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Night's Child (Sweep, #15)
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Miyuki (miyuki2) | 107 comments Mod
What did you think about the Special Edition?

Personality, i didnt like it, because it was in third person view, and it's in the future. I hate when books all of a sudden move forward in time...

Kimiko (kawasumi-kimiko) | 79 comments Mod
IKR!! And Hunter "dies" That part made me upset and so angry that i threw the book on the floor and stomped on it (literally!!)) and i dont like Moira. Morgan's suppose to be the most powerful witch eva! >.< Pfft...Morgan is stronger than Moira! And i hate the 3rd person view thingy ma-bob! I like it when it was in Morgan's POV..and also Hunter's POV. i didnt like how Cate made the first..10 books(?) all in Morgan POV, then the others in either Alisa, Hunter AND Morgan's POV.. Confusing! + I dont like the time travel!!!

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