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message 1: by Miyuki (new)

Miyuki (miyuki2) | 107 comments Mod
Whats your favorite book in HoN? Why?

My favorite book in HoN is Chosen because it's full of suspense!! Zoey doing it with Loren. Zoey realizing Loren is just using her. Nasty break up with Erik and Heath. Loren dying, lost trust between friends. Aphrodite losing her Mark, Stevie Rae turning into a new vampyre!!

message 2: by Kris (new)

Kris Harte (kristatic) | 8 comments My favorite has to be Hunted because its right before Cast does the stuipd freakin too many points of views. ALso we get more info on Zoey/Ava and Kalona relationship. Juicy. Also we see if Stark can be saved.

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