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message 1: by Trey (new)

Trey Lawrence (travion) | 17 comments I not sure it this is the right place for this. I am writing a book, where the main character is half shadow demon. I am at the point where he looses complete control. the out of control form is has a crazed personality that is always laughing and unpredictable. I am trying to decide how he will change. Should he change form to a black monster. the monster has no eyes, a smile the reach from ear to ear,long lizard tail and it can be used like a monkey, and constantly shifting skin. or should it be a masked figure. the mask is like a Japanese demon mask with no eye and a long smile,a cloak of black mist. in the mist he can get any type of weapon he need. when you choose one, I would appreciate if you could give me a rumor name for this form when they people first see it.

message 2: by Danielle (new)

Danielle | 5 comments it seems to me that the cloak of black mist and japanese demon mask would fit better with his characteristics and more sufisticated. i would see the monster form as being more brooding and serious and a little juvenile. Perhaps they could call him the devious joker or devious trickster.

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