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message 1: by Amber, Master Sympathist (new)

Amber (ivorydoom) | 1471 comments Mod
Link to Episode 8.

Special Guests Include:

Colin McComb
Jerry Holkins
& Veronica Belmont

If you would like to contribute a list of Books or Video Games mentioned in this Episode, please post it in the comments! Thank You!

message 2: by Jamie (JK) (new)

Jamie (JK) (eimajtl) As a gamer I was interested in creating a list of games discussed, but I could only stand to listen to the first five minutes or so.

message 3: by Amber, Master Sympathist (new)

Amber (ivorydoom) | 1471 comments Mod

This really wasnt my favorite episode. I consider myself a gamer as well though mostly MMO's and was sad they didn't address very many different types of games or very many different titles at all.

Though I do admit the focus was supposed to be on the writing.

Plus - I didn't particularly care for one of the special guests.

Do you have a favorite video game you wished they would have mentioned? What games do you think tell an amazing story?

I felt like they really missed a chance to discuss some epic writing when no one mentioned Final Fantasy...I actually sat there in shock after the episode thinking...what?! what?! what?! Not a peep?

If it werent for FF my brother probably never would have learned to read. LOL

message 4: by Jamie (JK) (new)

Jamie (JK) (eimajtl) Well I didn't hear much, honestly Pat seemed a little arrogant when he kept saying there were no modern games with good storytelling - that the most modern example was Planescape. =/

Journey would be a prime example of beautiful, well done storytelling in modern videogames. It doesn't hand you a story and give you every bit of information. You are shown some very simple, almost drawing like scenes and must interpret the story yourself. Depending on your point of life, it can mean many different things. Reincarnation is one theme, the folly of power another. It can also just be about the joy of journeying. There are many other interpretations to be had as well.

Then there is Demon's and Dark Souls whose stories are also not given to your straight. You learn about the world, characters and events through living in the world. You read brief descriptions of items and determine what the story is and how everything is linked. If you want it can be a very simple story, but if you dig deeper you will find so much more.

Heavy Rain is a wonderful example - especially of interactive storytelling. You experience and influence the story firsthand. You feel for the characters and what they are going through. When you have to make decisions in the story you don't do it as only yourself, but also as them.

Alan Wake, Uncharted, Mass Effect, Bioshock, Ico, Shadow of the Colossus... and the list goes on. If there is one thing games are starting to do really well it is storytelling.

message 5: by Ysabet (last edited Apr 05, 2013 12:02PM) (new)

Ysabet | 1 comments Not complete list of mentioned Video Games :

Planscape Torment
The Walking Dead
Guild Wars 2
Dear Esther
Heavy Rain
Assassins Creed
Far Cry
Dayus X
No One Lives Forever
Wasteland 2
Torment Tides of Numenera
Team Fortress

message 6: by Kvothe (new)

Kvothe | 28 comments The best modern game to date (story wise)
Bioshock Infinite

message 7: by Kvothe (new)

Kvothe | 28 comments PLS Mr. Rothfuss,
PLAY BIOSHOCK INFINITE (but play at least bioshock 1 first for backstory, or if ur really lazy watch the 5 min summary.

message 8: by Amber, Master Sympathist (new)

Amber (ivorydoom) | 1471 comments Mod
or if ur really lazy watch the 5 min summary.

*dies laughing*

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