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Sᴀᴅɪʏᴀ These include courts for tennis, basketball, track practice, volleyball, etc etc. Since it is the Spring sports season these will be used for mainly Tennis and a few Track events. A few people maybe caught playing basketball on weekends sometimes.

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Kit (kitkong) | 1314 comments Pang. Pang. Pang. The sound of metal clashing into something rang through the near empty courts. The baseball machine was on high throwing hight paced balls at a girl with blue eyes and dark raven hair tied into loose ponytails (view spoiler). Her stance was perfect as was her grip on the bat. Blue eyes never left the balls as they came at her and she never faltered nor did she miss a hit. Finally when the balls ended she through the bat at the gate, frustrated. Clang! Annoyed she yanked her hair free and gulped down her water. The sun beat down on her as she lifted her shirt off leaving her in a tight tank top and shorts.

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Ian wasn't very happy that he had been coaxed into going back to school to practice for track. There was an outdoor track course, which he used often, but he didn't really feel like running a ton that day, but he didn't have much of a choice. He had missed a track meet, so this was his way of making up for it, or so he kept telling himself so he wouldn't feel as guilty for purposely missing it. So really it was all his fault on the end.
Dressed in nothing but basketball shorts and a plain t-shirt, Ian made sure to stretch before jogging down the track that wrapped around the school soccer field; he sped up a little once he was about half-way around the field. Ian enjoyed running, he was good at it and he didn't have to actually interact with other people too much--he managed to keep it at the bare minimum whenever possible.

After about half an hour of going around the track in endless circles, the shaggy haired boy came to a stop, walking over to a bench where he had placed his gym to rest a little before resuming the run. He took a sip of water, casually glancing around to see who else was there. He noticed Dahlia earlier, but didn't say anything because she looked busy and he wasn't really going to stop and just say hi.

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Kit (kitkong) | 1314 comments Dahlia was picking up baseballs when she spotted one far away. Groaning she put her hai back into their loose ponytails and fixed her hat( like in the pic). "Ian." She greeted slightly as she picked up the baseball next to him. "What the hell are you doing here right now? The track team isn't even practical right now. We're like the only people hers," She gestured to the empty courts. Jesus the only reason she was here whole the sun was beating out was because she was irritated. Spotting a familiar green figure by the bench she followed it to he output an turned it on. The hose basically came alive in her hand as se struggled to contain it. "Ian watch out!" The opening was near him and she couldn't help the bubbling laughter that escapes her when she saw him get wet. At least it wasn't cold out and he wouldn't get sick.

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Ian shrugged, not seeing why he had to explain himself to Dahlia of all people. Wasn't she part of the popular crowd? Ian tended to avoid the "populars" whenever he could because he didn't like them and they weren't exactly a big fan of his either. So far this one acted pretty chill, so maybe it would be ok to hang out around Dahlia, though Ian wasn't one to hang out with people in general, preferring to be alone somewhere with his ipod and his brand new headphones. Alone with music, now that was the perfect way to spend a day--any day. "Running. What does it look like I'm doing out here." He rolled his eyes at her before taking a swig from his water bottle. It wasn't too warm right then, not too cold either, which Ian hated; it was as if the weather couldn't make up its mind on what it wanted to be-- Ian was suddenly snapped out of his thoughts when he felt cold water splash over him. He jumped off the bench, brows furrowed. "What the hell!" he growled, obviously upset over this. Ian was not a sociable kind of guy, where as most people might laugh and make a joke out of this, Ian simply got pissed off. "Why the hell did you turn on the water?"

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Kit (kitkong) | 1314 comments "Because it's hot! I told you to watch out!" Dahlia's eyes narrowed down, she didn't are who you were, never talk to her like that. "Jesus it's just water! You'll dry!" She tried to keep the laughter to a minimum however when he was angry he looked like a drowned, angry kitten. It was adorable in a I-like- teddy bears- and heat- way. She was dfinetaely not that girl yet she couldn't help how she pictured it. Biting her lip she turned around and laughed hard, she just couldn't help herself.

