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(Meet people here, go have a brilliant night out)

₪Daughter of the Rain and Snow₪ Abigail had been following her friends, attempting to negotiate the crowd, but she inevitably lost them to the masses. Brow furrowed, she dragged a hand through her hair. She would just have to look for them when the crowd thinned.
This had become a habit of hers, going places with her friends like nothing had changed. This may make it seem like she was having a hard time dealing with her death, but that wasn't necessarily true. She just had a hard time with being alone.

₪Daughter of the Rain and Snow₪ Abigail would have ignored the words if the man had not been looking right at her when he had spoken them. She immediately went still as it dawned on her that he was sighted. His eyes didn't look through her, instead they were focused solely on her face. If she still had a heart, she imagined it would have skipped a beat then and there.
So startled by her realization, what he had said had come in one ear and out the other. Looking up at him with slightly rounder eyes, she asked, "Sorry, what did you say?"

₪Daughter of the Rain and Snow₪ Abigail's eyes narrowed as she studied his hand closely. It had been a long time since she had been able to touch someone and as much as she tried to convince herself that she was okay without it, the lack of contact over the past year or so has been slowly driving her crazy. She has never really been a touchy-feely person, but she wasn't about to pass this up so silently, she nodded. If she couldn't find her friends, he would have to do. Besides she didn't want to lose him in the crowd like she had the others.
The warmth that spread through her when she slid her hand into his made her draw a swift intake of air. She didn't usually make a conscious effort to breathe since she really didn't need to, but the involuntary, human action seemed to accurately express her surprise.
"You're the first one to really pay much attention to me. I'm fine I just lost sight of my friends," she said, trying to distract herself with speaking. Abigail wasn't entirely sure how to address the last bit though. Why would ghosts try to kill him?

₪Daughter of the Rain and Snow₪ Abigail took in his reaction to her touch and she screwed her lips to the side. She wasn't sure what she must feel like but judging by his shiver, it couldn't have been all that good. Abigail found herself wishing that he was as comforted by her touch as she was by his, but that didn't seem like it was going to happen.
Dropping her gaze, she allowed him to lead her through the crowd. Abigail carefully sat perched on the very edge of the bench and she focused her attention back to him when he spoke. "It's Abigail," she replied after a moment's hesitation. She was consciously aware of his hand wrapped around hers and she struggled in paying attention to Henry rather than how he affected her.

₪Daughter of the Rain and Snow₪ It took all of Abigail's self control to keep to snuggling into his side so she could be immersed in his warmth. This was why she envied the living; they had the ability to feel. Sure, there were bad things, but the good kind of outweighed all that.
Focusing on his voice instead of the pad of Henry's thumb tracing a path over her skin, she slowly replied, a little regretfully, "I was shot during a gas station robbery. Bled out. I can assure you I don't have a problem with my death. I've had plenty of time to think it over, and I wouldn't change what I did if I had the chance. I hope you know that coming to terms with my death isn't going to help me much, though. Unless you're some kind of matchmaker, you aren't going to be able to help much."

₪Daughter of the Rain and Snow₪ It took Abigail a moment to understand what he meant about starting a fire but when she did, she rolled her eyes at the joke, though she couldn't keep the corners of her mouth from turning upward. When Henry excused himself, she took the time to study him. The bluetooth was smart, that way he wouldn't look crazy for seemingly talking to himself. Noticing him turning back to her, she quickly stored a mental image of him in her mind, knowing that she probably wouldn't see each other again after they parted ways, but he was certainly memorable. "I was saying that you won't be able to help me, but it's the thought that counts, so thanks anyways," she reiterated.
Abigail had been planning on leaving then to go in search of her friends, but it felt as if she were anchored to him some how and she didn't want to lose his hand or his warmth or simply him.

₪Daughter of the Rain and Snow₪ Abigail watched him rise to his feet and bit her lip. She didn't really dance. Sure, her friends had gone to school dances and a few clubs from time to time, but they never really made their way out onto the floor, at least she didn't... but with Henry leading, how hard could it be.
Taking what resembled a deep breath, she finally answered, "Okay." The loss of his body next to hers had left her wanting and if dancing with him would bring the connection back, she would do it.

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Arwen ((Azure, should we start here?))

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Azure (azureblazing) | 25 comments (( sure))

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Arwen ((ok))

Arielle was floating in a lotus postion outside the night club. having given up trying to talk to people

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Azure (azureblazing) | 25 comments Louis walks straight into the line some people stared at him because of his funky hair but he didn't mind, he liked being seen at least that was one of the props of being a dead witch.

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Azure (azureblazing) | 25 comments .....

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Arwen Arielle stared as a boy walked past his hair pointing in different directions "now even the fashion is un sightly" she muttered

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Azure (azureblazing) | 25 comments He smirked at her and winked." you wanna come with"? He asked her and everyone's looked at her now." They can see you". He muttered slowly.

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Arwen Arielle hadn't realized people could see here. and tilted her head at the boy who had spoken, loudly she said "hello my fellow deaf friends"

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Azure (azureblazing) | 25 comments They all looked at her confused, they didn't understand what she meant . None them where dead." Common". Louis took her hand and got her close to him." they are not dead". He whispered into her ear gently, his arm around her waist.

