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Has a book ever disappionted you?
Andrea Stoeckel Andrea Mar 12, 2013 09:31AM
I just finished a book whose rwviews promised so much, but half way through I wasn't sure if we were reading the same book, and reviewed it as such.

Has a book ever disappointed you?

Andrea wrote: "I just finished a book whose rwviews promised so much, but half way through I wasn't sure if we were reading the same book, and reviewed it as such.

Has a book ever disappointed you?"

How To Love disappointed me. Meanwhile, Beautiful Ruins didn't disappoint me. There were some boring parts but it was manageable. I appreciated everything. I think it's the kind of story best told in movie not book.

People has different perspective upon reading a story, different opinions, different expectations of how the story's going to turn out or how's the plot going to unravel. I don't know about most people on this post, but i rated Beautiful Ruins five star and gave it an amazingly good review after finished reading it in two days. It was a beautiful and moving love story, in my humble opinion. But i get it why people feel disappointed.

But my personal disappointment of a book is i have to say Allegiant by Veronica Roth. It was the last installment in the Divergent series. The first two books were good and impressive to the point that i believe this could be the next something. Not like Twilight (no pun intended). But upon halfway reading it, i fell asleep in the middle of the chapter because i was bored. But i guess it's just me, hehehe.

So sorry for my bad grammar, i come from Indonesia <3

Books can be disappointing if you go in with a lot expectations. From Beautiful Ruins, I started off being disappointed because of the great reviews that I read but then I backtracked and tried to figure out why this book would be so appreciated. The conclusion: the purpose seemed to be taking the reader away to another time or place without using too much thought. The story line was a little weak or predictable and the writing was sub par...but I don't think the author set out to make the reader think. After I accepted the novel as just a fun summer read ...not literary masterpiece or thought provoking novel, it wasn't so bad. So, moral of the story, not every book serves the same purpose and if you accept a book for what it is and not the type of book you expect then you will see the silver lining and not be so disappointed.

Side note: shadow of the wind is my favorite book because I do think the writing is superb and the translation of beautiful. This is a ridiculously complicated book...nothing like BR. The same person probably wouldn't appreciate both books at the same level.

What makes a book disappointing?

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I agree about Beautiful Ruins, as well as The Shadow of the Wind. They weren't horrible, I was just disappointed.

Beautiful Ruins, for me, fell apart about 2/3 of the way in. The Shadow of the Wind seemed to be about one thing, at the beginning, but kept changing throughout the book. I haven't finished it yet. I'm at the point where Jacinta is telling her story. I feel there is too much detail given to the interconnecting stories...or something.

I know many people who love both, though, and I can certainly understand.

I loved Beautiful Ruins. I have been disappointed by many books, but I think that we expect something and get something else entirely. What I love to read may not be what you love to read and vice versa. I know of books that friends and family have raved about and I just didn't like them. Personal taste has a lot to do with it.

I thought this book was a literary wonder ;however, personally I found it a bit dry at some points. I read it as a beach read and found it to be a bit of a heavy novel. It was interesting in some chapters and other chapters were just average. The writing was not fluid therefor I often got lost in the stories of each character. I did like the development of Pascale and the description of Porto Vergogna. I also liked how human and flawed the characters were. This book was very hyped up though and so I do not think I could say that it matched the reviews.

This book disappointed me. After all the rave reviews I expected something much more fluid and beautiful writing. This was neither.

I'm disappointed by books all the time especially those that are over hyped in my opinion. In this case, I loved Beautiful Ruins but Moby Dick, Magic Mountain, Silent Spring (I could go on) are all books I couldn't finish.

Citizen Vince was much better but I totally enjoyed this book because I never thought it would be literature. Plus I really enjoyed The Kid Stays in the Picture about Robert Evans and it seems that a lot of the producer character was based on that book. So that was a lot of fun.

Thought this was an OK book, liked some of the ending but not all. Really, stay with the guy who still cheats on you?! I do want to vacation in that little town though!

Beautiful Ruins disappointed me. The first chapter was great and then it went downhill. I also hated The Shadow of The Wind. The Book Thief was a huge disappointment too.

Roseanne Cheng The Book Thief was one of my biggest literary disappointments.
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I just finished this last night and I really loved it. I thought it was a very slow starter, though. I've been disappointed by more books than I can count, probably. It's never fun and makes you feel like time you can't get back....sigh....

Kirsten Mortensen I've read Financial Lives of Poets and Zero.

They're very different from BR, but I liked them both very much.

Citizen Vince is on my to read shelf, an
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What disappointed you about it?

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