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Town Hall

hey, it's layne. Chandler smoothed the pretty red dress she was wearing, pushing her glasses up slightly as she walked in with the paperwork in her hand. She was currently fighting tooth and nail to get her teaching license and go to college, yet, they continued to refuse her due to her gender. It only enlightened her even more and pushed her every time they denied her.

Pennie “ᙓᕓᙓᖇϒ〇ᘉᙓ’ᔕ ᙧᙓᖳᖇᗪ‚ ᖳ’ᙨ ᙪᖳᔓᗩᖇᖇᙓ” William waited as a desk scribbling something down from the telegraph. He was working again until 9 of night. Sometimes even later. He sighed and put the message on the corner of his desk.

hey, it's layne. 'Hello,' Chandler spoke in a very gentle, sweet voice. 'Ive got more paperwork for the dispute. Where do you want me to leave it?' She questioned, smoothing out her dress.

Pennie “ᙓᕓᙓᖇϒ〇ᘉᙓ’ᔕ ᙧᙓᖳᖇᗪ‚ ᖳ’ᙨ ᙪᖳᔓᗩᖇᖇᙓ” William looked up and smiled at her. "Just leave on the corner near the pens." He leaned over cleared the corner. "So... trying for college again?"

hey, it's layne. She gave a nod and set the thick stack of papers on the corner of the desk, stacking them nearly perfectly. Chandler leaned slightly on the desk and offered a mischievous smile, a soft glimmer in her eyes, 'You know me. I can't stand to sit still very long.' She joked.

Pennie “ᙓᕓᙓᖇϒ〇ᘉᙓ’ᔕ ᙧᙓᖳᖇᗪ‚ ᖳ’ᙨ ᙪᖳᔓᗩᖇᖇᙓ” William nodded. "I also know they rejected you because of gender. I guess it's not fair is it?" He gave a small smile and glanced at the paperwork. "Filled it all out?" He asked looking up at her again.

hey, it's layne. 'No it's not, sweetheart.' She murmured, charmingly as she leaned against the desk. 'I filled out every last bit of it to the best I could.' Chandler replied, 'It's up to you to make sure that gets to Mr. Mayor, now.' She smiled.

Pennie “ᙓᕓᙓᖇϒ〇ᘉᙓ’ᔕ ᙧᙓᖳᖇᗪ‚ ᖳ’ᙨ ᙪᖳᔓᗩᖇᖇᙓ” "Will do when he gets back." He winked. "I'll send it again, just in case." He wrote down a note and put on the paperwork and pulled out his drawing from the park. "Want it?"

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hey, it's layne. Chandler couldn't help but smile, 'Thanks, sweetheart.' She said with a soft glimmer in her crystalline blue eyes, framed by dark eyelashes. 'Of course I do. Your artwork is the bees knees, you know. You should submit it to that art gallery.' She suggested.

Pennie “ᙓᕓᙓᖇϒ〇ᘉᙓ’ᔕ ᙧᙓᖳᖇᗪ‚ ᖳ’ᙨ ᙪᖳᔓᗩᖇᖇᙓ” William smirked. "Welcome." Then gave her the drawing and frowned slightly. "The art gallery probably wants artwork done by famous artists. Not just some lower scum like me," he muttered, not looking at her.

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hey, it's layne. 'Will, we all know you're amazing, don't be so modest.' She touched his hand, smiling sweetly. 'You're not scum. Trust me, I know scum, and you're definitely not that.' Her eyes sparkled slightly in discontentment as she stared at him. 'Well, not that my opinion counts, but, I think you're a wonderful artist.' She complimented gently.

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Scarlett enterd the room wanting to talk to someone about her party.

Pennie “ᙓᕓᙓᖇϒ〇ᘉᙓ’ᔕ ᙧᙓᖳᖇᗪ‚ ᖳ’ᙨ ᙪᖳᔓᗩᖇᖇᙓ” William smiled slightly. "I think your opinion matters, a lot in fact." He looked around Chandler. "Miss, you need something?"

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hey, it's layne. 'So, when's your lunch break?' Chandler questioned, hopefully. 'I was thinking maybe we could go out to eat at the diner.' She offered, shyly.

Pennie “ᙓᕓᙓᖇϒ〇ᘉᙓ’ᔕ ᙧᙓᖳᖇᗪ‚ ᖳ’ᙨ ᙪᖳᔓᗩᖇᖇᙓ” William turned his attention back to her. "Maybe in an hour or so, at the least in a half hour," he answered politely, smiling. "I'd like that..."

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hey, it's layne. 'Well, I'll meet you there, then, sweetheart.' Chandler smiled, 'I need to go and take care of some errands for now, though. See ya then.' She smiled gleefully and made her way our

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Scarlett looked at the two sweethearts. She was 17 and still didnt have a boyfriend. Where is her night in shining armor she is looking for. Someone with blonde hair and has the personality just like her.

Pennie “ᙓᕓᙓᖇϒ〇ᘉᙓ’ᔕ ᙧᙓᖳᖇᗪ‚ ᖳ’ᙨ ᙪᖳᔓᗩᖇᖇᙓ” Will smiled a little. "By the way." He wanted to add before she left. "I'm sending your forms 3 times, just in case." He winked at her before she left.

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hey, it's layne. (Switching to Diner)

Pennie “ᙓᕓᙓᖇϒ〇ᘉᙓ’ᔕ ᙧᙓᖳᖇᗪ‚ ᖳ’ᙨ ᙪᖳᔓᗩᖇᖇᙓ” Will looked at the time and left another note on his desk that he would be out. He put on a coat and walked out of Town Hall to the Diner.

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Emily Rowena stared out the window, at the grass, the sun, the flowers. "Dad!" She whined, turning to her father, "When can I leave?" Richard Buchanan, also known as Mayer Buchanan, looked up at his daughter with a raised eyebrow. "Excuse me?" He said, with a stern look. Rowena blushed and brushed some hair out of her face. "Sorry, Dad," She mumbled. He nodded in approval, turning back to her paperwork. Rowena threw her hands up, exasperated, "Dad!" She complained, approaching his desk. "Can I go now, please?" She said with forced politeness. He looked up a her again, this time with a sly grin. "Just don't tell your mother I let you run off on your own," He said. Rowena threw her arms around her father's neck, "Thank you!" She squealed. She grabbed her coat and her bag and ran for the door. "Love you! Be home by supper!" She shouted over her shoulder before exiting. Mayer Buchanan shook his head and returned to his paperwork.

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