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Christi (trumpetchick) | 5432 comments Yay!


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Christi (trumpetchick) | 5432 comments Hey! So you said you wanted to try first person - so do you mean that you'll RP from first person or will we both do that?

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Christi (trumpetchick) | 5432 comments Oh, and do you want me to do a charrie profile for the chick?

SYNCHRONIZED DAAANCE!!!! If you want to rp from first person, you can. I've just been really wanting to try it. And that's up to you as far as the chara profile goes; I don't really care one way or another. X)

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Christi (trumpetchick) | 5432 comments I'll go ahead and do first person too, then. Here goes!

Name: Brayden Hale
Gender: F
Age: 16
Personality: Brayden, though not very outgoing, tends to be sweet and kind to anyone who talks to her. She has a reasonable amount of friends and is seen as caring. Her kind nature has led her to being bullied and taken advantage of a few times, but she doesn't let it get her down. She enjoys life, thinking positively most of the time, even though getting a bad grade stresses her out to no end. She likes to go for walks, listen to music, play violin, and go for smoothies with friends.
Appearance: Light brown hair that reaches the middle of her back, muted green eyes, light colored skin


Name: Cody
Age: Looks to be around 16, 17, but he's actually centuries old.
Personality: Laid-back, but also rather serious. He usually follows orders/rules, but he's also one to follow what he feels is right.
Appearance: Short, blonde hair and blue eyes. He's about 6'0 and lean. He has wings the color of ivory that have a wingspan of bearly 13 feet.
History: Cody is a guardian angel, has been for centuries. Cody was recently assigned to protect Brayden Hale.

(Think that's it...)

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Christi (trumpetchick) | 5432 comments Shweet. How shall we start?

SYNCHRONIZED DAAANCE!!!! Doesn't matter. You can start or I can. I'm good either way. X)

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Christi (trumpetchick) | 5432 comments :) I'm not too good at detailed, so let's see how this goes. I might just go with third person anyway.

Brayden strode through the school, a slight spring in her step as she made her way to her locker. Today promised to be a great day with orchestra later on and with getting smoothies with Jake and Allison. They started dating two weeks ago, which meant that she often became the third wheel, but she could deal with them as long as she got a smoothie. As she reached her locker and spun the combination, she smiled and hummed to herself, then swung the door open and glanced at the various photos of her friends and places from the vacations she had been on, her eyes settling on a particular photo of an Oregon beach. She sighed, hoping she'd be able to visit again, then tore her eyes away, briskly exchanging her math book for her chem binder and heading for her class.

SYNCHRONIZED DAAANCE!!!! (That's fine. X))

Sighing, I leaned against a tree outside the school builing, hiding in the shade. I had recently been assigned to protect one Brayden Hale. Though I understood my role as her guardian angel-and took it very seriously-I didn't understand why I had to wait outside of her freakin /school/. I couldn't even be seen-not unless I wanted to be. I could easily be /inside/ the school, that way I didn't have to feel like some creepy stalker, /and/ my reaction time would be faster in case something happened. But no. The archangels made it /very/ clear that my human needed space, and that following her around-even if I couldn't be seen-would be invading her privacy. I sighed again, running a hand through my hair. This was going to be a long day.

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Christi (trumpetchick) | 5432 comments Brayden flipped her notebook open, skimming through her notes. Mrs. Jennings had promised that it was going to be long and difficult and though no one believed her, Brayden didn't want to take any chances. Chemistry was never her best subject in the first place and she couldn't afford bad grades if she wanted a scholarship. She only wished she didn't have to take it; she was planning on being a freelance journalist, not a scientist. But it was all the same; if everyone else had to endure it, so could she. She'd be out soon enough.

SYNCHRONIZED DAAANCE!!!! After a while, I decided to sit down, back pressed against the tree trunk. I was gazing off into the sky, towards where my home was. I wondered whether or not the others were watching me. Most likely Austin was laughing his butt off at my expence, that prick...Suddenly, a chill went up my spine, and I felt my feathers itch. I bolted upright. Usually, when I get those feelings, it means that my human's in danger. Or will be.


