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message 1: by Garima (new)

Garima | 78 comments Coffee House Press has grown from a poetry magazine and letterpress to one of the premier nonprofit literary publishers. By building on the best traditions of publishing and the book arts, we produce books that celebrate imagination, innovation in the craft of writing, and the many authentic voices of the American experience.

message 2: by Nathan "N.R." (new)

Nathan "N.R." Gaddis (nathannrgaddis) | 985 comments I say "Sorrentino"
You say "Coffee House Press"
I say "Sor..."

Not to not-mention Rikki:

message 3: by Garima (new)

Garima | 78 comments Yes! Also I should mention that my post including red lemonade is posted on behalf of an absent friend. :)

message 4: by Jacob (new)

Jacob (jacobaugust) | 21 comments They also publish Karen Tei Yamashita. I Hotel is brilliant.

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