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Sam/Applejack♆ | 54 comments Mod
District 1 Male (Werewolf): Sebastian Devanport
District 2 Male (Vampire): Vladimir Todd
District 3 Male (Fallen Angel): Scout Willis
District 4 Male (Demon): Daniel Anaxilaus
District 5 Male (Ghost):
District 6 Male (Nymph): Granger Highland
District 7 Male (Faerie): Quentin Ygmaze
District 8 Male (Elf): Espon Larkensom
District 9 Male (Siren):
District 10 Male (Seer): Kane Lewis
District 11 Male (Centaur): Magnus Indigo
District 12 Male (Sprite): Cole Brown

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Sam/Applejack♆ | 54 comments Mod
Follow the guidelines below. You may only make a character that doesn't yet have a name by it. Your guidelines will differ depending on the specie your character is, so please be careful. Your character must be accepted by me before you are allowed to roleplay. Delete the "." from the HTML format. If you don't, it won't be accepted until you do.
<.b>Full Name:<./b>
<.b>District and Species:<./b>
<.b>Powers:<./b> Here, you'll put the specific powers that your specie has, if it is said in the species help list that they do. For example, you would put here what element your Faerie controls.

<.b>Appearance:<./b> You must have a picture, and use this format for it but delete the "." <.img src=(link here and without parentheses).>
Depending on what your species is, you must also put pictures down that will fulfill that. For example, if you're a Faerie, put a picture of the wings. If you're a werewolf, put down a picture of your character as a wolf.
<.i>Hair Color:<./I>
<.i>Eye Color:<./I>

<.b>Personality:<./b> Be detailed! 1+ long paragraph

<.b>History:<.b> Be detailed, again! 1+ long paragraph

<.b>Relationship Status:<./b>
<.b>Feelings about being in Fantasy Games:<./b>

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Alessia (siriostars) Full Name: Scout Willis
Nickname: N/A
Age: 17
District and Species: District 3 (Fallen Angel)
Can strongly influence one’s decisions
Healing Powers (To an extent. Unable to heal fatal wounds.)
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Dark Brown (view spoiler)
Height: 5’10”
Scout is described as happy-go-lucky and hopeful. It’s rare for him to not have a smile on his face. Scout is loud, obnoxious and often annoys people without meaning to. Despite this, he somehow is able to make friends easily. Scout likes to talk a lot and finds it hard to sit still. He’s always in high-spirits. Scout has a bit heart but sadly can be a bit dense when it comes to social situations. However, he’s good at coming up with strategies and is quiet bright when it comes to academics.
Scout is the youngest member of his family. He’s never fit in well with the rest of his family. There is a large age gap between him and his older siblings, Louis and Harlow. Whenever his family would have discussions at the dinner table, Scout would listen silently, unable to give any feedback or join as he would never be able to understand what they were talking about. This led to him having a somewhat troubled childhood. Despite the lack of love or attention from his parents and siblings, he’s stayed happy and optimistic. Scout made many friends but only a few very good friends.
Relationship Status: Single
Feelings about being in Fantasy Games: At first he was a bit depressed about it but then his optimism kicked in and now he’s confident he’s going to win, or at least last for a while.
Mother: Willow
Father: Issac
Older Brother: Louis
Older Sister: Harlow

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█║ ✕ Angel ‟ Indelible  (sirsly)

Full Name: Echelaos Kope Anaxilaus

Nickname: Daniel

Gender: Masculine

Age: Seven hundred and five (705)

District and Species: District Four - Demon

Powers: Daniel can do things other demons can't do, such as growing objects out of just his hands when given enough food. This comes with a consequence; he doesn't eat human food. Daniel has other demon powers like every other such as summoning hounds - takes a lot of stress and you can't always fetch them back -, and cloaking himself into the darkness.