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Christi (trumpetchick) | 5432 comments ((Later!))

The words began to swirl before her eyes and Brayden sighed, shutting her notebook. She pulled out her favorite fuzzy pink pen from her bag and began to doodle on a spare sheet of paper. Doodling usually helped her concentrate whenever something else was on her mind, though today, she couldn't figure out why she couldn't focus. It's probably because I don't like chem, she thought. Oh, well. I've studied enough anyway.

SYNCHRONIZED DAAANCE!!!! I edged closer to the school, analyzing the situation for any immediate danger. I didn't see anything. So why did I have that feeling that something would go terribly wrong? I crept inside the building, the hallways completely quiet. I racked my brain for what Brayden's class was. Remembering it was chemistry, I walked down the hallway towards the classroom. I reached the door and peered inside. I saw Brayden, doodling with her pen, completely safe. So where was the danger? I turned my back to the door, analyzing the hallway. I saw nothing. Then a shadow sped across the hallway. I went to follow it when the lights suddenly went out.

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Christi (trumpetchick) | 5432 comments Brayden glanced up at the light in surprise, wondering what had happened. Some girls began to shriek in both delight in terror while others were laughing hysterically. The cacophony continued until Mrs. Jennings finally shouted, "Enough!"
The room fell silent. No one messed with Mrs. Jennings.
"Now," she calmly began, "be calm. This is probably just a power outages. I'll get out some flashlights and then we'll all sit in a circle and talk.
The class sighed; no one enjoyed participating in her discussions, but it'd be better than taking the test.

SYNCHRONIZED DAAANCE!!!! I swore quietly at the sudden darkness. I heard screams from the room behind me and whirled around, tensing. When I realized that it was just a couple of girls over-reacting, I sighed. I suddenly heard evil cackling coming from down the dark hallway. Spinning on my heels, I turned and raced down the hallway towards the noise, determined to figure out who-or what-had caused all this.

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Christi (trumpetchick) | 5432 comments "Now," Mrs. Jennings continued, "let's talk about happiness. This will be an open discussion. First of all, how does one define happiness?"
Brayden promptly raised her hand. She hated these discussions as much as anyone else, but being the teacher's pet earned her certain privileges, such as being let off with a warning if she decided to show up late (which she never did).
"Yes?" Mrs. Jennings called, clearly pleased.
"Happiness, in my opinion, can be a part of joy, but joy can't be a part of happiness," Brayden explained matter-of-factly. "Like how all squares can be rectangles, but not all rectangles can be squares."

SYNCHRONIZED DAAANCE!!!! I raced quietly down the hallway, drawing closer to the maniacal laughter. It was coming from the room where the circuit box was kept; the door was wide open. I skidded to a stop just outside of the room. A demon-a rather small one, actually-was playing in front of the circuit box. "Hey." I growled. "What do you think you're doing here, demon?" The demon turned and flashed me a pointed smile. "I know what /I'm/ doing here." it said in a singsong voice. "What are /you/ doing here, angel?" I narrowed my eyes. "Stop playing games and answer the damn question." I nearly snarled. The demon cackled. "I'm a destraction!" it exclaimed before disappearing. "Destraction?" I murmured. "A destraction for what?" Suddenly, a searing pain shot up my spine, and I gasped, stumbling slightly. That's when I heard the screams.

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Christi (trumpetchick) | 5432 comments Brayden shot out of her seat like a bolt of lightning at the sight of the fire in the corner of the room, watching in shock as it rapidly consumed the teacher's desk. Students began to sprint out of the classroom, squealing and screaming in terror, but she found her eyes glued to the rapidly spreading fire, finding it both terrifying and enticing. Her mouth hung open a little as she stared at it, petrified.
"Brayden, now!" Mrs. Jennings hissed, snapping her back to reality. She grabbed her wrist firmly and dragged her out of the classroom, vainly attempting to get the class to line up in an orderly fashion, calling out orders at the top of her lungs.