((I'm so sorry for the crappiest response ever~)))

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(it wasn't crap :P)

Ian rolled his eyes at her. He had half a mind to call her a bitch right to her face, but he was civilized unlike half the popular assholes that populated Salem High. "Whatever," he muttered. First off, it wasn't hot at all outside. This was Salem, it was the end of March, it was more cooler out than flat out hot, so at this point he was simply cold thanks to being splashed with the water. Secondly, he had better things to do than stay there and get splashed with water again by her. Ian ran a hand through his hair, grimacing at the fact that it was wet; his shirt was wet too, but he guessed it was fine to run around in it since he wasn't the kind of guy that enjoyed walking around without a shirt on. It wasn't that he was self-conscious but more of the fact that he didn't think it was necessary. So without another word to Dahlia, he turned and headed back onto the track to do another lap or two before heading home.

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Dare wasn't sure what possessed her to walk out here--maybe she had just let her feet lead her to a random place, but after about a half-hour hanging out by herself on the Volleyball court, she guessed her feet had a purpose and the path hadn't been so random.

At one of her old High Schools, Dare's favorite sport had been Volleyball. She loved everything about it; the knee burns, the bruises, the spandex shorts (hell yeah her ass looked good in them). Not to mention she rocked at it. All the other Freshman envied her; she'd gotten pulled up to Varsity during the second week of practice. Of course that didn't last--she had to move.

But that didn't mean she didn't still enjoy Volleyball. She just didn't play it on a school team anymore.

Which is why she was here now, bumping a ball against the concrete wall--a work out in its own right.

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Issac walked by the outdoor courts -- he wasn't a particularly atheltic guy or anything. No, he wasn't involved in any sports. Sure, sometimes he headed to the gym and worked out a bit, but nothing too serious. More to keep himself in shape than anything else. However, he did have some friends -- if you could call them that -- who did, which led him to be around the courts.

That was, of course, only one of the reasons.

The other reason was quite obvious -- the view. And quite a lovely view it was, sometimes. Of course there were always the obese people trying to get skinny (ugh) and the scrawny trying to get brawny (pathetic). But there were the fit ones, or at least decently-in-good-shape ones. Mmmm, some of the female athletes at this school... and besides, Issac considered himself 'heteroflexible'. Sure, he wasn't gay, but he could definitely appreciate a nice ass if he ever did see one. Why did you think he watched Glee with his cousin? Because it had some pretty nice close ups on the casts' posteriors.

He leaned against the wall, giving an appreciative whistle as he looked Dare up and down. Definitely in good shape. Blonde hair, blue eyes, all legs. He didn't have the pleasure of calling her one of his conquests. Yet, anyway.

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Due to a very obnoxious whistle, Dare turned her head for a split second; the ball flew away from the wall--not hitting her, thank God, but coming fairly close, it skimmed her hair as it passed. The ball bounced a couple of times, then landed a couple of feet away from Issac. Of course. Him of all people...

She rolled her eyes, slowly walking over to him... great. It was quite disappointing actually, Dare didn't want him to get the wrong idea. That had completely been chance. That ball had not been aimed his way; he would be the type of guy to assume she was using this as a change to flirt with him, he had to have noticed her aim was brilliant.

Puh-lease, Dare had better tactics than that. What disappointed her was now he was probably going to engage her in a conversation... all she really wanted was the ball back. She wasn't going to get out of this encounter with him, Dare could practically sense his smirk without even looking at him. Besides, he had whistled for a reason. A reason that made her wish she'd worn longer shorts to fend off his traveling gaze--though that probably wouldn't help. Dare couldn't help it if her legs looked like gold in jeans. It was a gift.

"Issac." she greeted him, mock saluting him as she bent over to pick up the ball. "Catch you later." she added, turning back around. She doubted that would work, but a girl could only hope.

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"I certainly hope I do," Issac drawled. "Of course, 'later' isn't exactly ideal... more like 'now'. I mean, let's look at this reasonably, Dare," he said, pausing, and turning her shoulder so that she was facing him. She really was a pretty girl, there was no doubt about it. Not the prettiest he'd seen, but there was only one girl in his life with the title. But she was dead. So this was totally okay.

"You're hot," he said, his voice full of charisma -- the term 'charm the pants off' was quite literal with Issac' -- even though the statement itself was blunt. "And I'm hot," he said, smiling.

"And if we have sex, you might be lucky enough to get pregnant -- I mean, look at me, any kid would be lucky to have my genes -- and then you could go on one of those Teen Mom shows on TLC or MTV or whatever and make millions. And then, best of all, there would be a beautiful little reminder of me left over."

