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Eml | 2140 comments “Nii-san, you are going to get an ulcer if you keep stressing.”((Niisan means older brother))

“Quiet Taka-Chan.”

Takashi frowned. Makoto was such a bastard; he couldn’t even call him “little brother” like he was supposed to. He’d like to think it was just because of their current situation, but he was always cold to him. Taka-Chan was a nickname he had when he was little, one it would seem was not going anywhere. Natsumi-Chan had started it. Nii-san only started using it when Natsumi refused to be friends with Takashi anymore; he knew Makoto did it to piss him off. It was always like that between them though, each one trying to be unpleasant to the other. Takashi felt his heart flutter knowing he was finally going to see Natsumi again.

“Dunt be sucha *hic* ashholl to my *hiccup*otouto, Makoto-teme.” ((otouto, means little brother, teme means bastard-it’s really rude))

Upon hearing the word “teme” Makoto let go of his sister’s arm, basically hoping both his siblings would fall on their asses. The two brothers had been holding her up between them because, well, Mikuru was drunk. Again. She had been like this for the past 7 months. At least she wasn’t crying right now. Thankfully, Takashi was quick on feet and he swooped in, picking her up bridal-style.

“When are you two going to start giving me the respect I deserve? I am the future Emperor of Japan dammit!” Makoto’s cheeks were flushed and he was giving them a look that could wilt flowers. However, as usual, he didn’t get the response he wanted from them. The two younger siblings looked at each other, Mikuru in a drunken haze and Takashi’s eyes twinkling, and burst out laughing.

Maybe that line worked with other people, but not with his own family members. Even with the sibling rivalry, each of them would never do anything to hurt each other…well at least not physical permanent damage. Takashi was still recovering mentally from the time both of his siblings pantsed him at the Christmastime party when he was 11.

Makoto’s face burned a darker shade of red from embarrassment. No taunting words were needed; laughing was enough to get the message across. Sucking up his pride, Makoto walked over dutifully to where Mikuru’s room was and opened the door. As Takashi carried her in, Makoto pulled the covers back, and then both brothers tucked her in. They each kissed her on the forehead before closing the door and going to talk in the sitting room.

It killed them to see her like this, but there was nothing that could be done. For now, all they could do was make sure she didn’t get caught intoxicated. Makoto had snuck them in from an old passage he found when he was 9. Prince Aaron was just a toddler then, 3 or 4 maybe, so Makoto wasn’t forced to socialize with him. The siblings had arrived early, before their parents, because they heard most of the princes and princesses were flying in. It was imperative that their parents, and no one else for that matter, knew that Princess Mikuru had a new habit of getting wasted.

“Don’t have such an ugly expression on your face Taka-Chan, it will get better.”

Takashi couldn’t look at him. Makoto’s words were harsh, but his tone was meant to be comforting. This is the one issue he couldn’t talk to him about though.

“Whatever, I’m going to let them know we’re here.” Takashi left, leaving Makoto to watch over Mikuru.

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