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Brooke | 1376 comments Here tis!

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Isis | 6033 comments Awesomeness, what shall we do?

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Brooke | 1376 comments Well, it doesn't really matter to me! I'm up for anything.

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Isis | 6033 comments I am too...I'm really awful at picking topics.

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Brooke | 1376 comments No, prob, I can make a list and we can go from there! That cool?

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Isis | 6033 comments Sounds good to me.

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Brooke | 1376 comments -Teen pregnancy
-Road trip
-Drug addict meets a girl who helps him quit
-Good Girl/Bad Boy/Nerd/Jock

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Brooke | 1376 comments This is just a small list, but do any catch your eye?

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Isis | 6033 comments I like drug addict one, teen pregnancy, rick/poor (though I'm horrible at playing rich people just so you know), band, good girl/bad boy

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Brooke | 1376 comments Alright how about this:

Guy comes from a well off family, or well, his father is president of a company and they are quite wealthy. Not to mention that Guy is also in a band that is riding the fast lane into fame. But fame manages to get to Guy and he starts experimenting with drugs and he begins to get in a lot of trouble. Unfortunately, Guy becomes reliant on drugs, starts getting in trouble with the law, and slowly but surely his life just absolutely goes downhill.
Enter Girl. The picture perfect image of a good girl, she's never done drugs, she's never drank, never partied. She keeps her hands clean, and her reputation sparkling. But here's the catch: She's pregnant. How or why, she doesn't say, but her family is in a lot of debt, and she fears she won't be able to raise her baby properly if she doesn't have money.
Just when she thinks that nothing is going to go well for her, a job opportunity arises. Girl is supposed to keep an eye on Guy, because he has just gotten out of rehab and is nothing but trouble. The pay is great, and how hard could it be to look after a spoiled rotten rock star? Piece of cake. Right?

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Isis | 6033 comments I think you're my new favorite person O_O

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Brooke | 1376 comments You like it?

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Isis | 6033 comments Love it haha, that's great! Who would you like to be?

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Brooke | 1376 comments Oh, that's awesome!! Thanks! Cx Haha, well, considering you said you can't play a rich person very well, I'll be Guy, if that's cool.

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Isis | 6033 comments Well, I could probably if he was also a trouble making addict (I'm good at trouble causers) haha, but it's up to you entirely.

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Brooke | 1376 comments Well, it doesn't matter to me! I'm up to do either :)

Oh, and I was wondering if you'd like to do this RP in first person? If not, that's cool, but I find it's easier to connect with characters that way, for me anyway.

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Isis | 6033 comments I haven't done many in first person, in fact I don't know if I've ever done ANY in first person but I can try if you would like. Well, do you feel more comfortable playing the male or female role.

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Brooke | 1376 comments Oh, well it doesn't matter to me, but I've done a few in first person, and it's pretty cool. But we don't have to, it's perfectly fine.

I'm equal with both of them, but if you'd like to play the guy, I'm completely fine with that, because I haven't played a girl in a while actually.

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Isis | 6033 comments I'm a really really indecisive person when it comes to choosing things for a roleplay, noooo idea why, sooo you pick. And first person is just fine with me.

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Brooke | 1376 comments LOL, alrighty, I'll play the girl *Said with assertiveness* xD

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Isis | 6033 comments Alright! Are we making characters?

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Brooke | 1376 comments Yeppers :)

So, shall we have then in their early twenties or something like that?

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Isis | 6033 comments Sounds good to me :)

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Brooke | 1376 comments Alrighty, I'm off to make my charrie then!

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Isis | 6033 comments Alrighty!

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Isis | 6033 comments Your charrie post is gone?

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Brooke | 1376 comments Lol yeah sorry, I posted one and then decided that I was going to use a different character!