SYNCHRONIZED DAAANCE!!!! I turned on my heels and raced down the hallway towards the frantic screams. My feathers felt as though they were on fire. The fire alarm started shrieking as I drew closer to Brayden's classroom, and I saw her class standing outside of the room in a panic, her teacher shouting orders. Black smoke curled up from the room, and I once again heard the demon's cackling, alerting me as to what that physco was up to. "That little-" I cursed, anf suddenly, the demon showed itself. It was standing right behind Brayden, a malicious smile playing on its lips.

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Christi (trumpetchick) | 5432 comments Brayden discreetly slipped her wrist out of Mrs. Jennings' grasp, tiptoeing to the doorway of the classroom to get another glimpse of the fire. She bit her lip, fingering her yellow blouse nervously. Why is it spreading so quickly? she wondered as she watched it eagerly devour another wall. Normally, they're not that fast. They're at least more -
She screamed in horror as the fire shot over to where she stood.

SYNCHRONIZED DAAANCE!!!! The demon's eyes flashed dangerously, a triumphant look on its face. "Say good-bye to your human, little angel!" it cackled before disappearing yet again. Suddenly, flames shot out at Brayden. "No!" I shouted, leaping forward in front of her just as the flames reached her. I unfurled my wings and enfolded her inside them. Flames scorched up and around me. I could feel the heat, but no pain. It was as if a protective bubble enveloped us both, sheilding us from the worst of the flames.

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Christi (trumpetchick) | 5432 comments Brayden clenched her eyes shut, preparing for the worst, but instead felt something wrap around her tightly. She opened her eyes warily, then gasped at the sight: a boy, just like any other, but with long, ivory wings stretched around them, serving as their shield.
"What...?" Brayden breathed, blinking to make sure what she was seeing was real. "What's going on?" Her brain swirled as she tried to make sense of what was happening. This is probably just a hallucination, she concluded. After all, it's not so uncommon in near-death experiences.

SYNCHRONIZED DAAANCE!!!! I looked down at Brayden; she was looking at me with wide eyes. I swallowed. She could see me? How was that possible? I didn't know. I felt the heat receed, and I turned to look at the room; it was still on fire, but not as bad as before. I gently pushed Brayden away and stepped closer to the room. Using my wings, I pushed enough air into the room to extinguish the flames, but not cause them to spread any more. When I was done, I looked back once to look at Brayden. Then I vanished, leaving behind the smell of rancid smoke and the sounds of panic.

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Christi (trumpetchick) | 5432 comments ((Oops... should I have had her not see him?))

Brayden paled, staring at the spot where the angel had been before he disappeared. Her brain was flooded with millions of questions she wanted to ask despite the fact that he was just a hallucination. Suddenly, Mrs. Jennings' shrill voice still instructing people to line up and behave yanked her out of her reverie and she quickly obeyed, filing behind a random student despite the fact that the fire was over. Mrs. Jennings, pleased to see all the class finally in a line, called out more orders like a drill sergeant, then led the class outside.

SYNCHRONIZED DAAANCE!!!! (Oh, no. You're fine. I actually wanted her to. He's just not used to being seen. X))

I ended up back outside by the tree I was sitting next to earlier, my wings still stretched out a little behind me. I watched as firetrucks pulled up in front of the building, watching students file outside of the school. Thoughts whirled around in my head; Why had the demon been there? It said that it was a destraction, so did that mean that there had been others? Why had it been specifically after Brayden? And how in the world was Brayden able to see me? None of the other humans I protected were able to, that I know of. Could it be because I didn't need to protect them the way I had to with Brayden? I didn't know anything at the moment, and it was infuriating. I needed to find answers, and soon.

