Beneath This Man (This Man, #2) Beneath This Man question

Worth the read???
Tracy Tracy Mar 12, 2013 10:12AM
I'm just about finished "This Man",not sure if I should waste my time on #2? Any thoughts?

Could anyone lend it to me?

Plus I think I have it in MOBI format...

I actually did not like the 1st book very much. I posted the same question about this book. I wasn't sure if I want to continue. Other readers convinced me to continue and read this book. I was glad I did b/c I like this one better than The Man.

Ummm, okay to be honest the series started out as very promising, but it disappointed me... I have this thing, that I always try to finish a series when I start reading it, but this one... Well, I don't know if i'll be buying the third book...

Tanya Santiago I feel you on that one.. I'm not sure about the 3rd unless by some miracle they offer it for free lol.. ...more
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