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Sam/Applejack♆ | 54 comments Mod
District 1 Female (Werewolf): Emily Fitzpatrick
District 2 Female (Vampire): Valentina Heartling
District 3 Female (Fallen Angel): Rebel Thorne
District 4 Female (Demon): Carys Emmory
District 5 Female (Ghost): Gia Narkissa
District 6 Female (Nymph): Lucy Hale
District 7 Female (Faerie): Caroline Rose
District 8 Female (Elf): Melody Rivers
District 9 Female (Siren): Feadra White
District 10 Female (Seer): Kitty Spikes
District 11 Female (Centaur): Kathrine Jordan
District 12 Female (Sprite): Hallie Jones

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Sam/Applejack♆ | 54 comments Mod
Follow the guidelines below. You may only make a character that doesn't yet have a name by it. Your guidelines will differ depending on the specie your character is, so please be careful. Your character must be accepted by me before you are allowed to roleplay. Delete the "." from the HTML format. If you don't, it won't be accepted until you do.
<.b>Full Name:<./b>
<.b>District and Species:<./b>
<.b>Powers:<./b> Here, you'll put the specific powers that your specie has, if it is said in the species help list that they do. For example, you would put here what element your Faerie controls.

<.b>Appearance:<./b> You must have a picture, and use this format for it but delete the "." <.img src=(link here and without parentheses).>
Depending on what your species is, you must also put pictures down that will fulfill that. For example, if you're a Faerie, put a picture of the wings. If you're a werewolf, put down a picture of your character as a wolf.
<.i>Hair Color:<./I>
<.i>Eye Color:<./I>

<.b>Personality:<./b> Be detailed! 1+ long paragraph

<.b>History:<.b> Be detailed, again! 1+ long paragraph

<.b>Relationship Status:<./b>
<.b>Feelings about being in Fantasy Games:<./b>

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Full Name: Caroline Aspen Rose
Nickname: Caroline
Age: 17
District and Species: District 7 ~ Faerie
Powers: Controls Water Element

(view spoiler)
Wings: (view spoiler)
Hair Color: Light Brown
Eye Color: Pale Green (view spoiler)

Sweet, pure, and innocent, someone would immediately think "Faerie!" upon seeing Caroline, which is true. She is a Faerie, and it fits her extremely well. She doesn't like to hurt other people, which is one reason that she is not particularly looking forward to participating in the Fantasy Games. She knows that in order to live, she must kill, and she doesn't want to. Her strategy will probably be to just hide until everyone kills each other off, and since she's a Faerie this strategy will probably work very well. Caroline also isn't one to be nasty or mean, and is nice to almost everybody she meets. It takes a lot to make her angry, so if you try you probably will not succeed and will end up just annoying yourself.
Caroline is also extremely smart and clever, which is another reason she has a good chance at winning. She can probably outsmart anyone else, but we'll have to wait until the games begin to tell.
((I will add more as she develops.))

Caroline was always a privileged individual. She grew up in a rich environment and was always getting good grades and having a lot of friends. When she was picked for these games though, she was shocked. She didn't know how or understand why it had to be her. But nevertheless, she started to train right away, and she has gotten quite good with a knife. She's quick, smart, and intelligent, and she will be a difficult individual to beat.
Since her parents died in a car crash when she was young, she sees this as an opportunity to avenge them, and she is determined to win, for them.

Relationship Status: Single
Feelings about being in Fantasy Games: Afraid; she's softer and quieter and doesn't like she idea of killing others.
Brother: Daniel

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Kayleigh (kayleighkingwrites)

Full Name: Rebel Lilli Thorne
District and Species: Fallen Angel (District Three)
Powers: Teleportation and Emotion manipulation (She also has the typical fallen Angel power of mind control)

Hair Color:Chocolate brown with gold low lights
Eye Color: (view spoiler)
Height: Five foot two

Personality: Rebel is manipulative and clever. She knows how to use people to get what she wants. She is a trouble maker at heart (Hint her name) and loves to cause chaos. To her, causing this chaos is all just fun and games. She is outspoken about everything and does't hold much back. You will always know what she is thinking because she will straight up tell you.

History: Rebel was born to two powerful Fallen Angels. Her mother was killed in a hit and run kind of accident and was left with her father when she was only two years old. Her father wasn't he best man and ended up abandoning her when she was only four. An older angel found Rebel wondering the streets starving a week later and took her in. Rebel lived with the angel, Noel and soon Noel started to play the role of Rebel's mother. Because of her abandonment, Rebel has major trust issues, she is always scared that if she gets close to someone, they will just end up leaving her, just like her dad.

