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What Other Groups are You a Part of?

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message 1: by Danielle (new)

Danielle Annett (danielle-annett) | 138 comments Mod
So here at Coffee and Characters we feel that groups are awesome! The more the merrier. I personally follow several different groups and encourage you all to do the same. If you are a member of a group and think that the people who are a part of Coffee and Characters would like that group to, let us know.
Some of the Groups I'm a member of are
1. Who's Your Author
2. Making Connections
3. Lovers of Paranormal

message 2: by Parvathy (new)

Parvathy | 6 comments 1)Making Connections
2)Nothing But Reading Challenges
3)Creative Reviews
4)Endicott Mythic Fiction
5)Myths and Folklores
6)European Royalty
7)Book Haven

message 3: by [deleted user] (new)

Im apart of so many groups. I suppose it's easier to just describe which types of groups I join and why, and list one example of each. Since I'd like to be an indie author, I join groups that help with author platforms, blog help, gaining beta readers, getting reviews, stuff like that. The one that has been the most helpful has been:

Blogger Lift

And I also tend to join groups that feature some sort of multiculturalism in the book's theme or just in general. Whether it be a different religions, races, disabilities, etc. I have to say i spend the most time on:

Multiculturalism in YA,Fantasy, Sci FI,Paranormal and fun books ;p

Mainly because I created it ;p

message 4: by R.J. (new)

R.J. Crayton (rjcrayton) | 6 comments Right now, I'm part of these groups:

1. Dystopia & Social Critiques
2. Future Survivors, the Apocalypse
3. Making Connections
4. Mystery, Crime & Thriller

message 5: by [deleted user] (new)

Biracial/Mixed Race Literature
Multicultural Fiction for Children and Teens
New Adult Book Club
Young Adult Book Club
Paranormal, Fantasy, Dystopia and Romance Writers and Reviewers
Book Excerpts
YA Reads for Teachers (And Any Other Adults!)
YouTube Book Reviewers!
Delta Xi Phi Multicultural Book Club
Fantasy Aficionados
Fans of Interracial Romance
Multiculturalism in YA,Fantasy, Sci FI,Paranormal and fun books ;p
Blogger Lift
Addicted to YA
Interracial and African American Paranormal
♥!The Young Adult Book Club!♥
Goodreads Authors/Readers
Reviews for AA & IR Romance Authors
All Things Marvelous...
Indie Book Collective
REAL TALK about Interracial Love & Romance Topics & Books!
Coffee And Characters
Interracial Multicultural Romance Readers
YA Bloggers Paradise
Teen and YA Book Lovers ღ
Shut Up & Read
Asian Invasion Book Club
Making Connections YA Edition
Books On Interracial Subjects
❤ Coffee, Books & Lipgloss ❤ Book Blogger & Author Social Hub
Sci-fi and Heroic Fantasy
Indie and Proud
Colorful Chick Lit Challenge
New Haven Book Group
Modern Good Reads
International Girls YA Book Club
Books, Blogs, Authors and More
Young Adult Fantasy
SciFi and Fantasy eBook Club
Multicultural Urban Fantasy & Paranormal

So many groups so little time....

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