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And then that girl's hopes would be completely crushed when the boy opened his trap and ugly words tumbled out. Dare sighed very audibly, making it obvious she wasn't interested in where this conversation was going.

"I wouldn't be nearly as attractive pregnant." she retaliated, as if she'd actually given it some thought. But who's to say she hasn't? Every girl on the planet who isn't a virgin has, in one time or another, imagined themselves pregnant. Especially if there's the did-that-condom-seriously-just-break paranoia. Upon thinking about it, Dare had long since decided she didn't want children. Hell, if she freaked over tan lines... do you really think she'd want nasty ass stretch marks scarring her perfect skin?

Of course some might not share that perfect skin opinion. She did have a tramp stamp...

Dare made a face, clearly disgusted with his proposal the longer he spoke. In truth, Dare didn't want to talk to Issac, but she wasn't about to walk away without giving him a piece of her mind. It was his fault he opened that bloody word-dam of his... not to mention she wasn't going to give him the satisfaction of staring at her ass as she walked away. "Let me give you some insight here, Mate. Not only do I not find you attractive, your attitude would ruin it even if I did." she shrugged, bouncing the ball off the ground in boredom. "Are we done here?"

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Mal (malxox) Desmond would've come to her feisty aid sooner, however besides the fact he seemed to have arrived late, but it was rather entertaining. Moreover as the conversation took a turn into the land of sex he grew disinterested. Giving a heavy sigh, hands still stuck in his jean pockets, he rolled his bright blue eyes. Upon thinking a moment he decided it best that instead of leaving he leave in the opposite direction. So there he went, easily coming up behind his -- pretty much only -- friend, Dare. "I thought more of you, Dare, oh please tell me your not wooed by this low life." His voice was cool, heck he didn't even give a second glance towards the boy. Des held little interest in him, most of it resided in the disgusted blonde that he had planted himself beside, no hesitation in his footfalls upon going. Before she could truly answer he actually reached out to waved his hand, shooing away the other so that he may have Dare all to himself. Of course it was mainly just to please himself through some annual day-to-day teasing, but nonetheless. "I'm surprised you haven't socked him in the face yet."

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Dare bounced the ball against the ground, smacking it with her palm a couple of times. "I'm tempted." she snapped, being able to tell the direction of this conversation. She'd been harassed by one boy only to fall into the hands of another. Cool. At least with Desmond, Dare knew he wasn't actually being serious. If he was teasing her, it was only because he cared enough to take that time. Or at least that's how she tried to take it. "I'm surprised it took you that long to intervene." she sighed, leaning out on one hip dramatically, "I thought you would've saved me faster. Didn't know you had to wait for a possible pregnancy to take a hint."

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Mal (malxox) One side of Desmond's lips lifted into what had to be his grin. If he'd really grinned, well he wasn't sure it was exactly possible to see that anymore. "I'm sorry, I find your conversation amusing." He said, cocking his head casually to the side, as if he may be curious. Of course she had to know him better than that by now. "I didn't realize you were waiting for me." Despite himself the other end up his lips tilted upward into a very small smile, but a smile nonetheless. Desmond was easily amused, but Dare was intriguingly more so ... Caught his interest in a way that others didn't. Not in a way that suggested liking an actual person, not like that, simply something he didn't share with others whom thought he was a tad off. "Frankly I don't consider myself a knight in shining armor, Dare."

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"Don't worry, the expectations I hold for you aren't that high, I don't think you're a knight either." she relinquished, meeting his eyes for the briefest moment to share a smile. Dare laughed lightly, having to find humor in the situation. "I only assumed you would step in sooner, being that Issac is completely insufferable and I would probably do it for you."

And she would. She'd done it before. Dare didn't like anyone messing with Des unless it was her--as possessive as that might sound. Everyone had that one friend that was completely off limits to harassment. Who knows, maybe it was just different for him? Dare shrugged internally, deciding it didn't matter. "So, you're here now... why?" she asked, assuming he needed something. Since he obviously hadn't come over here to be chivalrous.

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Mal (malxox) Desmond shook his head, grabbing the ball away from her, holding it between his palms. He only shrugged one shoulder, slow and sure of himself. With his eyes slowly sweeping over the canvas in front of them. "I don't want anything from you, Dare. In fact next time I may just ... Intervene earlier." It was his way of saying that he did care, even despite the fact the conversation had been quite amusing. There was a part of him that acknowledged the fact that she was his only friend, making her that same friend that he step into a fight for. Strange how ... Worlds collide. "I do agree that Isaac is rather strange, well, arrogant that is, and because I can see you're simply crushed." There was that quirky smile of his again. "I am deeply sorry that I didn't shoo him off before those comments, or suggestions, whatever you may call them."