Relationship Status: Single and Straight
Feelings about being in Fantasy Games: She is actually excited about the games. She is in to win.
Father...Abandoned her, hasn't heard from him since.

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Natasha  (ar y ffin) (Natasha_ar_y_ffin) Full Name: Emily Fitzpatrick
Nickname: Em
Age: 17
District and Species: 1 & Werewolf
Powers: none


Hair Color: Blond
Eye Color: Brown
Height: 5'5"

Personality: Emily is a reserved girl. She doesn't show her emotions often and may seem cold because of it. But the reason for it is quite simple: she doesn't want to get taken advantage of. She doesn't want any cracks in her personality that someone could get ahold of. Underneath, she is a sweet and gentle girl. She's always been the kid that others picked on, for the simple reason that she preferred to be by herself. It's not that she didn't like being around others, because she did. She just preferred the company of nature more. She loves to spend all the time she can outdoors, surrounded by the trees.

Like all people, she has her faults. One, is that she is very reserved. It'll take someone special for her to open up to. She is also very, very stubborn. Once she has her mind set, there's no stopping her.

She honestly hates being a werewolf. Because of what she is, she has horrible anger issues. With practice, she's been able to control that somewhat. She's not perfect, but she has a decent control over it.

History: Emily was born in District 1 to Daniel and Anna Fitzpatrick. She was the fourth and last child born to the couple. As Jeffery (the youngest kid at the time) had moved out the year prior, she was pretty much spoiled. But she has never let that get to her head though. She was picked on in elementary school for preferring nature over the other kids, which caused her to become even more reserved. Her parents worried, but there was nothing they could do except for talking to the teacher. That didn't help. So Emily went through elementary, middle, and most of high school in isolation. Not that it bothered her much. Things got better for her after she met James McCallan, who became her best friend. They've been inseparable and he didn't mind the fact that she loved nature.

Things changed when she was bitten by a rouge werewolf. No one knows what set it off, but she accidentally got in its way. After the attack, she safely made it home, but the damage was already done. She was forever changed. She remained in isolation from others, scared that she might hurt them. Only James was brave enough to get near her.

Relationship Status: open
Feelings about being in Fantasy Games: She's not happy, but knows there's nothing she can do about it.
Family: Daniel (father), Anna (mother), Jeffery, Hillary, and Margret (siblings.
Other: none

Jack Frost, Jaquelyn, Jackie:  {The empress of winter; The lonely white wolf } (elchornoboy) | 24 comments Full Name: Valentina Heartling
Nickname: Val
Age: 3093
District and Species: District 2 Vampire
Powers: She is very fast. She has very strong kicks. The rest is unknown.

((the other picture, I can not find))

Hair Color: Jet Black
Eye Color: Dark dark brown looks black
Height: taller than most girls

Personality: She is very sweet and kind. If you get on her bad side, she will
History: Long ago her family move to the Americas, but are from Romania. She is the princess of Romania. A couple years after the move she met another vampire named Vladimire. Then after she was almost killed by a vampire hunter her powers were growing. Her father created a necklace to keep her controlled. A day or so later her father was killed and so Valentina ran away just when Vlad realized that he wanted to bond with her. Valentina traveled the world with her mother and little brother leaving Vlad. Vlad soon after followed them.

Relationship Status: Has a boyfriend
Feelings about being in Fantasy Games: She is very neutral about it.
Family: Vladimire
Other: has a pet bat named KIKI

((not sure if this works))

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Full Name: Feadra White
Nickname: Fae
Age: 2000
District and Species: 9 siren
Powers: her song, though irresistibly sweet, was no less sad than sweet, and lapped both body and soul in a fatal lethargy, the forerunner of death and corruption

Hair Color: blonde
Eye Color: blue
Height: 5'6

Personality: Fae is a kind siren yet she hates men so she is only kind to the female race. She is a little mysterious only because she likes to keep a lot of things to herself. She loves to lure men and kill them swiftly. She believes men are not needed in this world and which is sorta true but only for the sirens. They do not need men to reproduce. She has not yet found a man that lives up to her standards nd that she hasn't hated instantly.

History: Fae was born in district 9. everyday se unts for her mum and brings ack new meat for them to share. she gets into alot of fights when other creatures say they are stronger than her. naturally, she challenges them. she had a child before but it died in the birthing process. she grieves for the child but rarely speaks of it.

