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Zosister This is the den of the Silver Claw Pack
Here you can go see the Alpha.

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Niran Des looked around the pacs area, no one was here, not even the Alpha. She was panting and breathing heavily as she had ran here, in human form, she was still in human form. Des growled slightly as she was annoyed that no one was here.

//tara wolfprism (tarawolfprism) Levi soon rounded the corner, still as a wolf, sleek and seeming to flash silver everywhere on the onyx cave walls. He sat down on a rock, the place of the Alpha and his mate. His eyes seemed to gleam as he looked at Des. He wondered what she was doing here.

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Niran Des saw a wolf come into the den at the corner of her eye. She jumped slightly and said," Why would you do that?!". Then she realised the wolf wouldn't be able to reply. She let out a sigh and then closed her eyes, rubbing her forehead slightly. She sat down on the floor and then tapped the ground next to her," Come here for a second".

//tara wolfprism (tarawolfprism) Levi neared closer, his Alpha aura filling the cave immediately. His wolfish eyebrows seem to lift in amusement and curiosity at one of his wolf's commands. He sat across, not beside; eyes dark and ready to hear whatever Des had to say. Go on. He spoke in her mind, using the wolf telepathy bond they all shared, being part of a pack.

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Niran Des nodded her head and smiled at the Bosses/ Alphas encouragement to speak.
She sat crossed legged across from him, she leaned forward and looked around childishly. She turned back to face him and said," I think we need more pack members! Today I ran into some other kind of pack! They smelt horrible! I could smell them from like a mile away, Boss". Des shook her head with a disgusted look in her face.

//tara wolfprism (tarawolfprism) Levi turned back, fully cloth as he sat cross legged in front of her. "In time, Des, in time." He said, warmly. "We are regaining ourselves, of course wolves will start turning, feeling the need to join the pack. Rain is mostly in charge of them..." then he added, "Have you seen her?"

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Niran Des nodded obediently, listening and trusting the Alpha of the pack. Then she pressed her lips together and shook her head quickly," No, boss. I haven't seen her around. I haven't even smelt her". Then she looked at him with a panicked looked," But I'm sure she's okay!", she said reassuringly, trying to rush everything out quickly before he got the wrong idea. Or worse, started creating imaginary scenarios in his head.

//tara wolfprism (tarawolfprism) "It's alright," he smiled faintly. "I saw her a half an hour ago, I was just wondering if she went back to the school." He raised his eyebrows.

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Niran Des nodded.
She sat there with a big sigh and then looked at the Alpha. Her forehead creased slightly, she leaned forward and asked," What's it like being an alpha?". She had always wondered, because the pact wasnt an easy one.

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//tara wolfprism (tarawolfprism) Levi raised his eyebrows as her, his head turning to meet her gaze. "Challenging." Levi said, offering no more. There were no words, not nearly, to describe the nights he would loose a wolf of the pack or gain one, the nights of hunting, the days of tireless watching, the clock of ruling.

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Niran Des' eyebrows came together and her arms crossed over, she looked at him with a slight sulk on her face and exclaimed," Hey! We aren't that bad. Are we?". They were a challenging bunch, but when it came to it, they all obeyed and listened to their Alpha.

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//tara wolfprism (tarawolfprism) "No," Levi smiled, nudging her shoulder with his own to calm her down. Des always jumped to conclusions. He stood, walking to a cave wall and slid open a panel which revealed some spare clothing, water bottles, and aid kits for dire emergencies. Levi took out a bottle of cool water and slid the panel close with his elbow, unscrewing the cap.

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Niran Des stuck her tongue out at him childishly and then just grinned," You know I'm messing around with you, Boss". Then Des got up and looked at the hidden door," I never knew that that even existed!", she jabbed her finger towards it.

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//tara wolfprism (tarawolfprism) Levi laughed softly under his breath at Des's naiveté. She was certainly amusing at times. "I recently installed it," he smiled. With his mind, he tried to reach out and find the locations of his other wolves. It was a distracting, strenuous task that required utter quiet, which he probably won't get at the moment, but worth a try.

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Niran Des grinned as she looked at the boss.
But then she realised he was doing something, maybe even calling the other wolves. She sensed it, so she stayed quiet and looked back at the machine. She closed her eyes but opened one to see if the boss was still doing his Alpha thing.

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Niran ?

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//tara wolfprism (tarawolfprism) Levi smiled, opening his eyes. "Amusing, have I ever told you that you are that?" He gave a fatherly nudge to her before standing, going to the entrance of the den, sparing a glance back as an invite for her to join him in a run to find Rain.

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Niran Des stood high and tall and looked at him with a sheepish grin,she thought of the Boss as her father,as her family. She nodded and said," Something like that".Then she closed her eyes and thought about transforming into a wolf, before she knew it she was shifting and she was on all fours. She looked at the Boss and gave him a howl of eagerness.

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Lady Poppy | 134 comments Rain walked slowly into the den area, her wolf head drooped. She raised it at the sound of a howl, putting on her queenly picture once again. As always, she thought bitterly. Her mate was somewhere close by, his scent was strong around the trees.

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Carlos Reyna (CarlosAlexis) John walked in the den area holding his neck which was red from blood and he leaned against the wall pale from blood loss

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