Desmond didn't act this way around other people, when he joked his voice was always hollow in a way that said he wanted to laugh. It was a cold laugh, but not with Dare. Little reason to suggest why other than the fact she warded off bullies -- though he hardly noticed if someone was pestering him -- but nonetheless she had heronic intentions as far as he was concerned. "Believe it or not, Dare, I came here with no reason but to talk to you." He said slowly, word from word appearing from his lips. Well pronounced, regularly far away.

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With a roll of her eyes, Dare lunged forward--attempting to knock the ball away from him. He was so dramatic and over exaggerated in his apologies sometimes, they hardly qualified as such. Just like now. On some level she had the inkling he cared, but she doubted it a lot--he never really showed his emotions. But when she compared how he acted towards others as to her... There was certainly a difference, one that held her to the advantage.

"How very sincere. I can hardly keep myself from falling into your arms right now as you woo me with your charming words of kindness." She said, ever word dripping with sarcasm.

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Mal (malxox) Desmond's palm unstuck themselves from the ball as Dare grabbed for it. He barley budged either and simply have it up, it's not as if it held any value or purpose to him anyhow. He blew out a breath of air, possibly laughing, with one simple shake of his head. "Don't be to quick to decide I'm not being honest, Dare. At least I'm not babbling about unprotected, underage sex, and possible pregnancy that would no doubt be of elation because ... Oh do girls pin for me." He said, hands slowly slithering behind his back as he managed to possibly add nothing but sarcasm into his comment. Des was quiet another second as if he had decided that would be his last and only comment. He had been incorrect after the shortest thought examination on the planet. "I should've known you wouldn't walk away so easily, even from such a ... Pervish manwhore such as Isaac." There was only a vague indication of something sigh-worthy in the blondes tone.

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Dare rose a brow with slow precision, her eyes narrowing. What exactly was he suggesting here? That just because she was pretty she was a whore? That's what unpopular girls thought to boost their own self esteem. Not Des. She her tongue, trying not to be hurt by his comment. He didn't mean it that way, she was just taking it wrong. Right? Right. But if not...?

Stepping forward, Dare's expression hardened--their height difference mattering not under the strength of her glare. "What are you implying, Des?" She asked, but it sounded more like a threat.

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Mal (malxox) For a second Desmond observed her … threat. Only after another moment did he realize what he had said could be taken the incorrect way. That always seemed to be the case, but he only shrugged his shoulders, for once unsure how he was supposed to response to a threat from his one and only friend. “I … well I wasn’t …” his voice was far away as he shook his head very slowly a few times. “Dare, you of all people should understand that that’s the last thing I meant.” Was all he said to her, keeping both hands behind his back with a face expressionless even to the words that had fallen from his lips.

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After a second, Dare almost felt guilty. But she refused to let herself feel bad for the words that had come from his mouth, even if he hadn't meant them rudely--which she had suspected but chosen to ignore. "I do have feelings Des," she said softly, a small light shining in her eyes before they snapped back to rude, "So think about what you say before you open that death trap of a mouth."

Dare stepped through him, bumping his shoulder and smacking her hip against him purposefully as she walked to pick of the ball. She didn't respect his personal space, just as she knew he really didn't care much in regards to hers. Besides--she hadn't done the body-check to be mean, it was her way if showing him her playful mood was back on and he was forgiven. Without words of course, Dare preferred action.

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Mal (malxox) Usually Desmond would’ve gone to lengths to say that he really didn’t care, that her of all people should know him well enough that the death trap comment was nothing short of a compliment. His mind worked in strange ways, that there were a million excuses and reasons for him behaving the way he was at this point. At any point, anywhere. But none of that came from him, instead he slowly peered over his shoulder blankly at Dare. “Girls.” He finally said, his eyes rather curious. Turning himself back around to face her he moved forward, reached out, and again he snatched the ball away from her, holding it behind his back because his question was far more important. “Sometimes I don’t understand you, Dare … please explain to me why all woman act in such … strange ways.”