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Isis | 6033 comments Well alright then haha

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Brooke | 1376 comments {Name} Harper Graham
Nickname: Harp, Harpy

{Gender} Female
Orientation: Heterosexual

{Age} 19
Date of Birth: April 13th


{Personality} On the outside, Harper is a really cheerful, happy-go-lucky person. She’s liked by a lot of people, but not in that popular way. Just in a ‘She’s super nice!’ kind of way. But a lot of people don’t like her. She’s a bit of a goody-two-shoes. She doesn’t drink or smoke or steal or party. She is respectful and hardly ever has a bad word to say about anyone. She’s quiet and polite. If people ask a favor of her, she almost never says no. She keeps most of her thoughts to herself, but sometimes they just slip out sometimes and they can be a bit offensive sometimes. When that happens, it’s usually because she didn’t think her words over at all, and she almost always regrets it.
Harper can be extremely stubborn. And she only does what people say to an extent. Though most of the time she’ll turn around and do the exact opposite of what you’ve told her to do, because most of the time she thinks her ideas are and will just work better than yours. She’s adventurous, and loves to go exploring and learn about new things. The world is just a big wide open space for her and everything needs to be discovered. She can never sit still, and has to always be doing something, or else she gets anxious.

{Brief History} Harper was raised in a house full of boys. Her mother packed up and left when she was only six years old, so it was up to her Dad to raise her, though he had no idea how to raise a little girl. So, he raised her like a boy, which was the only way he knew how. Harper has three older brothers who will die for her, basically. She’s the baby sister, the little one of the family. As a young child, she followed her brothers around like they were Gods, because she looked up to them so much.
But it was hard being the only female in the house. Especially when she began to go through puberty, because none of the boys knew what the hell was going on. So she went to her friends or her friends’ Moms a lot of the time. Unfortunately, Harper was also raised by her friends, who also had no idea what to do because they were still only growing up. When it came to boys, she took advice from her more experienced friends, but she really shouldn’t have. The only thing that got her was a broken heart. But, being the strong person she was, she got through it alright.
Harper went through school very straight edge. She hardly ever went to parties, and when she did, she never drank or smoked. She was just so focused on her studies, and she got ostracized for that, but she was okay with it. It was hard, but she got through it just fine. She graduated school on the top of her class and went off to university, but later dropped out because of there not bring enough money… and well, something else.

{Other} Harper went into university to become a teacher, but she had little hopes that her dreams will actually come true.

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Isis | 6033 comments Name: Rubin Tyler Reynolds
Nickname: He doesn't have any, at least none that anyone will say to his face.
Gender: Male
Orientation: Straight...though he has done his fair share of experiments.
Age: 22
Date of Birth: October 28th
Appearance: [image error]
Height: Rubin is about 6'1" and he uses it to his advantage. He's a show off and a flirt and he's not beneath doing pull-ups on high door frames to get a girl's attention.
Weight: He's not a big man by any means and he's not generally considered very muscular, but he's much stronger than he seems. Weighing in at only 180lbs he often seems thing and a little gangling, but somehow he makes it work for him.
Eye Color: His eyes are a very interesting stone gray color. The eyes that have trapped many a girl into being with him and eyes that can cause a fight in a matter of seconds.
Hair Color: His hair is a dark brown, not near close enough to black but not always noticeably brown. He keeps it cut close to his head and lets a thick layer of scruff cover his face most of the time along with his light mustache.
Distinct Markings: The most distinct marking of all, though only visible with his shirt off, is a huge horrible scar running down the middle of his chest. It goes from sternum and reaches almost all the way to his mid stomach and cuts across under his left pectoral muscle. He's also covered in a number of interesting tattoos, mostly different variations of skulls.
Personality: Rubin is trouble. There is no way to soften it, he's trouble and there is nothing anyone can do about. Wherever he goes a dark cloud seems to loom around him. He's loud, sarcastic, and often bitter. His mouth is always running, spilling out every opinion that comes to mind no matter who it may be directed at. His fearless and reckless nature allow him to say and do anything he pleases and he is completely unaware of any and all consequences. If his mouth starts a fight, he doesn't care, he'll win. If his wandering eyes catch another man's girl, he doesn't care, he'll win. His pride and his ego tell him he will win no matter what. He believes he can have everything that his heart desires, and in reality, he can. Woman fall to their knees to kiss his feet and most men who know him clear the path unless they want to be humiliated. He's not big but his legend is large. No one dares mess with him and no one stays around him long if they know what's good for them. He doesn't care about anyone, never could and assumes he never will. In the end he is a hollow shell of trouble with no real feelings, no respect for authority (or himself), and a complete lack of social least on the surface.
Brief History: He grew up in a fabulously wealthy home, a very typical one. His parents were never home and he was practically raised by his various nannies. At the age of six heart started to fail and he was put on the list for a transplant. He was only on that list for a month because of his parents of course, and the transplant was a success. But from then on he was a little...different. He loathed his antirejection medication from day one and yet he had to take it every day and would have to for the rest of his life. But of course,even as a child he was trouble and he was constantly trying to skip out on the medicine and he never had a nanny for more than six months. No one could handle taking care of the already unruly boy and get him to take medication and try to get him taught in the ways of manners. By the time he was 12 all of the nannies had been tried, all of them had failed, and he was left home alone. He had servants and butlers galore to wait on him and yet he always wanted to do everything himself. He didn't want help from any of his parents people. He was too good for anything that involved his parents, or so he thought anyway. Soon enough he was hardly living at home. He was hiring strippers by 15, staying out and getting drunk by 17, and completely immersed in drugs by 18. His parents hardly noticed, until it started to take a serious toll on his health and people started to talk that is. While the effects are not super obvious on the outside, it becomes more noticeable at times and when it does it as if a dead man is walking. Because of all the drugs and alcohol he stopped taking his medication and without his medication his heart is at great risk for failure. Unfortunately, he couldn't care less and goes further and further towards death every day. He doesn't give a crap about himself among anyone else and thus he has become horribly reckless and needs someone to pull him out of it before he, very simply, dies.
Other: He plays lead guitar and sings in a little band that he started up, usually he just gets bored and makes random gigs.