Appearance:(view spoiler)
Hair Color: Jet black
Eye Color: Black, but when blood-thirsty they turn gold yellow.
Height: 6'2
Weight: Two hundred pounds

Personality: He named himself Daniel long after the greek names had died out when everyone had criticized what your name was and this being a whole new time who would like to pronounce that long name? Daniel is cocky, sarcastic, but yet sensitive. Daniel can and will be as hard as steel, but he will rust; he always does. He is over-confident and likes to think of himself as a strong boy, that he can overthrow anyone but he means no harm weather he admits it or not. Well to those who don't deserve it, however when you mess with Daniel he'll charge: he's got the right moves and the right skills.
History: This information is confidential Daniel likes to keep this all a big secret that the right person has to solve, the question is who will crack this case? A clue will be given, it has to do with how he was turned into a demon and his life before, can you figure it out? Before the choosing Daniel hadn't had much going on, he kept to himself inside his cabin and very often went fishing: fishing was his life and his home. He would go fishing from day to dawn, he will catch all the fish in the sea. But at night, that was a different story. Unlike most demons Daniel needs blood to survive, that's self-explanatory isn't it?
Relationship Status: Single; Straight
Feelings: Outraged of course; though he deep down loves the thought of going to war with others, he wants blood more than anything. So this is a I don't know time, a time to give a useless shrug.
Family: Dead

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Full Name: Sebastian Devanport

Nickname: “Seb”

Age: 20

District and Species: District 1 : Werewolf

Powers: He is able to shape shift into a wolf. It is not an average sized wolf. In this stage, he is the size of a car. Being a werewolf, comes with enhanced agility, strength, speed, and sense of smell. With his bite, he is able to infect anyone as well as tear into the skin and material of anything known to man and mythical creature alike. His reaction time is beyond that of a typical human and wolf combined. His predator instinct makes him able to track down his prey no matter the distance.


His eyes when he has shifted:
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Blue
Height: 6’3

Personality: Seb has been known as the leader in his group of friends that he is with. It isn’t just because he is the alpha, but because he has the confidence and knowledge in him to make everything work out. He can be serious when he needs to be, then he can be sarcastic and joking. He won’t mind if you make a werewolf joke about him, but just be prepared to get something as a reward from him afterward. He won’t say something unless he knows that he can back it up. He does also have a temper for anyone that pisses him off once. He holds grudges against people if they get on his bad side just once. He’s able to come up with fighting and survival strategies, so he’s kept his pack in good shape for several years.
History: Seb grew up in a family with all men. He was the youngest of them all, so he had to learn to either toughen up, or get beaten up by his three older brothers. He toughened up like they wanted him to. When he was old enough, he learned that he grew up in a family of werewolves, and that he was next in line to become a werewolf in their pack. He and his brothers were caught in the middle of a pack war with their own pack, and the pack of another kind of being: vampire. It wasn’t legal at the time for their kind to meet outside their districts. Seb’s brothers fought as best as they could, but they lost when Seb’s life was at stake. The vampires left him to live with his guilt. He still remembers his brothers. He won’t the same mistake with his pack now. He’ll lead them in the right path. He made a blood promise that he wouldn’t.

Relationship Status:


Feelings about being in Fantasy Games: He feels good about his own fighting and survival skills, but he doesn’t appreciate the fight that the districts are forced to fight amongst each other for this event.


Lucian, Dominic, and Klaus. ( All dead )

Other: I love werewolves! ^-^

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Johns Full Name: Kane Carter Lewis
Nickname: Well, he has none that he likes: but he has too many nicknames to list.
Age: Nineteen [19]
District and Species: Seer [10]
Powers: As a Seer, Kane has an ability to see flickers into the future, but his forte is the past, seeing more into it than the future. He can also resist the song of a siren, but he wouldn't mind falling under their spell when he wants to escape from his parents.


Hair Color: Dark brown, almost black if it's in the right light
Eye Color: Well, he has sectoral heterochimia so this is what his eyes look like (view spoiler)
Height: Five feet and nine inches.

