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Richard | 47 comments Mod
Sorry this is much later than expected, especially when this has been one of the more questionable and certainly screwed up reads of late, I think this book in many ways embodies the mission of the group for finding genuinly WTF? reads.

Reading like "Catcher In The Rye" with a warped edge to it, this is one book which certainly lives up to its title from the opening basement gangbang of Sharon and early sexual experience of our supposed hero Bobby, though to it's drug fuelled rape finale, which is possibly one of the more chilling and un-nerving things I have possibly read in quite awhile.

Sadly though for myself, it feels like this book was very much all shock and little substance, as the middle sequence sags considerably before spontaniously throwing Bobby on a road trip to San Franciso and while there was more than an occastional brillient line of dialogue, it held little to make me want to read it again.

Robert Mitchell | 5 comments Yes, Perv - A Love Story is very much a Y2K The Catcher In The Rye. Published on the eve of potential apocalypse in 1999 but set during the Vietnam War; Holden is Jewish, Mr. Antolini is a Charles Mansonesque rapist, scotch and sodas are replaced by every illicit drug known to man and you can't help thinking page after page that Quentin Tarantino should make the movie. If Perv had been published in 1982 instead of 1999, and Nancy Reagan (who realistically wouldn't have made it past the second page) would have made it required reading in her "Just Say No To Drugs" campaign, the War on Drugs would have been won before The Great Communicator left office.

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