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Was this book too real to be entertainment?

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Darren Worrow Hi Sara, thanks for posting this discussion on Saffron. Normally I write crazy comedy so take out the humour and I found my subject going to some very dark places. I am glad you found it "too real," I wanted to achieve a certain reality shock with it and I do my homework!

If I ramble on about the plot I feel I may spoil it for others, if anyone wants to discuss it with me I would be pleased to respond to messages. I accept that it covers a subject that people would rather not contemplate, but it happens, a lot and I refuse to shy away from a subject.

The last thing I want is to offend anyone, just make them think alternatively to their own conceptions.

I am glad my first "serious" story has received such a positive response and I intend to write others.

Next up is a far more subdued modern romantic fable, with a twisty bit of course. Look out for "One Piece Missing."

Darren Worrow hey i thought the review was great; thanks for writing it! x

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