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Christi (trumpetchick) | 5432 comments ((Oh, OK. :3))

Brayden lazily walked behind the other students, her mind still on the boy she'd seen. Perhaps it'd be good for her to go see a psychologist. But then, would a psychologist really be necessary? Was she just overreacting? It wasn't like she was on drugs or anything. It was just a one-time experience that happened as a result of her coming close to death. Nothing more. She shook her head, trying to clear her mind. Come on, Brayden. Pull yourself together.
She soon spotted the principal, beads of perspiration gathering on his balding head, briskly making his way over to where the classes were crowded together, megaphone in hand. He halted before them, smoothed the brown suit just barely covering his rotund belly, and announced, "School has been cancelled for the rest of the day. You are free to use your cell phones as you wish to contact your parents or anyone else so that you can get a ride home. We will also have some phones available for use for those of you who need to get in contact with your parents. Have a good day."
Brayden raised her eyebrows, pleasantly surprised. She sent her parents a quick text explaining what had happened despite knowing that they'd be upset with her for not calling, then texted Jake and Allison. lets go grab smoothies now since schools out. meet me by the entrance of the south parking lot. Brayden reached for her bag instinctively, then frowned as she realized it was gone, most likely eaten by the fire. She sighed and began to make her way to the parking lot.

SYNCHRONIZED DAAANCE!!!! I was leaned back against the tree, studying the crowd of students who were quickly dispersing, when I noticed Brayden walking towards the parking lot. Paranoid that the demon-or demons-were still hanging around, hoping to finish the job, I silently followed behind, not worried in the slightest about being seen, because I knew that I couldn't, not even by Brayden. That had only been a one time thing-a fluke. It had to have been. Otherwise, I'd have a major problem on my hands.

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Christi (trumpetchick) | 5432 comments Brayden closed her eyes, replaying the scene over and over again in her mind until she heard a familiar voice call her name. "Brayden! Hey!"
Her eyes popped open as she watched Allison bound over to her, her curly mane bouncing in the wind, and envelope her in a tight hug, Jake following close behind. "Are you okay?!" she breathed, pulling back after a moment. "We saw what happened - with you in the hallway, and almost being hit by the fire, and then being thrown back away from it just in time and -"
Brayden held out a hand, stopping her friend before she could ramble any further. "Yeah, I'm fine," she answered with a laugh. "But did anyone else get hurt?"
Jake shook his head as he approached them. "No. It's just that some classrooms are pretty much gone."
Brayden shook her head in disbelief. "Well, let's go get smoothies. It's been a long day, yeah? Might as well go and unwind." Allison and Jake nodded in agreement as they intertwined their hands. With that, Brayden turned and began to lead the way to Inta Juice.

SYNCHRONIZED DAAANCE!!!! I followed behind the trio at a distance, giving them space. I was alert, my eyes scanning every passing car, every tree, every person-keeping an eye open for any demonic creatures that might appear at any moment. I may have come off as being too paranoid, but after what happened today-what with Brayden almost being burnt to a crisp-one couldn't be too careful.

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Christi (trumpetchick) | 5432 comments The walk to Inta Juice wasn't too far and Brayden, Allison, and Jake soon ordered their smoothies and sat down together. Allison then began to talk animatedly about the date they went on last night, describing in detail every single aspect of the date, including their make-out sessions. Brayden began to tune her out, setting her chin on her hand instead, finding her mind going back to what had happened earlier. She was snapped out of it when she heard Allison ask, "But what about you? What's going on in your life?" She suddenly leaned in and wagged her eyebrows. "Any guys you're interested in?"
Brayden gave her a pained look. "No, no guys." When would she understand that no one was interested in her?
Allison pouted and fluffed her hair. "Fine. Have it your way. But you'll have someone eventually and you'll have no choice but to divulge every. Single. Detail."

