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Ruth | 406 comments Mod
a no man's land between Galal and Eolaria. Countless strange and bizarre beasts live here.

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Josiane Claremont | 74 comments Lolita carefully wove her away across the Wasteland. Tonight was an important job for her, and she wanted to make it perfect. She bit her lip. This may be the most important job she'd ever had; she'd decided to steal from the PALACE of Galal itself. And if she had properly completed the job, maybe FINALLY those uptight nobles from Eolaria would recognize her ability and determination for the fall of Galal, and let her help them...

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Sitting cross-legged in the roof of her home, Tamini looked up at the stars of the sky, calculating at what time would be right to harvest her belladonna. It had to be in perfect accordance with the dark of the moon for it to reach full power. She stuck her snake-tongue out, tasting the air for the scent of strangers. Being on the alert constantly was vital for one who lived in the Wastelands. The last time she was off her guard, a pack of wild dragonettes had burnt half her garden. Suddenly an alien scent came faintly from the air. It was the blood-tinged smell of assassins or the sulfur that came with the dragonors but the sharp, herby scent of natural medicines and the bright scent of anticipation. Tamini looked up, there, gainst the sky, a fairy weaving hir or her way cautiouslt through the night towards Galal. Would but an assassin or someone with something illicit in mind would travel across the Wstelands at night? Her curiousity piqued, Tamini set aside her journal and jumped down to the ground, and set off running, following the fairy. Keeping an eye on strange happenings in the Wasteland often payed later, if someone came looking for information, and Tamini had gut feeling that this fairy's actions would result in plenty of business.

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Josiane Claremont | 74 comments Lolita appeared near Tamini's home in the wasteland. She needed to find some plants to nurse her burns.

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Josiane Claremont | 74 comments After finding the right plants, Lolita waited for many days for the wounds to close. Eventually, Lolita was well enough to leave. She followed a root back to Eolaria to plan her next move.

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