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Brooke | 1376 comments Ahh, I love him :D Soo, shall we start then?

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Isis | 6033 comments Yes ma'am, you start?

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Brooke | 1376 comments For sure. How detailed would you like me to get?

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Isis | 6033 comments As detailed as you want, I'll match it

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Brooke | 1376 comments Alrighty, just checkin C:

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Brooke | 1376 comments Harper
First day on the job and I was already late. Not to mention lost. I stared at the address I had scrawled on my palm, then to the location on the half broken GPS on the dusty dash of my old beater. The house was supposed to be around here somewhere, but I had circled the block at least four or five time to no luck. I was seriously just considering calling someone to come find me, but I decided I’d go for one more loop, and if I didn’t find it, well, this Rubin would have to look after himself for an hour or so.
It was kind of funny how I got this job, actually. After ditching university, I returned to my Dad’s house, managed to avoid his new girlfriend for about a week, before her badgering to get a job finally got to me. So, I put an ad in a local paper, calling myself a certified nanny and the works. Well, I had a certificate for passing my babysitting course in the seventh grade, so I was pretty sure that counted. Anyway, I ended up getting a call from some guy, wanting me to look after his son. I agreed right away thinking it was like a four year old or something, but as we started talking, turned out this ‘son’ was actually twenty-two years old. Yeah, imagine my surprise. I thought it was a joke at first, but it really wasn’t. The guy on the phone was serious, and wanted me to start right away, after quizzing me on my drug and alcohol use. I’m still not completely sure what the hell I’m supposed to do, but I’ve got a can of pepper spray in my purse that I’m really not afraid to use.
So I ended up doing just one extra loop, and I guess I’d been blind the entire time, or my vision had been clouded by thought, but hey, sure enough, there was the house. Or should I say castle. The place was huge, about a million times bigger than the small apartment I was living in with my Dad and Georgia. Not that I was complaining, I loved my Dad’s place. It was cozy and friendly. Looking at this place, it almost looked like no one lived inside. The lawn was perfectly mowed, and the flowers freshly tended to. I almost felt bad parking my rusty bucket of bolts in the spotless driveway.
I stepped out onto the gravel, grabbed my purse from the passenger seat, which held my babysitting certificate if I needed it, and the assurance of the pepper spray, and then I headed up the marble steps, not really knowing what to expect at all. I stopped in front of the tall doors and adjusted the strap of my purse before I gave the wooden door an tentative knock.

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Brooke | 1376 comments (This is all I've got tonight, it's getting pretty late here. Hopefully this is okay!)

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Isis | 6033 comments ((That'll be just fine, get some sleep.))

