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This is the folder where you can give or ask for recommendations. There will be genre-specific folders where you can recommend manga from that genre that you love. For example, in the shounen folder, you could put that you love Bleach and you recommend it as a good shounen. You are also allowed to ask for recommendations in your own thread. For example, you could ask "I really love Sailor Moon. I want to read something like it." Okay, so that's more of a request than a question, but you get the point.

Please do not ask for recommendations in the genre-specific topics. Also, if you want to ask for a recommendation that's already been asked, please do not start a new topic. Look at what has been recommended before.

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k.c.(Kthinker) | 13 comments we need a chat section where people can talk about whatever they want to.

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Mike | 239 comments Mod
This folder is for reading recommendations, and this topic just to describe the kind of topics/threads that can be created.

Please post suggestions about the Group here.

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