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message 2: by Ashten (new)

Ashten (coddiwomple) Buenos trades! What shall we do with these two? I love a good human name RP. XD

HetaMusicFan *Addicted to Thoughts* ( ●_●†)૭ (hetamusicfan) | 215 comments Mod
XDD I'm not sure... Any ideas?

message 4: by Ashten (new)

Ashten (coddiwomple) First a question,are allowed to borrow Canon characters to use in here?

message 6: by Ashten (new)

Ashten (coddiwomple) Then game on. XD

1. They meet by perchance and become friends
2. War against Fin and Sve
3. We come with random carp through it together and call it good

HetaMusicFan *Addicted to Thoughts* ( ●_●†)૭ (hetamusicfan) | 215 comments Mod
XDD I like 2 the best, but I'm horrible with war situations (Like, legit horrible) so maybe 3~ I'm good at random stuff~~

message 8: by Ashten (new)

Ashten (coddiwomple) Well I have an idea, if you're up for a hinted romance? (I'm pretty good with war, I can guide the plot along if you like)

HetaMusicFan *Addicted to Thoughts* ( ●_●†)૭ (hetamusicfan) | 215 comments Mod
Hmmm... Hinted romance between...?

message 10: by Ashten (new)

Ashten (coddiwomple) Denmark and Norway of course! We can thrown in other characters though, I'm pretty flexible.

message 12: by Ashten (new)

Ashten (coddiwomple) What other characters do you want to throw in here? Also is this going to be real world or no? :)

HetaMusicFan *Addicted to Thoughts* ( ●_●†)૭ (hetamusicfan) | 215 comments Mod
Well, the other Nordics would probably appear in it sooner or later, so them... Um, I'm not sure who else. We could just bring in other characters when we feel they should be added in it.

I honestly don't care which one. I like both, but if we do real world, I always forget that they're human and thus use human names, so I sometimes put down their nation names.

message 14: by Ashten (new)

Ashten (coddiwomple) Shall I start? XD

message 16: by Ashten (last edited Mar 12, 2013 12:59PM) (new)

Ashten (coddiwomple) ((Here's a little background information for you. Mathias Køhler is 21 years old, a junior in college, and he works as a waiter for a job.))

Mathias had no goal in mind, he just walked aimlessly, high-tops slapping on the dingy sidewalk, headphones on and blasting music. His hands were shoved lazily into his jacket pockets and his hood drawn up to cut the wind. He was bored as heck, Gilbert had kicked out an hour earlier to leave for work and going home didn't quite interest him as much as it should. (He had a pile of homework to do after all, it probably fell over or something it was so high) So instead he sat next to a blonde haired stranger on the only partly open bench, and closed his eyes, head tilted up toward the sun.

HetaMusicFan *Addicted to Thoughts* ( ●_●†)૭ (hetamusicfan) | 215 comments Mod
((:D Okay, so let's see... Lukas Bondevik would be 20 years old, so that would make him a sophomore (I think), and he doesn't have a job, but he is learning business so he can work for and then run his uncle's company after college~))

Lukas was busy reading a novel on his side of the bench and just enjoying a decent, sunny day outside instead of in his boring apartment. He was planning on going to get a coffee or something after he finished another chapter or two, so he wasn't really in a rush for anything, and homework could be done later. He saw some person sit down on the other side of the bench, and he gave the man a glance before turning back to his book. The man was obviously a stranger, so there was no reason to really pay attention.

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Ashten (coddiwomple) A shiver crept up bis spine, whoa that felt nasty. Mathias cracked open one eye at the stranger next to him, he could have sworn that this kid just threw him the evil eye or something. What was he doing anyway...? Sitting next to what could be a hobo that's what.

Mathias' blonde hair stood up straight and messy as he roughly yanked off his hood and pushed his headphones down around his neck. The music continued to blast out as he had neglected to turn it down. "Oi. What's your problem?"

HetaMusicFan *Addicted to Thoughts* ( ●_●†)૭ (hetamusicfan) | 215 comments Mod
Lukas was just getting to a good part in his book when the sound of loud music caused him to have another disruption in his reading. How annoying. Well, he couldn't just ignore him; That would be rude.

"My problem?" Lukas looked over at the guy, obviously already irritated. "Nothing at all. I'm just trying to read."

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Ashten (coddiwomple) "You totally glared at me, so what gives?" Mathias pursed his lips and arched a brow. "Who reads on a nice day like this anyway?" This guy looked like a total stick in the mud, though he was bored and this conversation could provide some entertainment.

HetaMusicFan *Addicted to Thoughts* ( ●_●†)૭ (hetamusicfan) | 215 comments Mod
"I didn't glare at you. I simply glanced at you," Lukas put a bookmark in his book to save the page he was at, since it seemed like he wouldn't be getting back to reading for a little while. "Well, I do. I don't really have anything else to do besides homework, so I might as well."

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Ashten (coddiwomple) "You could do so much more though!" Mathis gestured his hands as if he was showing him the 'more' he could do. "You're wasting your time reading on a day like this." Mathias sighed and shook his head. "Truly a waste."

