in a childrens home and and then with foster parents after foster parents had almost distroyed him. He became someone he knows now he wouldn't like.

It was a mixture of is art and Damien that stopped Soren from going completely over the edge. Speaking of art, he still longs to draw, to paint, anything, for the first time since he died. But the thing that inspired him to do so seems to be conflicted in regards to Soren's presence.

Damien wastes no time and gestures for them to follow him towards the door. Soren isn't sure if having Damien with them is better or worse. On the one hand Soren is crap at talkin.g One night stands he can do, but proper talking about...normal things is pretty much incomprehendible to Soren. Soren lets his fingers skate over Iliza'a wrist soothingly, and then intertwine with hers. It's intinctual and Soren barely notices he's done it as they follow Damien.

₪Daughter of the Rain and Snow₪ For a moment it seemed as if Iliza was going to go into cardiac arrest, her heart beating wildly as her blood rushed through her veins. She had felt Soren's fingers grazing the delicate skin over her pulse and it seemed to set her body into overdrive. Swallowing hard, she tried to ignore the affect he had over her, allowing her hand to rest against his for the time being.

His silence spoke volumes to her and Iliza hoped he had the same idea in mind to distance themselves from each other. It shouldn't be too hard right? They had only just met. They could forget this whole thing had ever happened... Iliza decided not to acknowledge how her heart seemed to clench at that thought.

To keep from foiling Soren's plan, she instead focused her attention on his brother who was only a pace or two ahead of them. "So if you can't stand your students, why do you teach?" she inquired.

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Once they are outside Damien falls into step next to Iliza. Damien takes note of how his brother and the girl are touching but doesn't comment. He meets Iliza's gaze however and does nothing to hide the obvious amusment/intesity.
"I used to be a travel writer. But after my first book was published...circumstances changed. I needed to stay here, so my mate got me a job. I don't hate it. But i never really went to school so i'm not exactly used to the idea of it" Damien answers finally.

Soren feels something clench in his gut. Him. That's why Damien is stuck here, because his stupid brother was a moron and got himself murdered. It's ridiculous really, Soren feels guilt for keeping Damien here and Damien feels guilty for not protecting his younger brother. Even though there was nothing he really could have done.

Soren squeezes Iliza's hand and his thumb smoothes over it absent mindedly. Soren has no pulse, no heartbeat, but he swears every moment he's with her feels like his whole body is slowly coming to life again. With her around things no longer look dulled and flat. Soren has long past gotten over being dead, or at least accepted it enough to know that yearning for life is pointless. But Iliza makes him want again. Though he isn't sure what exactly it is that he wants.

₪Daughter of the Rain and Snow₪ Iliza turned his words over in her head, ignoring Damien's scrutiny. He seriously needed to learn how to turn it down a couple hundred notches unless he liked making people want to shrink away whenever he so much as looked in their direction. "That kind of sucks. Do you think you'll ever get back to writing?" she asked, wondering what could have caused such an impact that would keep him from pursuing his career. Did somebody die or something?

That's when it hit her. Iliza glanced over to Soren and saw a particular emotion in his clear blue eyes that made her want to take it all away. He felt bad about dying and holding his brother back and she wanted to tell him it wasn't his fault, but wasn't entirely sure how.

Sighing, she squeezed his hand back, which was a little weird for her. In the back of her mind, Iliza imagined that if she squeezed too hard, her hand would break right through his, but instead, she felt a solid hand made of hard flesh, if she could really call it that.

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(Where do you want to go with this? Or just keep on whinging it?)

₪Daughter of the Rain and Snow₪ ((Well, I suppose we should probably plan something out. I think I'm going to make Iliza's mom's boyfriend into a ghost trapper dude, so we could use that for something, and I also think these two should get it through their thick skulls that they are soulmates. Any thoughts?))

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(Yeah, like the 'hunter stepdad' thing. I could either have Damien give one, or both, of them a metaphorical (or very real in Soren's case) thwack around the head about them being mates since he's already had one, there's a back story with Damien and his soul mate, or at least there will be. I love playing Damien because he's so blunt about everything so i never have to think about what to say. I'm thinking Soren and Iliza will find their way as mates, but also that Damien will help her with being a Sight Child because even though she's accepting it, it's plausable that she won't get over everything straight away. We could have them fall in love, and then Soren gets taken by the hunters for some kind f ritual or experiment and then Damien and Iliza have to get him back or some variation of that situation)

₪Daughter of the Rain and Snow₪ ((Sounds like a plan. So we'll keep Damien involved and helping the two along. And Soren and Iliza fall in love? Just wanna clarify this 'cause you were talking about Damien and then you just said "them" so I'm just gonna assume you meant Soren and Iliza but I wasn't sure if you had something else in mind))

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