SYNCHRONIZED DAAANCE!!!! I silently slipped into the smoothie shop behind them, making sure that I made it inside before the door closed. I saw Brayden and the others order and take their seat at a table. I decided to have a seat in a table on the other side of the shop, back towards the corner where no one was sitting. Perfect. I slid into the seat quietly, always constantly surveying the shop. Never letting my guard down, not even for a second.

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Christi (trumpetchick) | 5432 comments "Just think of it, Bray... you hanging on to that perfect guy, then meeting him at the end of the wedding aisle, and later gazing at each other lovingly while your kids run around..." With that, Allison began to talk about wedding ideas and plans and Jake discreetly gave her an apologetic look. Brayden merely shrugged; like many girls, she wanted to get married someday and perhaps have children. But unlike Allison, she didn't cut out dresses from bridal catalogues or compile a playlist full of songs she'd dance to. It simply wasn't worth her time.
Inwardly sighing, Brayden glanced around the shop, looking for an escape. Even though they'd been there less than ten minutes, she was growing tired of Allison's rambles, Jake snuggling with her as if Brayden weren't there, and the screaming orange walls that seemed to be closing in on her. She froze as she spotted the boy from earlier, the hallucination.

SYNCHRONIZED DAAANCE!!!! I scanned the shop for the umpteenth time, and noticed that Brayden was staring at me. My heart skipped a beat. No way. Not possible. Could she see me? Could she really actually see me? I quickly glanced around the shop; nobody else was on my side except for me. I looked back over at Brayden, still trying to figure this out. Was she really staring at me, or just zoning? This had happened a couple times; I had thought that Brayden was staring at me, but she was actually staring at a painting behind me or just day dreaming. I glanced behind me; bare walls. So she wasn't staring at a picture, then. I sighed and ran a hand through my hair. Only one way to figure this out. I gave a tiny smile and waved.

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Christi (trumpetchick) | 5432 comments She tentatively waved back, though her face was twisted in a look of horror. What was she going to do? She hoped she didn't need a psychologist. She turned back to Allison, who was now babbling about napkin colors. "Hey, I need to go meet up with a friend," Brayden interrupted. It was sort of the truth. Friends saved friends' lives, right? Even if he wasn't real.
Allison gave her a look of exasperation. "But -"
Brayden ignored her as she sprung up from her seat, strode over to the boy with confidence, and sat down across from him. At first, she said nothing, choosing to only squint at him. Then she slowly reached out and lightly poked his nose, jumping back in surprise and covering her mouth. "Oh my gosh, you're real!" she squealed, eyes wide.
"Who the hell is she talking to?" Jake mouthed to Allison, who merely shrugged in response.

SYNCHRONIZED DAAANCE!!!! My stomach lurched as Brayden waved back, and then completely sank as she got up and walked over. This wasn't good. This wasn't good in the slightest. She slid into the seat in front of me, squinting at me quietly for a few moments. Then she reached over and poked my nose, causing me to blink rapidly in surprise. The corners of my mouth twitched, half in amusement and half in irritation. "Of course I'm real. Just like you. Only I don't randomly go up and poke strangers and announce whether or not they're real." I said in slight amusement, propping my chin in my hand to look at her.

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Christi (trumpetchick) | 5432 comments "But you can't be real," she whispered. "You're a hallucination. You have wings. Oh my gosh, you have wings."
Allison sighed in irritation, not exactly pleased with the fact that her best friend had left them to pretend to talk to someone else. She got up and gave Jake a look, who obeyed and instantly got up from his seat. "Hey, Brayden, we're leaving," she called out, towing her boyfriend out the door.
Brayden sighed. "Okay. See you guys."

SYNCHRONIZED DAAANCE!!!! I bit my bottom lip, contemplating on what to say. Finally, I did the first thing that came to mind; play stupid. I gave a sideways grin. "So first you think that I'm a hallucination, and now you think that I have wings?" I crained my neck to look behind me, as if inspecting my back for the said wings. "Does it look like I have wings?" I asked quietly. "I mean, come on, what do you think I am? Some kind of angel?" And yes, the irony of what I had just said didn't escape me.