As a boy who grew up without a mother, Kane has a tendency to be a little rude to all genders, his mother not being there to slap him when he talked back to her. But I'm not suggesting that he talks a lot, no; Kane is actually very quiet and reserved, his introverted ways often annoying most people when they are trying to have a conversation. Intelligence was always on his side but -- since he refuses to talk -- most people think him stupid since he never shows it off. Kane is actually very creative and traditional, making art flow from his mind and hands as easily if it was water slipping through the cracks. He's actually very appreciative to people who help him but he doesn't easily accept aid, unless he is really and truly stuck in a sticky situation. Kane doesn't easily make friends, what with his vow for silence, and he is extremely loyal and trustworthy to those he befriends.

History: Kane grew up in his district a normal little boy with his father and sisters. Of course, being the oldest of the three adolescents, he was forced to be the head of the household when his father was away doing whatever it was that he did in the woods or in town. Most things were normal, albiet the few cases were the three children would black out from visions, but then their uncle moved in, who seemingly just wanted to mooch off them for the money that they didn't have! So, when he moved in when their father was just about to break into a million tiny irreplacable pieces, Kane found out more than he wanted to know about his mother's death. When Kane was born, she had just turned eighteen and was still elligible for participation. So Kane's mother was in the Games and that doesn't make him feel any better about his volunteering for his cousin. He wants to finally meet her and if dying is the only way to. . . he'll do it. All in the course of nineteen years!

Relationship Status: He doesn't like to be in a relationship; he prefers to steer away from it all. [So, he's totally single.]
Feelings about being in Fantasy Games: Well, Kane has this strange calmness that has covered him like a veil for the moment being. But as the game progresses, he will start to feel more panicky, he thinks.
Family: Tina Lewis - Mother - deceased; Allen Lewis - Father; Ivilia Lewis - Sister; Japhette Lewis - Sister; Markus Louna - Uncle.

Other: Not much, really.

Sam/Applejack♆ | 54 comments Mod
All are accepted, unless you're not finished!

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<.b>Full Name:<./b> Geldon
<.b>Nickname:<./b> Gel
<.b>Age:<./b> 19
<.b>District and Species:<./b> District 8 elf
<.b>Powers:<./b> Enhanced speed and prediction

<.b>Appearance:<./b> You must have a picture, and use this format for it but delete the "." <.img src==>
<.i>Hair Color:<./I> black
<.i>Eye Color:<./I> blue
<.i>Height:<./I> 5' 10"

<.b>Personality:<./b> he is naturally suspicious, but can be very open as well. He loves climbing trees and is perfectly at home in nature. He is generally a loner and likes to stay by himself, but he can be very open and welcoming as well.

<.b>History:<.b> Geldon was born in the woods and abandoned by his parents. He grew up mostly on his own, but lived with a small group of outsiders. After many years, he left the group and ventured to the larger elven cities. There he made a few friends and learned what it was truly like to interact with others. In the time he spent with the woodland elves, he spent the majority if his time with his "sister" Arwin.

<.b>Relationship Status:<./b> single
<.b>Feelings about being in Fantasy Games:<./b> he is indifferent about his participation, but feels confident in his abilities.
<.b>Family:<./b> no blood relatives, but he has an adopted sister, Arwin, that he grew up with
<.b>Other:<./b> none

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Tucker (waltenbook) | 6 comments (alright! kind of glad you deleted everything I've said. I was very out of it.)

Full Name: Magnus Draken Indigo
District and Species: 11, Centaur
Powers: The ability to shift from a full human, and a centaur.
Depending on what your species is, you must also put pictures down that will fulfill that. For example, if you're a Faerie, put a picture of the wings. If you're a werewolf, put down a picture of your character as a wolf.
Hair Color: The names Blonde. James Blonde.
Eye Color: gold
Height: 6' 5" as a human

Personality: He is a mostly calm and quiet person, kind-hearted, and often taken advantage of because of this. But, Drake can quickly become a loose cannon when angered, raging and going berserk. He hates when his anger gets the better of him, so he does his best to keep a clear head in all situations.