"You hired a fucking babysitter for me!" I screamed at the top of my lungs right into my father's face. He was a small man and I could crush him with a single fist, but I restrained myself. I grabbed him by the collar of his snooty white polo "Tell me you're kidding. Tell me you're kidding or I'll..." I heard a knock at the door.
So here was the stupid child who was to be taking care of me. I let go of my father's shirt and pushed him back so that he stumbled over a chair and landed on his fat bottom. That brought a great swell of joy to my heart, the first I had felt all day without my drugs. Where was that stupid dealer when you needed him anyway?
I stalked over to the door and pulled it open. I put on a charming smile, though I'm sure this little brat of a babysitter could see the murder in my eyes. "Hello gorgeous, I'm sorry to say that your services will no longer required," I growled "So do me a favor and get off of my property." Then I heard my father coming up behind me, rubbing his fat bottom all the way to the door mumbling about how this wasn't my property. Who really cared? The bag of lard would be dead soon enough and my mother would do anything I said if I stared at her long enough. She can't stand it when I look at her anymore, hopefully this little brat would feel the same.
"Leave," I said and slammed the door in her face. If my dealer didn't get there soon I was going to murder someone. I heard my father open the door behind me and fury, and withdraw, bubbled in my gut. I doubled back to slam the door shut again but the brat was already inside and staring at me with her stupid doe's eyes. I wanted to push her out the door. I wanted her gone. She couldn't make me quite, she couldn't tell me what to do at all! Panic, panic rising. Fists clenching.
No. No I can't hurt her. I have yet to hit a girl and this scum wasn't going to be my first. Fine. She could stay and try to handle me, but she was in for the time of her life. Hell, maybe I could get her into bed for all it was worth. She was a tiny thing but she had a good enough body, no reason to turn her away for being an idiot. Let her learn something and walk away with her tail tucked between her legs.
A smirk surfaced on my face and I walked back over to her "Where are my manners. Welcome." By the look on her face I know that she saw she was in for a load of trouble.

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Brooke | 1376 comments (Haha, I will soon! Not yet though)

To say that the raging animal of a man that answered the door startled me would be an understatement. He scared the shit out of me. He looked like he could wrap a single hand around my neck and snap it with just a twitch. I stood there, my eyes wide as I clutched my purse to my chest and stared up at him. Compared to my small frame, he was a giant. Maybe this wasn't such a good idea. He looked like he was ready to kill somebody, and I had a feeling that someone was going to me. Before I could open my mouth and say something, the door had been slammed in my face and I was left standing on the doorstep like an idiot. Well, he didn't have to tell me to leave twice. Dammit, I really needed this money. Oh well, I'd find it somewhere else.
I was three steps down when the door opened and a different man was inviting me back in. I recognized his voice from the phone, and even though I really didn't want to go inside, I followed him in anyway. I was going to blame it on pregnancy brain. I don't care if it was a real thing or not, because as of that moment, it was. This was a really stupid idea. Why had I agreed to this in the first place? Warning bells should have went off at the mention that he was a drug addict. But I always got myself into these stupid situations, because I could never say no to someone who needed my help. Not to mention that the pay was very, very generous.
The baby that I was supposed to be sitting on was standing there, his face red and his hands clenching into fists. Too bad he wasn't actually a baby, although, his little fit was reminding me of a tantrum. I couldn't drag my eyes away, so I just patted my purse. "I brought movies," I muttered weakly, in an attempt to calm him down. Anything to get him to relax those fists.

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Isis | 6033 comments I burst into outright laughter "I brought movies," I mocked her idiotic attempt at calming me down. "Do you take my for five girl? I'm fairly sure I'm the older of us and by the looks of it you're barely out of your goddamn pimples. So I suggest you not treat me like a baby. Understand?" Then as if she were mentally disabled I repeated, very slowly "Do. You. Understand. Me?"
I felt the smirk growing wider on my face and I couldn't wait to see the hot blush of embarrassment on her face. Movies? Could she had been serious? I had thought her to be stupid before I ever met her, I mean if she had any brains she would have stayed far from any drugs addicts, but now I thought her downright mental. There was no way she was going to last for more than a day with me with that sort of attitude. I hadn't even sat through a stupid movie since...well I had never watched a movie the whole way through in my life. Movies were predictable and boring. There was no way a good movie existed. No way.
Then it dawned on me. She was in this for the money and she thought me younger when she agreed to the job. That had to be it. No woman would agree to this and then suggest a movie. I was shaking with some many thoughts running through my head. I needed my drugs. I needed them. I was starting to sweat and my fingers were starting to fist up again and twitch.
I had been months without my drugs but I had called my dealer the morning I got out of rehab. I need them and he was the only way I was going to get them, but he hadn't arrived. I needed them. I needed my drugs. I felt like I was going to start begging, or worse, my lip was going to start trembling and I was going to start whimpering like I did in rehab. NO! That was never going to happen again.
"A-a-a m-movie," I twitched a little and nodded, licking my lower lip "Go put in one of your stupid ass movies. Now!"