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HetaMusicFan *Addicted to Thoughts* ( ●_●†)૭ (hetamusicfan) | 215 comments Mod
Lukas rolled his eyes, leaning back against the bench. Why did he always seem to meet the annoying ones? "And what else could I do? Homework, get a coffee? That's all of the 'more' that I can think of."

message 24: by Ashten (last edited Mar 12, 2013 08:27PM) (new)

Ashten (coddiwomple) Mathias couldn't but stare at the stranger, he had to be kidding, right? There was a whole world out there, full of crazy things, wonderful things, and this guy couldn't come up with anything better then coffee and homework? It was absolutely ludicrous!

"You don't get out much do ya?" He deadpanned.

Mathias thought for a moment, a wrinkle forming between his brows as he cast his eyes heavenward. "You could go to a movie, rent a row boat-" He started slowly, his words coming more quickly as ideas rushed from his head. "Go walking around town, listen to the street musicians play, go to a free concert in the park, go to book club, visit a museum, go to an arcade, go drinking, hang with friends... The possibilities are endless!" Mathias finished with a flourish, a grin wide across his beaming face.

HetaMusicFan *Addicted to Thoughts* ( ●_●†)૭ (hetamusicfan) | 215 comments Mod
Lukas listened to the stranger, a quite bored look present on his face, though he could argue by saying that he always looked like that. "... I suppose some of those ideas could be somewhat entertaining," He considered some of what the man had suggested that he could do, but some of the others he completely discarded from his mind since he knew that he wouldn't really want to do them.

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Ashten (coddiwomple) Mathias' smile faltered a bit. "You don't look very excited... If you keep up that face it'll get stuck like that you know." Mathias laughed. "Anyway, didn't I tell you there was good stuff to do? Much better than reading a book eh?" Mathias winked and elbowed the guy lightly, the grin back and turned on full blast.

HetaMusicFan *Addicted to Thoughts* ( ●_●†)૭ (hetamusicfan) | 215 comments Mod
Lukas quietly stared at the man for a second or two, but then then nodded at him. He looked away, turning his gaze down to his book he was holing. "I like reading, but I guess," He responded, his voice having seemed to be drained of all emotion whatsoever.

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Ashten (coddiwomple) Feeling accomplished Mathias stood up and stretched, sighing as his back popped when he reached his hands toward the sky. "Well it was nice talking to ya. Go try some of that stuff alright? It doesn't hurt to live a little." Mathias walked off and gave the stranger a wave. He'd been sort of nice, a little stiff, but nice yeah.

HetaMusicFan *Addicted to Thoughts* ( ●_●†)૭ (hetamusicfan) | 215 comments Mod
Lukas gave the stranger a wave as he left. After just sitting on the bench for a little while longer, he decided that he might as well do something like the guy had said. Maybe take a walk around town. Of course, he still wanted his coffee, so he figured to just stop there first and then go.

"I'll read later," Lukas said to himself and stood up from the bench, holding his book under his arm as he walked down the sidewalk towards the little cafe.

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Ashten (coddiwomple) Mathias tugged on his cafe uniform, he was already running late after talking to that guy at the park. He wondered idly if he was still reading, most likely. He straightened his blue bow tie and adjusted the black apron that hung loose on his waist. He walked out to his section with a smile that could warm the most irritated of customers.

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Ashten (coddiwomple) ((Herro?))

HetaMusicFan *Addicted to Thoughts* ( ●_●†)૭ (hetamusicfan) | 215 comments Mod
((Sorry, I didn't get a notification D: They never tell me anything...))

Lukas was making his way towards the cafe so he could get a coffee, but a sign on the bookstore that was next door to it caused him to stop in his tracks. 'Buy One Get One Free: All Books!', the sign read. Well, there was this one book he needed for school...

"Why not? I've got some money," Lukas said to himself and was about to head on inside when he remembered that he had planned to use the money on getting his coffee, and surely he wouldn't have enough if he bought the book. So, he was stuck between a rock and a hard place; Getting a book he needed or getting a coffee. After a few minutes of just standing outside the bookstore, coffee won. "Oh well. I'll get it tomorrow. I need coffee."

And so, Lukas continued down the sidewalk. He came up to the cafe and opened the door, the smell of coffee and other smells wafting through the air. He took a deep breath and walked inside.

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Ashten (coddiwomple) ((That's why I just check everything :D ))

A hostess guided Lukas to his seat, all bouncy and smiles as she sat him down with a menu. "Here you are! Your server will be Mathias, though just holler if you need anything." That said, she sashayed back to the welcome podium, leaving Lukas alone.

It wasn't too busy in the cafe, a few customers sat together, soft murmurs coming from their direction, but for the most part it was quiet as it was the hour before the dinner rush.

Soon a neatly dressed waiter came up to his table.

"Hello! My name is Mathias and I'll be your server today. Would you like to start off with your drink?"

