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MJ | 53 comments Jack walked down the city streets, playing his ukulele, but when he listened to it, he didn't like what he heard. His precious uke was out of tune, he needed to get it fixed, he didn't know how to tune it himself. Thankfully, there was a music store a few doors down, he ran in and went up to the counter. "EMERGENCY! MY UKULELE IS BROKEN! FIX IT! NOW!"

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Sophia was inside talking to the guy that handled the keyboards, he was taking a look at hers, since it was getting to be a bit old. She looked over at jack and sighed "turn down the volume please"

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MJ | 53 comments The guy looked strangely at Jack. "What seems to be the problem, exactly?"

"IT'S BROKEN! IT NEEDS TO BE TUNED, SIR! IMMIDIATELY!" Jack took a deep breath as the guy started to strum the instrument, and screw around with it. Jack nodded thankfully to the man, then went on a small trip around the shop, looking at the instruments, and some records they had out. "Oh, this one's a classic, man! I love it!" He grinned and took it out of its case without asking, and put it on the record player, watching it in amazement.

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Sophia walked up to him, frownig "jack could you please stop being so loud and annoying?"

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MJ | 53 comments Jack turned around to see a girl standing in front of him. He raised an eyebrow, she seemed vaguely familiar. "Hello, love! Well, yes, I could stop, but I don't really want to! After all, it's better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring! Like Finn! He hasn't quite caught on to that, has he? Poor big Finny."

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"Actually Finn seems to be a nice boy. Much nicer than you, who is constantly degrading a person in your life that's always there for you. What kind of person does that? Not a 'good chap'" she said, walking away with a disgusted look on her face

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MJ | 53 comments Jack chuckled. "It's joking, love! Not anything personal!" He shook his head and smiled, watching the record go around and around on the record player.

"Jack Burmingham? Your ukulele is ready, fixed, tuned."

Jack spun around and ran up to the desk. "MY UKULELE! MY PRECIOUS UKULELE!" He snatched it out of the man's hands and started strumming a happy tune, doing a happy dance to accompany it. "WHEEE! UKULELE!"

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"I don't think he knows you're joking. It's not hard to see that he's hurt and embrassed every time you say something."

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MJ | 53 comments He was completely tuning her out right now, strumming his happy song, and dancing along with it. The guy behind the counter just looked at him in awe. Jack danced over to Sophia and grabbed her hand, twirling her around. "Lighten up, love!"

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Sophia tore her hand away "no. You're a jerk and I don't feel like speaking to you anymore" she said, grabbing her keyboard and walking out

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MJ | 53 comments Jack frowned and shook his arm, then followed her out. He didn't like that people didn't lime him. Little did he know that a lot of people despised him. He grinned and started strumming his ukulele carelessly.

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Sophia became flustered, stomping down the street

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Rose walks around taking in everything.

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Josiah walked past the warehouse, already been there, he thought. he came onto main street and kept walking,

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She passes the warehouse rolling her eyes she doesn't like those kind of parties.

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He wasn't paying attention to where he was going so he accidentally bumped into a girl, "Sorry," he said, "I wasn't looking where I was going," he said

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She gets bumped to the side a little because she's so small "its okay"
she says with her very sweet and quiet voice

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"Oh," he saw her face, "I'm Josiah," he said, offering his hand to shake

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"I'm Rosalie but you can call me Rose"she says shaking his hand with her small pale one. She pulls away and plays with her straight red hair

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"That's a nice name," he said, "Want to walk with me?" he asked,

((I have to go, We'll finish this discussion tomorrow?))

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"um...sure"she says with a small smile "and thanks"

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((Sorry about that,))
"No problem," Joe smiled. He couldn't believe he was talking to a cute girl, "So do you go to Terrance Hall?" he asked, resuming his walk

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She walks next to him looking very small and short compared to him "yeah! How bout you?"

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"Yeah, I do to," he said, happy. "So what kind of classes do you take?" he asked, keeping the subject going

(Sorry I had to visit my grandma after my music lessons)

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"drama,math,English,history, you know the usual "she smiled twirling her hair "what year are you"

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"I-I'm a junior," he said. "How about you?" he asked, still walking

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"cool me too"she smiles still walking with him "what do you like to do"

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"Sports, mostly," he said, with a shrug. "I'm also in drama though," he smiled, remembering that she said she was in it also

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"I design stuff"she says happy they are both in drama. She smiled "I make dresses and stuff"

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"That's cool," he said, "I bet that takes talent," he said

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"not really"she blushes looking up at him and sge means really tilt her head all the way up he was like 6 foot and sge was only 5'2. "I mean sports takes a lot too"

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"Yeah, I guess," he said, "But I was born with skill so I do pretty well at it," he said, trying his best at being 'cool'

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"oh..yeah I guess that's cool"sge didn't think he was going to be a total jock but maybe he was just like all those other jocks

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"Not really," he admitted, "I am good at sports though," he said, "My parents were trying to get me to go to law school and stuff, I didn't want to," he said

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"so what do you want to do?"she asked looking up at him her big blues looking curious.

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"I don't know yet" he shrugged, "What about you?" he asked. Was he really talking about this stuff to someone he just met, he couldn't believe it.

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"well I want to move to New your and work with me fashion "sge says "that's my dream"she says quietly she couldn't belive she said that

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"That's a nice dream," he said, "It's probably nice to know what you plan on doing," he said, thinking about what he wanted to do, he couldn't think of anything.

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"it's okay that you don't know what you want to do yet"she says putting a hand on his arm without thinking

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he flinched slightly, he wasn't used to that kind of thing, "Yeah," he rubbed his neck, "I guess so." He noticed it was getting kind of dark, "We'd better get back to school before it's to dark," he said, looking around. he wasn't used to this place yet, so he didn't know what kind of place it was at night.

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She shrugs blushing as red as her hair "yeah we should!"she agrees

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"Okay then," he said, "let's go," he turned around and led the way back,

((Where should they go?))

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((his dorm?her dorm?school grounds?))
Rose follows him

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(how about they walk in the school grounds and then he walks her to her dorm?)

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((okay sounds good))

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(To the grounds then!)

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MJ | 53 comments Jack followed closely behind her. He kept strumming his ukulele, not really playing anything specific, it was just upbeat and cheery. He smiled and inhaled, taking in the pretty day.

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Rachel Brianna walked along Main Street checking out the shops. She passed the workshop. "Totes defo checking that place out laters," She said to herself. She carried on walking down the street.

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