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Unable to tell if Des had meant that to be demeaning or if he had paused because he was at a loss for words, she decided to go for the ball and make that her priority. Dare moved closer and stepped around him, trying to be quicker than him. It was her only advantage, since when they were compared proportionally she was much smaller. But he was to big and she just bumped into him. "You can't classify me into that category, we all act strange for different reasons. You have to ask every single girl her story to understand. It's not even a girl thing, it's a human thing." She chided, meeting his eyes in a plea for the ball.

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Mal (malxox) Desmond, this time, was at a loss. His mind had always settled people into the category of men, women, animal, insect, and so on. All big enough categories to incorporate everyone, he had spent very little time amounting it to smaller, more individual subjects. He kept the ball placed in both of his palms easily behind his back, letting it bump softly into his spine as he thought about that. “You’re telling me that everyone is programmed normal. Every woman begins the same and then their stories slowly begins to shape who they are inside and out. Dare, you realize that even the most sensible lives come with women – and men alike – that act strangely?” he rose one eyebrow at her, though the rest of of his face looked a little to relaxed for the conversation.

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"You don't know that." She reminded him. Dare tried hard not to lose focus, she didn't want to slip up and ram into him again. He was just being so cool about it--it was kind of a distraction on itself. The way he talked so calmly, speculating a lab report as if she wasn't strategizing in front of him how to take the ball away. She sighed, biting her lip-a tell tale that she was frustrated and on the verge of giving up. "Use common sense, apply what you know about yourself to others." She suggested, stepping away from him. She didn't really want the ball anymore.

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Mal (malxox) Upon her giving up and the game as well as not giving him any sort of answers Desmond didn’t bother looking for any anymore. “I know everything about myself, that doesn’t mean I know anything about you, does it? Or about her over there, or him?” he swept his gaze once over to court from the corner of his eye. Then out of the blue he gave up the sphere hiding behind his back willing, holding out to her. “I hate to say it dare, but I think I’ll have to leave you now.” He said, not hoping to think that she could actually care less. Instead he had her take the ball from him before going on. “I’d like to ponder a bit, suppose you’ll find me if you dare.” Des said lightly. He was always somewhere where he could think after debating about these things. Whether it be his room or with his back up against a tree.

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"Yeah sure, have fun." She muttered, smacking the ball away. It landed near the other side of the court, but that was okay... She wasn't much up for playing anymore. She had come here for some type of solace, then Isaac had kind of shot that horse in the face. Now her mood worsened still. Talking to Desmond had just left her sad. He was one of her only friends she actually liked talking to; yet he'd obviously rather roam around alone than he forced into a conversation with her. She wouldn't be finding him later... She honestly didn't think he wanted her to.

Dare walked along the sidewalk back towards the dorms, feeling a little more than bummed out. She always liked being reminded she had about zero friends. Funny now that worked. The one school she could finally be close to people at and now she didn't even know how.

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Mal (malxox) His bright blues followed the ball as it bounced once … twice … three times before it was at the end of the court, then looked back to Dare. Only then did he realize that she wasn’t exactly in the best mood. Hadn’t she just forgiven him from a second ago? If that didn’t prove his point further he wasn’t sure what did, but as he took a few steps away to leave he watched her leave. “Unless you’d like to join me, Dare, then stop moping.” It was probably the closest he’s ever come to calling out, not to mention actually bothering to try for a joke of some sort. He, like herself, was remained rather often that he had no friends. He, unlike herself, didn’t really care all that much. Des’d never had friends, though sometimes he couldn’t help but actually wonder about her.

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Dare rolled her eyes, casually flipping him off as she kept walking. She didn't want to turn around, then she'd actually be tempted to join him. He really just didn't get it, how hard things were for her sometimes with him. She didn't want to tell him though either, Dare tried to keep Desmond in the dark as much as possible when It comes to her feelings she wanted to keep a secret. He was too smart--one little hint and he'd be able to figure out her deepest emotions with five minutes alone to think about it.

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Mal (malxox) Desmond only shrugged both shoulders to himself, "Suit yourself, but Dare sometimes you can solve things without giving people the finger." He said matter of factly, easily putting his hands into his pockets. With Dare he wasn't positive what exactly to say to her sometimes so generally his brain just picked out the first thing that came to his mind enough to make sense. With that he was leaving the courts, moving in the opposite direction and slipping away silently.

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((Well that was interesting :3 ))

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Mal (malxox) ((Lol, wasn't it XD))

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