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Christi (trumpetchick) | 5432 comments "I know you did," Brayden insisted, turning back to him. "I know this is the kind of stuff that gets people sent to the mental ward, but I know what I saw. You're the one who saved me from the fire. And you had wings." She shook her head; she was babbling now. Great, I'm turning into Allison, she thought to herself. As if looking like a complete idiot by supposedly talking to myself about his wings wasn't enough.

SYNCHRONIZED DAAANCE!!!! I pursed my lips, racking my brain for something-anything-to say. I settled for just giving a small shrug. "I saved you from a fire? Come on." I said, keeping my voice even. God, I hated lying. I cocked my head to the side. "Are you sure that you're not just really lucky?" I asked.

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Christi (trumpetchick) | 5432 comments "Absolutely, one hundred percent certain," she answered, even though she had a bit of doubt. She gazed into his eyes eagerly, searching for answers. Wow. They're quite extraordinary, she thought, unable to tear herself away.

SYNCHRONIZED DAAANCE!!!! I gave a soft chuckle. "Maybe you're right, then." I said quietly. I started drumming my fingers on the table, feeling slightly awkward as Brayden kept staring at me. I shrugged. "Maybe I /am/ just a figment of your imagenation." I gave another shrug again. "But who knows?"

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Christi (trumpetchick) | 5432 comments Brayden's eye twitched. She held her breath and puffed out her cheeks, trying to prevent herself from screaming. "But I poked you," she pointed out softly after letting all the air out. "You must be real." There was a battle raging in her mind now, one side insisting he was just a hallucination and she was being stupid for talking to him and the other side arguing that he was a real, living being of some sort. After the two sides warred with each other for a while, she finally sighed, deciding to relent. "Yeah. You're right. I'm sorry. For wasting your time." Shoving her hands in her pockets, she straightened and strolled out the door.

SYNCHRONIZED DAAANCE!!!! I blinked as Brayden strolled out of the door. The hell just happened? I sighed and stood up. I went to exit as well, but stopped. If Brayden could see me now, it would make protecting her that much harder; if she saw me everywhere she went, she'd freak out, thinking me a stalker. But if I /don't/ stick close to her, something could happen. Like the demon could make another appearance. I stood there, debating with myself. Finally, I sighed and exited the shop; Brayden's safety mattered more to me than her opinion of me did.

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Christi (trumpetchick) | 5432 comments Brayden debated on what to do as she walked, tossing her smoothie out along the way. She couldn't believe how she made herself look like a total idiot. What was she thinking, going up to him like that? She shook her head. What a stupid thing to do.
Finally deciding to just head home, she turned left, but stopped when she heard a rustling in a bush. She frowned and turned towards it slowly, but found nothing. Shrugging, she continued walking.

SYNCHRONIZED DAAANCE!!!! I followed behind Brayden quietly, and at a greater distance than I usually did. I tensed when I heard something rustling in the bushes, but sensed and saw nothing. Maybe it was a bunny, or a sudden breeze? My paranoia told me that that wasn't the case.

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Christi (trumpetchick) | 5432 comments She arrived at her house, picking up the fake rock by the porch. She opened it, pulled out the key, and unlocked the door, stepping inside and closing the door behind her. She instantly went to the computer to do some research and spend some time on Facebook, her mind wandering back to what had happened at Inta Juice. She shook her head, a light blush on her cheeks. She couldn't believe she'd done that.

SYNCHRONIZED DAAANCE!!!! I watched Brayden enter her house. When the front door closed, I approached the house and looked up to the roof. Bunching the muscles in my legs, I jumped, unfurling my wings slightly so that I could get a boost. Latching onto the edge of the roof, I pulled myself up, carefully making my way to the top of the roof. I sat in my usual post and surveyed the area closely, feeling my stomach clench and unclench in unease.

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