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Brooke | 1376 comments Harper
He laughed at me right in my face. I’m sure he was expecting embarrassment, but I was so done with being put down by these people that thought they were better than me. And how the hell was this guy better than me? Just because he had pocketful of money? He was shaking like a goddamn leaf, so it was obvious what a slave he was to his addiction. I glared at him, but stayed rooted to where I was. The last thing I needed was to get bashed around, especially with this little life growing inside me. I was sure it was too early to damage the baby by falling, but hey, I had no idea. I was barely a month pregnant. Sometimes I walked with my legs clenched together because I was scared it was going to fall out somehow. That’s kind of why I thought being a babysitter would be great. I’d get the chance to practice, and then when my own baby was born, I’d be a pro. I glanced over at the guy’s father and wondered where he went wrong in raising him. Probably not enough attention. I promised myself I would shower my baby with all the attention in the world to avoid him or her turning into something like the guy standing in front of me.
“Well, if you’re going to throw a tantrum like a five year old, then I’m going to treat you like a five year old,” I said plainly, this sudden calm coming over me as I slid my feet out of my shoes. This guy thought he could scare me away. Well, he had another thing coming. Harper Graham doesn’t give up that easily. I adjusted the strap of my purse and stood there, facing him, and watching his mouth move as he literally commanded me to go put a movie in. Who did this guy think he was, bossing me around like I was his slave? I was his babysitter, for a lack of better words.
A quick calculation told me that I only had to suffer through this for about a month, and then I would have enough money to put away for the baby until I found a different job. Maybe a month and a half at the most. But I was sure that it was going to be a long month and a half, that was for sure.
“I think you ought to show me around first, actually,” I told him as my eyes left his face to look around the entrance way. Shiny floors, fancy staircase. Man, these people had it good. I wondered what his father did to get so much money, because one look at this guy and I was sure that he had pissed away a lot of money on drugs. Kind of pathetic, when you really thought about it. He was just a little kid refusing to grow the fuck up.

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Isis | 6033 comments I suddenly felt it. That horrible withdraw symptom that lead to me puking up everything in my guts until I was coughing up blood. I made a run for the nearest bathroom without looking at that little snob again. I barely made it before I could hear the sound of my own retching echoing down the hall. I coughed, choked, shook, tried not to pass out. It took all of my strength not to fall and hit my head. I was so dizzy. Dizzy and confused. I couldn't remember where I was for what seemed like ages. Where was my tortoise? Did I even have a tortoise? So much confusion and horrible pain. Pain in my chest.
I let out a cry of pain, spit blood, screamed. I didn't take my pills! My chest! My chest was on fire and I was going to die. Surely I was going to die this time. Maybe, maybe it would be relief.
I heard footsteps running down the hall toward me, big heavy footsteps. The footsteps of a man gone fat over the food of the rich. My father stood before me shoving pills at my face, demanding I take them. I grabbed them, shoved them into my mouth, swallowed, choked, swallowed again.
That pain continued for quite some time and I lay on the bathroom floor, gripping my chest and trying not to cry. I knew there was blood covering my mouth and I could see blood on my hand but I couldn't comprehend what it meant. Then there was relief. Sweet relief. I was still shaking but it had subsided a little bit and I tried to sit up, my father made me lay back again.
"He has to take his pills. He was only a kid when they did the transplant see. His body doesn't want that heart," my father sounded so stupid as he tried to explain to this girl. Of course the damn heart didn't want to be in my body, I was a mess. I was a mess since the day I was born. Oh well. It wasn't like I had someone to impress. I just wanted my drugs.

