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message 1: by Caramel Cat (new)

Caramel Cat Universe We are reading Love Com and Ouran High School Host Club fot the month of March. If you have read any of these books or is curently please post something about them.

My review (has some spoiler):

Love Com, Lovely Complex, was a good series to read. I loved all the character, but felt sorry for Risa Koizumi through out the book because of Atsushi Ōtani and how stupid he is, but I was happy at the ending that it all worked out.

Ouran High School Host Club, OHSHC, is a good manga. I love the short stories that the writter has they were good! The story was cute and Haruhi Fujioka was cute a boy and girl (weird though). I also love all the characters and how they a different like ths quiet, cute, or smart type. Loved the ending and was happy that they fell in love.

message 2: by Caramel Cat (new)

Caramel Cat Universe Me too!

message 3: by Elysia (new)

Elysia (elysia_rae) Ouran High School Host Club was a very sweet and heartfelt manga (and humorous). I thoroughly enjoyed it and really wish it didn't have to end! I highly recommend this to any manga and anime fan, you won't be disappointed!

message 4: by Alessia (new)

Alessia (siriostars) Both of these were really good mangas. They were both very sweet and both made me laugh my head off a ton.
I was so depressed when I finished reading the mangas and watching the anime... (I finished them at around the same time)
These are probably the two mangas and animes I wish didn't have to end. Along with Clannad and hopefully I won't have to say the same thing about Hetalia... If that series ended I would die, but anyway, EVERYONE GO READ THESE NOW BECAUSE THEY'RE BEAUTIFUL AND AMAZING AND I LOVE THEM!


message 5: by Caramel Cat (new)

Caramel Cat Universe I agree with both of you.

message 6: by L.C. (new)

L.C. Perry | 22 comments Lovely Complex is AMAZING omg loooooved it!

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