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message 1: by Ruth, Head mod (new)

Ruth | 903 comments Mod
when you are reading a book do you prefer it to be in past or present tense? Why?

message 2: by Ruth, Head mod (new)

Ruth | 903 comments Mod
If a book is from a first person viewpoint I prefer it to be present tense. I think it provides more intimacy with the main character, and it also makes it where the ending isn't as predictable, because if the writer wanted to, they could make the main character die.

If a book is written it third person I prefer past tense. Present tense is too choppy and weird for something like that.

message 3: by johanna (new)

johanna (johannad_m) I prefer past, normally. I've only ever read two books written in the present tense, and until recently I was disgusted by it.

message 4: by [deleted user] (new)

It doesn't matter to me, as long as the book is great.

message 5: by dave (new)

dave (thebat37) hmmm that is a very good question. trying not to be swayed by the arguments from above i think i like past tense the best. its reassuring in a way, someone survived to tell the tale. though i do enjoy a good present tense, not knowing how its going to go, really getting into the mind and time of the book. like i said, lol, good question

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