<.b>History:<.b> Drake is a loner and an outsider. He is unlike his fellow 'taurs, in the fact that he loves to read Sci-Fi Novels, and has a knack for knitting, which makes him very low on the "Danger-o-meter" with other Centaurs. He has never been a fan of a sword, instead favoring The Axe, Lance, and bow(Not a word about Katniss, she is no true Archer.). He has a mildly good skill, and sees it more as a sport than anything else.

Relationship Status: Not with anyone yet.
Feelings about being in Fantasy Games: Excited, Drake sees this as a way to win back his friends and parents trust. That is, if he can stay alive.
Family: He'd prefer not to talk about them, they are not exactly his family right now, and have all but exiled him.
Other: He can knit you a hat in ten minuets flat!

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Erin {Sing in the Rain} wrote: "Name: Geldon
Nickname: Gel
Age: 19
District species: District 8 elf
Powers: he is a master of survival and the bow and he has an affinity with the earth.
Appearance: short black hair, bright green..."

Use correct format

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★RavenclawReader★ (stargazer101) | 1 comments Full Name: Espen Larkensom
Nickname: None, really.
Age: 16
District and Species: District 8 (Elf)
Powers: Speed, bow and arrow, good at hiding

Hair Color: White
Eye Color: Green/Brown

Personality: Hardened by his family, Espen often longs for the freedom of the outdoors, and has a stubborn hatred for anywhere else. He also prefers solitude, but is softer once you get to know him.

History: In the Elven District, Espen isn't an abnormality. Living with his two parents and three, older brothers, he was always expected to go the same pathway as his predecessors - grow up, and become a hunter. However, as good at archery as Espen is, he finds himself preferring running through the thick woodlands of his District to hunting. When he discovered that he was going to be in the Fantasy Games, he was relieved. After years of being expected to become a hunter by his parents and brothers, finally he could please them - without becoming a hunter.

Relationship Status: Single
Feelings about being in Fantasy Games: Relief
Family: Desdemona Quintusdaughter, mother
Larken Dasdenson, father
Lucian Larkenson, eldest brother
Xan Larkenson, middle brother
Theron Larkenson, youngest brother
Miaya Larkendaughter, baby sister [deceased]

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Everyone except for Gel and Kane are Accepted.

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Glitchieyt TTV | 1 comments ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Full Name: Vladimus Faldon
District and Species:
Powers: He has heightened senses, extreme inhuman speed, the ability to regenerate even broken organs, and see perfectly in the dark. At night, sometimes, he can turn into a bat at will, although he rarely does, as he has no need to.


Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Blood Red (Glows in the Dark)
Height: 6'4

Personality: He has a cooled fun loving attitude. But when put in danger, he can be very bestial. Almost like a berserk rage, but tactical when raging. He usually has a craving for humans, but when he cant, he could settle for an animal or two. The smell of garlic makes him crazy. He has a tendency to hang upside down a LOT.

He turned into a vampire at the age of 17, where he met the apparent Count Melvinon; Who was in the Ancient Vampire class himself. Melvinon was simply "Taking a drink" as he bursted into the opera house, where they were doing a play of Romeo and Juliet. Vladimus was sleeping when Melvinon blasted into the room, having everyone scattered, and fleeing. Melvinon saw only one person asleep, and went for him. Vladimus awoke and put up a fight with Melvinon before he was bitten on the neck, and drained. He obtained all of his powers, and continued living on untill he was put into District 2 after the capture. He lived there for a good 40 years, untill he was put into the games.

Relationship Status He has no relationships as of yet.