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Brooke | 1376 comments I don't think he heard a damn thing I said, because all of a sudden he grew pale, like right before my eyes, and then he was taking off down the hall. At first, I was just stunned, because I thought he was doing that just to be an asshole. What gave him the right to treat me that way. I was ready to take off and give him a tongue lashing, but then he father also took off down the hall as fast as he could go, his stomach bouncing the entire way. It took me a moment but I decided I'd follow them, because curiosity was getting the better of my, like it always did and there I was, chasing after then because I just couldn't mind my own damn business.
When I got to the bathroom, the overwhelming stench of puke and blood hit me. I staggered back a little, though it was nothing that I wasn't used to. I had been throwing up straight for the past few days. Hell, just the sight before me was making me queasy. It was like something out of a massacre. There was blood everywhere, all over Rubin. I peered over his father's shoulder as he shoved pills into his son's mouth. Instantly, I was wondering if this had something to so with withdrawal, or something else. I knew that withdrawal was never good, but was it this serious? Did you really throw up blood. I realized then just how much I didn't know about this kind of world.
Then his father was turning to me and explaining, and then it all made sense. A heart transplant. Man, that was pretty insane. I don't think I had ever met someone who had had a heart transplant until right then. Science was wild. How you could take someone's heart and then stick it into someone else's chest? It just amazed me sometimes. I didn't know what else to say, so I just nodded. "Is he going to be okay?" I asked, my eyes trailing back to the mess of him on the floor.

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Isis | 6033 comments "He's fine," I heard my father say and then he was shaking his head and shutting the door "Damn heart transplant was expensive and it's not even perfect." There it was, right on the dot, and then, "And get yourself cleaned up before you come back out here!" Every time. I laid there covered in blood on the floor, he complains about the cost and my mess. It was like clockwork with him. Never the slightest bit of compassion. Not that I cared in the least, it just got on my nerves. Like my medical issue was a huge burden to his wallet and his tile floor. He didn't even clean the stupid place and the surgery had been like a penny compared to my mother's plastic surgery. I rolled my eyes as soon as I had the strength.
I picked myself up off the floor, stumbled around, smashed my elbow on the wall, curse loudly, then got my balance. I caught sight of myself in the mirror. Cold gray eyes staring out of a blood face. I looked away and then flushed the toilet to get rid of the puke. Next I grabbed the air freshener, sprayed it all over the room until the smell was gone. I'd come back and get the blood of the floor after I changed my shirt and washed up. First my hands, then my face, then anywhere that blood got.
Soon enough I was walking out of the bathroom, past the other two and down the hall. I didn't need to see them stare, it didn't phase me anymore. I pulled off my shirt before entering my room then walked in and grabbed a new one. The bloody one went into the hamper.
Then I was back in the bathroom scrubbing up the blood on the floor while I listened to my father go on and on about his prized golf clubs on the wall. The man had never played golf a damn day in his life and here he was, always going on and on and on about his amazing clubs. I thought I ought to bash him over the head with one, but I knew that would be bad. My father had way too many lawyers and I had cleaned up enough blood off the floor in my lifetime.
I walked back out to the men "Shall we proceed to that movie now?" I asked the little snob. I could tell by the way she looked at me that I was much too pale and I looked like I might keel over at any second, but I wouldn't do that. She had seen enough for one day.

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Brooke | 1376 comments Harper
I frowned at the mention that he was ‘fine’ because he certainly didn’t look ‘fine’ to me. I mean, God, he was lying on the floor covered in blood. Wasn’t his father even a little bit concerned? Where was the care? But I was not going to wrap myself into their little family drama. I was here to keep this guy out of trouble and to collect a paycheck at the end of every week. That was all I was here to do. But I had a feeling I was going to get a lot more involved than I wanted to.
That always seemed to happen to me. I stuck my nose in people’s business, and then next thing you knew, I was there trying to fix everybody’s problems. Well, not this time. I was making an oath to myself as the bathroom door was shut, leaving Rubin there in a mess that I would not try and fix his problems with his Dad. I had my own problems to worry about, and there was no way I was going to ignore them. Not this time. Last time that happened, it didn’t end very well at all.
So instead I followed his father down the hall a little bit and tried to pay attention while he began filling me up with useless facts about his golf clubs. I had never been a fan of golf, actually, I hated it, but I nodded and smiled at the appropriate times, just well, technically he was my boss, so I had to be respectful, or else I could get fired. No, I was determined not to screw this up. I looked the man up and down and wondered if he even did play golf. I know that it isn’t the most active sport, but you’d think he’d be in better shape because of it, right? Maybe he just liked to collect the golf clubs. Maybe he felt it made him look important. The way he talked about them though, it was almost like he was just trying to get me to forget what I had just seen in the bathroom. Could this man really be ashamed of his son’s illness? It wasn’t like it was his fault. His father had said he’s just been a kid when they did the transplant, so this couldn’t have been caused by the drugs.
Eventually, Rubin came back cleaned up and in a fresh shirt, and he thankfully interrupted the conversation that was boring me immensely. I turned my eyes toward him and took in his pale face and unsteady feet and frowned, concern flitting over my face even though he didn’t really deserve it. He was still an asshole. “Maybe you should lie down or something,” I told him, not liking the way he looked at all.