Relationship Status:
Feelings about being in Fantasy Games: she doesnt really care for the games but sorta wants to be in them.
Family: her mom
Other: none

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Lucy Tearling | 3 comments Full Name: Gia Narkissa

Nickname: Gia

Age: 18

District and Species: District 5 Female - Ghost

Powers: She can be invisible and sometime can make her face look scary to scare others. She has a high killing instinct because of revenge and can be very dangerous sometime.

(view spoiler)
As a ghost, she sometime appear in the black, knee length spaghetti strap dress, the dress she wear when she died with her hair down. And sometime, she will appear, wet from head to toe with water dripping from her.

Hair Color: Silky black
Eye Color: Bright Blue
Height: 167cm

Personality: Gia is a nice girl. She is calm and always smile even to stranger. She' s caring and understanding but that was before, when she still alive. As a ghost, she is a bitter person. She easily get angry, vindictive and always scare people away. When she get angry she accidently hurt people. But she know, she still has the kindness in herself when she cried at night, regretting her doing, regretting every bad things she had done.

History: She has been killed by a robbers one day. They raped her and drowned her in the lake behind her house. When she come back form death, she found that all her family is gone. Until now, she never know what happen to her mother, and her two sweet little sisters.

Relationship Status: -

Feelings about being in Fantasy Games: She don't know what to feel. Scare? Happy? None. She really don't know what to feel.

Family: -

Other: -

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Jaidyn | 67 comments Mod
Full Name: Carys Victoria Emmory
Nickname: None that she knows of, but sometimes people call her names behind her back.
Age: 17
District and Species: District 4, Demon
Powers: She can grow dark wings and raise hell-bound creatures with her dark magic. :P

 photo DemonGirl_zps69ebd2d6.jpg
(view spoiler)

Hair Color: (view spoiler)
Eye Color: (view spoiler)
Height: 5'5

Personality: Carys is a rather complex being. For one, she hates people, but on the other hand, being alone for an extensive period of time sometimes freaks her out. She's hard on the outside, a protective layer of skin that fends off unwanted intrusion. She can be rather cruel to the irritating masses, and is very easily angered. Her short fuse and ability to hold a grudge is what fuels the fire that categorizes her as a Demon, aside from her unnatural abilities. She quite the prankster, and can tell lies that are practically opaque. She's incredibly clever and witty, and sometimes her sarcasm tends to drive others away if nothing else has. She's been called "Negative Nellie" more than a few times, and her raspy voice doesn't help the effect. On the other hand, she is quite vulnerable, but it more or less is what causes her to be so cold. It's incredibly hard for her to talk about her feelings, so instead she just protects herself from being judged. She grins, but she never smiles. Carys does have the ability to love, or smile, or be sensitive, but it doesn't come naturally.

History: Carys grew up in rather wealthy Demon family, and although her family wasn't famous, the Emmorys were known amongst the community. They were the poster family for the Demon species, always having bright smiles and perfect attitudes, at least for Demons. What the others didn't know was that behind closed doors, the truth was much less perfect.

To put it simply, Carys's father was and perhaps still is an alcoholic. Carys grew up fearing her parents, though as the youngest child, she was never the subject of abuse. Her mother, and sometimes her brothers were though. She would often hide under her bed with her stuffed bear, Atrox, until her father's yelling and her mother's screaming stopped. She and her brothers were scared out of their wits, and Carys would often leave the house once she was old enough to fend for herself. To relieve her frustrations, Carys would practice her abilities, try to fly away. Of course she could never leave, for she would smear her family's perfect image. She cut, and she cut a lot. She started the day her father slapped her, and left a hand-shaped bruise on her left cheek. She couldn't go to school for at least a week. She spent most of her time outside at this point, and at 15, when her father nearly tore her mother to shreds, she took the initiative. The opportunity. She got rid of him for good. Once her father "disappeared", her family went into recovery mode. It was very hard for her mother to get over his death*cough*disappearance, and PTSD lay wait for he entire family.

Relationship Status: Single...:P
Feelings about being in Fantasy Games: To be honest, she's grateful. All she's wanted for years was to get away from her family, and she's more than ecstatic about finally leaving.
Lucifer Emmory-Father, deceased
Aleksandra Emmory-Mother
Silas Emmory-Brother, Twin
Klaus Emmory-Brother, Other Twin
Other: Her brothers are a set of older twins.

