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Debi | 64 comments Hm. No one's really doing this, so I guess that I'll be first. I'll just talk about today. Since it's short. Haha. Okay, I woke up as usually, but hated it, because who likes to wake up early for school, but hey we gotta suck it, because...SUMMER BABY! Woot! I don't think there's anything interesting about school to talk about. I don't like school. People don't like school. And probably you guys don't even like school either. But funny thing is that I don't like school and still get a 4.0 GPA, so delicious syrup. Tee Hee. Well to end this thingy I have started, I'll talk about tofu. Hm. Well I mistook tofu for a block of cheese, so that was...something. Haha. Bye Guys.

message 2: by Rusty (new)

Rusty Nugent (RustyNugent) | 6 comments My first horror movie was From Hell It Came!, I was two years old. Then, Trilogy of Terror with the late Karen Black. When I was three years old my parents brought me to see Jaws at the theater. I fell in love with that movie. And I found out my mother had a Readers Digest Condensed Book of Jaws by Peter Benchley. I begged her to read it to me all the time, until she told me that I needed to learn to read so I could read the book myself. In third grade, I was reading Jaws while the other kids were reading kid books. I saw Texas Chainsaw Massacre at the drive in I was age three. Then, I saw The Car staring James Brolin when I was age five. I loved the look of that demonic car.

Then came a little film called Star Wars. It changed my life. But The Car oddly enough is what started me writing. At age six I wrote a book for The Car it was about 4 pages. In the third grade, I began writing more often and found it was to my liking and that my peers seemed to like it.

In the early 1980s, three horror films came out that made an impact on me. An American Werewolf In London, The Howling, and Wolfen. Thus, my fascination with werewolves began.

When I met my girlfriend and lifemate, we discovered we both liked the same music and had an affinity for these creatures of the night. She begged me to write her a medieval werewolf story. We agreed that it shouldn't be the "typical" tired, traditional tale, so we thought, the werewolf always gets a bad wrap, so let's make him the hero, and thus, "Moonwarriors" was born. In September 2004, my first book was published. I was so excited! Then in October 2004, my mother passed away and six weeks later, my grandmother died. In January of 2005, I was having a great deal of pain in my stomach. I went to the hospital, I had surgery to remove my gall bladder. And the Doctors found out I was born with a congenital heart defect known as Trans Position of The Great Arteries. They put in a pace maker with one wire in April 2005. Hurricane Katrina hit in August 2005 and we lost everything but our lives. My family and I were homeless for a few months before we moved to Lebanon, Tennessee. We got Moonwarriors: Guardians Of The Night Published. I found out I have congestive heart failure and they put in a pace maker with 2 wires to my heart this time. Then, My girlfriend fell down the stairs and crushed 3 discs in her lower back. So, we moved to a one story apt. After living there for five years, the new office manager kicked us out under false pretenses. We moved back to the town house with the stairs in 2012. And Now I am working on my third novel in the Moonwarriors saga.

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