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Isis | 6033 comments "Don't tell me what to do kid," I muttered, not caring that it sounded weak and not at all like myself. I walked off into the living room, if you could call it that, and sat down. I had always hated this room, but there was a couch and my feet couldn't really take me much longer than the walk there.
The couch was huge, it easily seated 15, but I never much liked it. It wasn't made for comfort and the dark leather always made me feel sticky and warm. I leaned my head back o it none the less and waited for the girl to put in one of her movies.
I knew I wouldn't watch the whole movie as they were doubtless as idiotic as all others I had seen, but I would tolerate a few minutes of it while my body got back into rhythm with itself. As long as I didn't have to see that pity in her eyes again. I would rather see hatred than pity. I wasn't a kid. I wasn't an idiot. I would not be look down on as if I were. So let her hate me, but let her put a movie in and not look at me that way again.
A cough shook my frame as I thought on it and I had to grip the couch to keep from falling over. I didn't want her to see me in pain anymore, that was none of her business. I choked back more coughs and waited for her further, hoping my father wouldn't follow. He probably wouldn't anyway, he no doubt had a whole cake to devour somewhere.

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Brooke | 1376 comments Harper
I glared at him, and bit back a snippy reply. 'Well, I am your babysitter', pushed at the back of my lips, but I pursed them and held that back. I wasn't going to say that kind of stuff right in front of his father, it might lose me the job. Even if I wasn't too sure that I wanted it still. Perhaps this was going to be a little too much for me. But I was determined to stick it out a couple days. If it didn't get better, well, then I would quit and find something else. Simple as that. And I would ignore my Dad's bitchy girlfriend while I did that.
Rubin stalked off, so with a sigh, I followed after him. The house was huge, and there was no way that I wanted to get lost. He'd probably accuse me of being a snoop or something like that. And I didn't want to have to deal with more bullshit than I needed to.
The living room was crazy huge. And the TV on the wall opposite the couch was bigger than my whole living room at home. I stopped in the doorway to take it all in. It was crazy how comfortable these people were living. In a sort of way, I was a little jealous, but then in another, I wondered how much happiness all of this stuff brought them. It couldn't be much, considering the way that Rubin and his Dad acted towards each other. It was kind of sad, but I was still determined to keep this all strictly professional and not get caught up in family drama.
I wandered over to the TV and squatted down to peer at the DVD player. They had a BlueRay too, but I only had DVD's, so that would have to do. I opened up the slot, dug out the first movie my hand landed on from my purse, which happened to be Pirates of the Caribbean and stuck it in. Then I pressed play on the machine and glanced up at the screen to make sure it was working. Then I glanced at Rubin as I straightened up. I didn't really care if he liked the movie or not, but who in the hell didn't love this movie? It was impossible not to.
I headed over to the opposite side of the couch that he was and plopped down, surprised by how uncomfortable it was. Again, my point was proven that things didn't equal happiness.

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Isis | 6033 comments I coughed into my hands a few times and pounded on my chest while the movie got going. I could already tell it was going to be a long and painful day with this girl and I was not looking forward to it in the least. Every time I glanced at her I wanted to wrinkle my nose up. She looked so snooty, like one of my mother's friends, and she didn't even have money. Just being in the room with her made me feel uncomfortable.
I shifted around in my seat, trying to get into the right position that was far from her so I didn't have to think about how unhappy and annoyed she looked with everything. I really hated that look it made me want to shut myself in my room.
The movie started on and I watched, only half focused, and as usual, began to wiggle around. I could never sit still through a movie and I often found myself miles away from where I had originally sat. This time I was sort of upside down hanging off the couch trying to concentrate. I'm sure I looked like a complete idiot scrunching up my face while sitting so strangely, but I really just couldn't sit still. I hate sitting still. That's probably why I didn't like movies.
I glanced at her then away quickly to focus on the movie again. I couldn't entirely understand what was going on but I knew there were pirates and that was alright. Pirates were more than I had hoped for really. She looked like someone who would watch only romance.

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