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Ashley (sprtychick10) Does anyone want to discuss this that read it? I know a lot of people hadn't finished reading it by the end of the challenge.

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Lindsay♫SingerOfStories♫ (lindsaysingerofstories) When I eventually finish this, I will (throw a party, first and foremost, and then) post here for sure! :)

Jenn Engels | 10 comments I'm more than happy to discuss. :-) I finished it a couple of weeks ago. What did you think?

Ashley (sprtychick10) it was an "interesting book". I was expecting something completely different then it turned out. I had a really hard time getting into the book and learning all the characters and keep it straight. I thought the kids were spoiled brats and the parents were oblivious to their actions. At times, the parents were just as spoiled as their kids.

Jenn Engels | 10 comments I agree, I found it really hard to actually like anyone!I found Krystal impossible, all of the people on the council were just awful, and the only teenager who seemed semi acceptable was the girl who was cutting herself (sorry, her name escapes me).

Anyway, I really wanted to like the Indian woman, but she seemed to drop the ball at every occasion including when she lost her cool at the meeting (and ruined any chance she had at convincing the other councilmen) and how she was treating her daughter. Oddly enough the one person I found semi understandable was the housewife who was fantasizing about the boy band guy....at least she seemed real, like an actual trapped housewife who needed a change. All in all, the book was kind of a mess of half developed characters. I understand the point trying to be made about class systems, and maybe the mess was the point, to show how nothing is being resolved....I don't know, not a book I'd really recommend.

Erika (loveforpitbulls) | 21 comments Was anyone else really thinking it was going to come out that Krystal was the guy who died dad? It mentioned he was from the fields and at one point I SWEAR it said that Krystal had heard at one point from her mom that her dad's name was Barry. I listened to the audio book so I cannot go back and find this part, did anyone else notice this?

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