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message 1: by Garima (new)

Garima | 78 comments Red Lemonade is for the writers other publishers are afraid of. Nuff said!

message 2: by Nathan "N.R." (new)

Nathan "N.R." Gaddis (nathannrgaddis) | 985 comments This 'un don't sound like it's doing any excavating. I'll let the writers have their Houses, but I want Houses that are doing Readers a favor. I think books need to have existed in the world for a period of time before they can become BURIED and then UNEARTHED. I DO want to keep new-book promotion out of this particular forum.

zB, Dzanc Books publishes a lot of new stuff and their insignia may be an indicator of quality fiction; but their interest for us here is stuff they do like re-publish Coover's and McElroy's BURIED BACKcatalogs.

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