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notyourfriend (amemori) | 80 comments Full Name: Kitty Spikes
Nickname: Just Kitty
Age: 14
District and Species: 10, Seer
Powers: She can notice the little details and sense if danger is nearby. She isn't that great at seeing the far future, but can see an hour maximum.

Appearance: description
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Brown
Height: 5ft.& 2in.

Personality: She's a great friend because she is really trustworthy. Smart, hard worker, listens to no one, gives great advice yet is indecisive when it comes to her own problems. You dont want to get on her bad side, but she does try not to start trouble. If something has to get done, she gets it done, no matter how hard it is... She sticks up for the truth, but is also a great liar if necessary...

History: Kitty was always a good Seer in learning. She did her work with complaining, until she turned 12. Her older brother was killed in the Fantasy Games and his death crushed her. She gave up on her Seer studies and started training in case one day she would be called into the Games. She does most things in honor of her brother. Since she stopped practicing her Seer studies, she fell behind alittle and can't seem to pull of a good seeing into the future like she used to. She thinkings its because if she had been better at it, she would have been able to foresee her brother's death.

Relationship Status: Single
Feelings about being in Fantasy Games: She is nervous because of her brother fate before her, but also a little excited to try to bring honor to her family.
Family: - Peter Spikes, father
- Jane Spikes, mother, deceased
- Chase Spikes, Older brother, deceased
- Ben Spikes, younger brother

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♪♫Gloria♫♪ Full Name: Hallie Jones

Nickname: Hal? Yeah... NO.

Age: 15

District and Species: Sprite, District 12

Powers: She has a way with Fire, and she enjoys being by it and watching it dance.

Appearance: src=http://fc06.devianta [image error]Hallie has bright twinkling violet eyes that compliment her dark red hair. She has freckles across her nose and a little on her cheeks. She has high cheekbones. She is 4' 6", quite normal for a sprite. Her hair is full of delicate, cascading curls. Her hair is naturally smooth, and almost never gets tangled. She has pianist-like fingers. She looks at bit old for her age. She is very, very pretty. Her wings, matching her red hair, are part black, and smoky-looking.

Hair Color: A Dark red at the roots, and a lighter red at the tips.
Eye Color: Violet
Height: 5'7

Personality: Hallie is the not-so-typical 15-y.o. She has perfect memory, and is wicked smart. She loves to talk, and to hang around with older people. She loves to get her hands on and any book she can. She would rather kill herself than wear any makeup junk, and she expects people to respect that. She hates it when people speak to her like she is 3, and if anyone did that, her temper will flare. She is otherwise very peaceful and kind, but is also very sarcastic and flirty.
Hallie is that kind of girl that you would think would be totally sweet and kind, but she is actually kind of not. Insulting her would result in being hit, or kicked, or punched. She is not that hard to take down, but you'll still want to watch her. She isn't easy to be friends with, and she is constantly swearing in- yes, i know- French. A lot of the time, she is sassy. She likes dressing nice, but she can never.

History: Hallie came from a very poor family. She was forced to be the most responsible one, both her parents have jobs. She isn't the oldest in her family of 7, with 5 sibs. She is the middle child, but both of her older siblings go away to their jobs, so she took care of her two younger sibs, Jozie and Josh, Both 7. She wasn't very welly trained with weapons, but studying some things at the training center will at least make her average. Her tribute, Cole, is a person she's never really talked to before. She was extremely poor; she thought him as mildly rich. She saw him plenty at school, and thought as him as one would think of any person she might know.

Relationship Status: Single. She wouldn't be the easiest to charm, so it would take quite a while if you wanted her as a Gf. She would be easier to charm if she was under extreme pressure. She doesn't notice pretty people like herself. She finds them too complicated. Hallie noticed average-looking people, like her fellow tribute, Cole. She's noticed him plenty, and she thinks she might be able to get him as an ally. Strangely, whenever she is around him, she feels fuzzy and warm...... Normal teenage thing?

Feelings about being in Fantasy Games: Hallie is disgusted, and mad, and, most of all, feeling the first feelings of braveness.

Family: Mom: Lila Jones (Dead) Dad: Beech Jones Older Brother: Jacob Jones Older Sister: Trinity Jones And, Younger Twins: Jozie (girl) And Josh (boy)

Other: Hallie has a beautiful laugh, though she rarely does(laugh). Her favorite colors are blue, green, and silver.

