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message 1: by Cait Sith (new)

Cait Sith Fairy (willowkeeper) | 16 comments Mod
1. There are more anime pics
2. They are usually a lot cleaner than other pics
3. A lot of times, they describe the character better than a photo does.
4. They are cool
5. It's easy to find an anime pic of what you want.

message 2: by Kevin/Akio (new)

Kevin/Akio (kevinbo) | 6 comments All agreed with!

message 3: by Alexandra (new)

Alexandra (alexbaddour) I agree especially with number 5. In the RP groups on Goodreads, when asked to give the appearance of their character most people give a link to a picture. More often than not the picture is anime! And as for number 2, it IS quite easy to find appropriate pictures.

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