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Dori Gehling | 161 comments Happy Tuesday! Celebrate with Free Kindle Ebooks. Enjoy your weekly list:

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Ronda Boccio (thestorylady) Thank you, Dori!

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Yara Dager (yara_dager) | 1 comments thanks

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Barbara | 1 comments Thank you!! I got a couple.

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Nadine May (nadinemay) | 5 comments Hi there.
Richard de Jong is a master Astral traveller, who takes the reader on a journey
into higher consciousness and ancient and new mysteries. He starts to understand
that the hieroplyphics have specific meanings not usually attributed to them and
that the old answers do not apply in today's world.

Link to this book on Amazon:

Link to the book trailer:

or visit:
for the printed version

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Nadine May (nadinemay) | 5 comments I hope this is OK?

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