HetaMusicFan *Addicted to Thoughts* ( ●_●†)૭ (hetamusicfan) | 215 comments Mod
((I'll just do that from now on~))

Lukas looked up at Mathias, who looked strikingly similar to the man he met at the bench right, from his menu and nodded. "Um, yes. I'll just get a regular black coffee, please." He said to him before looking back at his menu.

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Ashten (coddiwomple) "One regular black coffee, sure thing!" Mathias wrote it with a flourish. "You still set in your ways eh? And I thought I got through to you about getting out in the world." He shook his head.

HetaMusicFan *Addicted to Thoughts* ( ●_●†)૭ (hetamusicfan) | 215 comments Mod
"No, no, I listened," Lukas responded to him, putting the menu down on the table. "I just wanted to get myself some coffee before I did."

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Ashten (coddiwomple) Mathias arched a doubtful brow and folded his arms, tucking his notepad in the nook of his elbow. "Oh really? What are you going to do?" This guy actually listened to him? Well that was a first. Mathias wasn't used to people taking him seriously, even here at work some shrugged him off despite how hard he tried, the tips he racked up should've been prove enough, alas it was not so.

HetaMusicFan *Addicted to Thoughts* ( ●_●†)૭ (hetamusicfan) | 215 comments Mod
"One of the things you said was about just simply taking a walk around town," Lukas told him, resting his head on his right hand. "It seemed easy enough, so I decided that I might as well. That bench got uncomfortable after a while anyways and my apartment is boring."

message 39: by Ashten (new)

Ashten (coddiwomple) "That's a good start, but you have to take an interesting route, you can't just wander around like a chicken with its head cut off." Mathias sighed looking troubled, this guy was going to get nowhere, he was probably going to just going to end up on that same bench reading away. "I've got it!" He exclaimed, several customers sent him withering looks at his raised voice.

"I'll show you around, it's only right since I started you on this journey." He extended a hand with a grin. "What do you say?"

HetaMusicFan *Addicted to Thoughts* ( ●_●†)૭ (hetamusicfan) | 215 comments Mod
Lukas thought about it for a little bit. It was nice and all, but Mathias seemed like a very boisterous person. Lukas wasn't really all too fond of loud and noisy people, and even though he could just say no, he slowly reached out and shook his head.

"Might as well." Lukas said, and hoped that he wasn't getting himself into something he didn't want.

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Ashten (coddiwomple) He grinned, this could be kinda fun. "Mathias Køhler at your service! I'll go grab that coffee for ya." He set off and tucked his pen behind his ear. "Køhler! You have two tables waiting, what's taking so long!? Our cook is moving faster than you!" "Coming! No need to be rude you know."

HetaMusicFan *Addicted to Thoughts* ( ●_●†)૭ (hetamusicfan) | 215 comments Mod
Lukas watched him leave and once he was gone, looked down at the table and rested his head on his hand again. Well, who knows? This could actually be worth while to go. Mathias seemed nice at least and it was just a simple walk, so nothing really bad or horribly irritating should come from it.

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Ashten (coddiwomple) Mathias came back quickly and set the coffee down before Lukas. "Here ya go, are you ready to order? Oh yeah, as soon as your done I'll take my break and we can get this party rolling." He whipped out his notepad and removed the pen from behind his ear. "So what'll it be?"

HetaMusicFan *Addicted to Thoughts* ( ●_●†)૭ (hetamusicfan) | 215 comments Mod
"Thank you," Lukas murmured a thanks when he coffee was placed down in front of him, and glanced up at Mathias, giving him a nod. "Alright, that works. Anyways, may I please have a grilled chicken sandwich and a garden salad?"

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Ashten (coddiwomple) "Coming right up." Mathias set down some sugar and cream from his apron and turned to hand the kitchen Lukas' order. "I'm taking my hour break, Kay boss?"

HetaMusicFan *Addicted to Thoughts* ( ●_●†)૭ (hetamusicfan) | 215 comments Mod
Lukas just simply nodded as Mathias left. He picked up his coffee and sipped at it, seeing as it was still very hot, and waited for him to return.

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Ashten (coddiwomple) Mathias waltzed back into the room, several dishes balanced on each arm. He danced around from table to table and lastly he set Lukas' steaming plates before him. "There you go! Anything else I can get for you?"

HetaMusicFan *Addicted to Thoughts* ( ●_●†)૭ (hetamusicfan) | 215 comments Mod
"Thank you," Lukas said as he put his coffee down, then shaking his head. " But no, I'm fine right now." He told Mathias, picking his fork up.

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Ashten (coddiwomple) "I'll bring the check around, hurry up and eat so I can drag you around town!" With that, he practically waltzed away, so obvious was his joy in well, everything.

HetaMusicFan *Addicted to Thoughts* ( ●_●†)૭ (hetamusicfan) | 215 comments Mod
"Joy..." Lukas sighed and the thought of purposely eating slower crossed his mind. He decided against it and I stead picked his sandwich up, eating at a regular pace.

((Just so you know, I'm really busy with projects, school and basketball, so I might not be on as much.))

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