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Arwen Unhand me now! Uncooth gentleman! Arielle exclaimed. I am not dead, for I have just gone insane it is still the year 1713 when i open my eyes

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Azure (azureblazing) | 25 comments He rolled his eyes, thinking.' Oh god one of these guy's.'. He snapped his fingers a newspaper appeared in his hands showing the year,2013." You like the year, it's pretty ahead of you ". He told her as he looked at her straight in the eyes.

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Arwen Arielle was shocked. "you can acturally see me Sir?"

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Azure (azureblazing) | 25 comments " yeah and that's because I'm dead too". He told her honestly. He was a ghost and all he wanted to do was get into a party and take in some ebergy from the people.

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Arwen "I must apologise for my rudeness, I have not had another person talk to me in 250 years"

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Azure (azureblazing) | 25 comments " don't worry about that". He told her honestly." The reason people can see you now is because of me". Hw told her as he let go of her ." After I'm done here, ill be gone". He muttered

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Azure (azureblazing) | 25 comments ..

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Arwen Why must you be gone so soon? Arielle asked

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Azure (azureblazing) | 25 comments He looked over at her as if he just noticed she existed." Well".. He said with a small yet annoyed pause." Lets just say I don't like being around people anymore a live or dead". He said letting go of her and they both dissapeared from sight of the living.

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Arwen "my you could be nicer" she mutterd under her breath. she tried to turn away

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Azure (azureblazing) | 25 comments He grumbled something tat sounded like sorry." but I can't help it, I don't want to be around people anymore, especially not after my funural". Je said as he went inside, going straight through some people.

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Arwen wait up!!
Arielle ran a head, gathering her skirts around her

"you can't just leave!"

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Azure (azureblazing) | 25 comments He was inside the club the noise was booming like constant explosions, but it didn't bother him , he was too accustumed to it. He walked in even deeper into the crowed and the music started to act strange letting a few weird Rythms. Louis sighed knowing ut was probably him.

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Arwen Arielle stood slack jawed in the middle of the club. "this is a den of inequity!!"

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Azure (azureblazing) | 25 comments Wen he saw her again he was a bit shocked but thankfully his haired covered it. He wondered why he still had that hair style, he only did it for a friend who wnayed him to look a bit more stand out from everyone else. He knew it would work for party's and making friends so he did , but now he didn't know why he kept it." Why are you here"? He asked her as he thought about it still.

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Arwen well Im not exactly going to go Sir. Not when you can talk to me.

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Azure (azureblazing) | 25 comments " I'm stuck as 19 I'm not a sir completely yet". He admitted as he looked around the room some of the people where starting to sit down tired , he knew he was taking a bit too much energy but , he needed more then most ghost.

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Arwen 19. older than when i died. did u havd many....lady lovers?

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Azure (azureblazing) | 25 comments He shook his head, finding this quite weird she was a bit too honest for him." No, never really did have any but I did have a friend she was a good person , well she was my only true friend". He said sounding clearly like he didn't what to keep going , he hated spewing about this.

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Arwen oh im sorry. You dont even know me. u must think i am very unproper

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Azure (azureblazing) | 25 comments He shook his head and started to walk away." please try to leave me alone". He said barely a whisper towards himself

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Arwen "I'm sorry Sir, but i can't do that, if your alone you slowly go mad, trust me I have been around a long time"

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Azure (azureblazing) | 25 comments He shook his head." I would prefer that". He whispered as he looked over at her, his face completely blank.

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Arwen why? Arielle was shocked

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Azure (azureblazing) | 25 comments Louis sighed scratching his head again, surprisingly not a single, messed up hair out of place and he knew that it wouldn't change since he had that hair cut for a long, long time and he didn't want count how long either. It would just get him even sadder about what happened.

Louis finally sighed and decided to tell her." When I was alive I was real party person I lived for parties and everything, having fun every single last day of my life". He said as he started to float upwards his head looking downwards making him look more like a possessing spirit not and average wondering ghost, which technically he wasn't." But , one day I ....I . I killed someone......". He said re living all these things again, which he didn't want to ever.

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Arwen Get it out Louis. Arielle stood and looked him in the eye. it isn't going to help keeping it in

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Azure (azureblazing) | 25 comments (( you know you should use. " " . When your character is talking))

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Arwen ((sorry, i forgot))

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Azure (azureblazing) | 25 comments (( then put them, please. : )). ))

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Azure (azureblazing) | 25 comments Arwen wrote: "Get it out Louis. Arielle stood and looked him in the eye. it isn't going to help keeping it in"

He sighed and got back down, his energy usually did go haywire when he was upset." I killed that little girl, while I was doing a spell"..,he muttered underneath his breath." I tried to stop it but it couldn't be stopped". He said as he lifted his knees up towards himself , floating again.

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Arwen "you killed someone?" Arielle put a hand on his shoulder

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Azure (azureblazing) | 25 comments Louis nodded, still nit showing his face.

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Arwen "but you tried to stop...."Arielle continued

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