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Sam/Applejack♆ | 54 comments Mod
Everybody EXCEPT FOR : Rebel, Valentina, Faedra, and Gia. <-- those are NOT accepted yet.

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Rowan *call me Red* (rowanmoss) | 14 comments Full Name: Melody Rivers
Nickname: no one has given her one
District and Species: 8 Elves
Powers: she can control people to do her will and she is apple to disappear at will.


Hair Color: deep brown
Eye Color:
Height: 5'6"

Personality: Melody can be kind at times, but she does have a temper. She can be very deadly if people get on her bad side. For those who are her friends she will protect and be loyal to. She will do anything to protect those that she loves, and she will even give her life for those she cares for. She doesn't particularly like to fight, but she will if it is absolutely necessary.

History: Melody grew up in a small home, and she has only one sibling, an older brother. Her dad has always been protective and has told her to follow her heart, and don't let anyone get in her way. Her mom died when she was only 6 years old. Her brother and dad were both very supportive and did all that they could to feed them.

Relationship Status: single
Feelings about being in Fantasy Games: She does particularly like them, but she has wanted to get away from the drama at home.
Family: Brother: Collin; Dad: Peter

Rachel (I love music) (mistyjones02) I repeat may I be a witch, pretty please????

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Rachel (I Love Nico di Angelo~♥) wrote: "I repeat may I be a witch, pretty please????"

Nope. There aren't any in these games.

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Lucy *and I don't like Peter Pan* wrote: "But I made the ghost first... T_T"

Oh yes you did! So sorry, I'm changing the ghost to yours.

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Sam/Applejack♆ | 54 comments Mod
Characters that still need to be fixed are the following:
Cyril Acord
Kathrine Jordan
Feadra White
Valentina Heartling

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Sam/Applejack♆ | 54 comments Mod

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Lucy Tearling | 3 comments Applejack ♡ wrote: "Lucy *and I don't like Peter Pan* wrote: "But I made the ghost first... T_T"

Oh yes you did! So sorry, I'm changing the ghost to yours."


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Knockout i changed my mind i don't what to be in this group sorry

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Jaidyn | 67 comments Mod

Rachel (I love music) (mistyjones02) But what can I even do if I can't be a character?

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Jaidyn | 67 comments Mod
A spot just opened up. and it's called MAKING A BOY.

Rachel (I love music) (mistyjones02) I don't what to be a boy, I'm a girl!

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Jaidyn | 67 comments Mod
SO AM I. I have no problem making a guy, so that's your problem. Life isn't supposed to be led in your comfort zone.

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rachel WTHHH? Where is my character?

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notyourfriend (amemori) | 80 comments Whats her name?

message 28: by rachel (new)

rachel -.- I'm just going to leave my group if my characters are going to be deleted.

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notyourfriend (amemori) | 80 comments Make a guy

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Sam/Applejack♆ | 54 comments Mod
Rachel wrote: "-.- I'm just going to leave my group if my characters are going to be deleted."

I deleted it because all the spots were already taken.

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AJ what do i need to do to be accepted if im not?

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Sam/Applejack♆ | 54 comments Mod
Fix format and add more.

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Angel (Daughter of Hecate) wrote: "better?"

No, add more details! I'm sorry, but seriously. Look at everyone else's yours is not acceptable.

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Ok now?

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Sam/Applejack♆ | 54 comments Mod

Jack Frost, Jaquelyn, Jackie:  {The empress of winter; The lonely white wolf } (elchornoboy) | 24 comments Cana some one please approve my character!!!! I will leave this group if I have to.

♪♫Gloria♫♪ Because you went to the roof. And... you know your not suppose to rp if your charries not approved.

Jack Frost, Jaquelyn, Jackie:  {The empress of winter; The lonely white wolf } (elchornoboy) | 24 comments yeah, because I was waiting for like three weeks.

♪♫Gloria♫♪ Just stay off the group, if no comments come up on this thread, then don't come on it. In the meanwhile, you could add more things to your charrie or rp on another group.

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sol Can I make a girl charrie? Is that okay? Because I know that sometimes (most times) there are more girl characters than guy's...

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Kristen | 110 comments Sorry there's no more charities left

message 44: by sol (new)

sol Oh. Well, how does this work? If you get new members...?

message 45: by Kristen (new)

Kristen | 110 comments I don't know...

message 46: by sol (new)

sol Oh well :/ idk if i wanna stay in the group. Bye.

♪♫Gloria♫♪ I have no idea. Just make a dude or something and wait for AJ to get back.

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