Feelings about being in Fantasy Games: He is indifferent about it, but due to being a vampire, he hasnt much of fear as he would if he were anything else.
Family: Deceased 50 years ago

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Sam/Applejack♆ | 54 comments Mod
Please use a real picture, and use correct format. (:

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Full Name: Vladimir Todd
Nickname: Vlad
Age: 16
District and Species: 2 and vampire
Powers: Super speed and strength

Hair Color:
Eye Color:
Height: 6'3

Personality: He is quiet and usually keeps to himself. He hides from the world, and only comes out of his shell when necessary. He is always super depressed, and is afraid of people judging him for it. He thinks that hoods are the only way to hide the depression. Whwn he does speak up, he is a real jerk. He tries to ignore everyone and everything, so that he doesn't have to be a jerk. He is never happy, and nothing ever could make him so.

History: He is a new vampire, just barely changed, and I'll tell what he'll let me.
He grew up in a small town with a population below a hundred. He had a great life, a perfect life. He had rich parents who never fought, and had fun when they debated. Their debates never turned into arguments. They loved him and his little sister dearly. When Vlad was seven, his dad died of cancer. That broke his mom down. She tried to stay strong for her kids, but one day Vlad walked into her room, the same time as she said that she was coming back to him and slit her throat. Vlad took care of his sister, who was two years old. He couldn't lose her too. He became greatly depressed, and began losing friends as his attitude got worse and worse. He got in fist fights monthly, then weekly, then daily. His sister and him were taken away to homes, and split up, but he was always running from the homes.
One day a man came up to him and smiled. He pounced on Vlad, and Vlad felt a sharp pain in his neck, and the man disappeared. Vlad passed out, and when he woke up he saw a woman walking by and killed her by sucking her blood. He hated himself for it, and only feeds three times a month, and never drains the person completely.

Relationship Status: Single.
Feelings about being in Fantasy Games: He doesn't care. If he dies, awesome, cool, wow! If he lives, yay!
Family: None.

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(( OMG! Vladimir Tod :D that's freaking awesome ))

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(( Shoot that series is a vampire classic ^.^ ))

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Is mine good?

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Kristen | 110 comments Full Name: Cole Brown
Nickname: none
Age: 15
District and Species: 12 (Sprite)
Powers: can create and control water
Wings: They look like this without the flowers or ribbons...or bar in the middle...
Hair Color: sandy brown
Eye Color: bright blue

Height: 4' 5'' as a human
Personality: Cole is very sweet from a first glance, often causing him to be underestimated. He can be very shy until someone gets to know him. Cole has a lot of secrets and isn't likely to show anyone his true form unless he completely trusts them. He avoids using his powers in public to keep them a secret from others who can use it against him. He loves to charm others so much that he often doesn't always know whether others are trying to trick him. If he is lied to or tricked, he isn't very likely to forgive without revenge. He can hold a grudge for a long while, often pulling tricks on someone or charming them repeatedly.

History: Cole grew up in a moderate family, the oldest of three. His mother died soon after he was born, not affecting him drastically. He always wanted to meet his mother, but he accepts that he won't ever get to see her. His life wasn't ever necessarily tough, as he always had enough food and never went without water. Throughout his life, Cole couldn't seem to keep himself away from the water, always wanting to play in it and with it. After school, he would often go to a river near his house and practice his skills. Naturally, he loves to swim, but only in human form, as he needs to be careful as to not get his wings wet. He fell in love with Hallie at age 13 and volunteered for the Fantasy Games in an effort to protect her, though he would never admit it.

Relationship Status: Cole has always had a crush on Hallie
Feelings about being in Fantasy Games: He is a little nervous but thinks he may have a chance at winning.
Family: Father: Edward
Brothers: Jake and David

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Kristen | 110 comments is this good?

♪♫Gloria♫♪ ((:') Oh My Gods, reading this is making me cry it's so sweet!))

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Kristen | 110 comments Thanks :)

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All Accepted.

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