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HetaMusicFan *Addicted to Thoughts* ( ●_●†)૭ (hetamusicfan) | 215 comments Mod
Flick your personal switch on whenever you come into the world of the great internet and beyond, and flick your switch off whenever you want to return back to the real world.
Please don't spam here; That's for the spam topic~

*Flicks switch* On!

Heartblade ♬(ノ゜∇゜)ノ♩ (heartblade) | 163 comments Wait? Where's my switch? *feels around the wall* Oh! Here it is! *flicks it on*

message 3: by Ashten (new)

Ashten (coddiwomple) On!

message 4: by Spellfire, (new)

Spellfire, what the hell is a Hufflepuff? (Spellfire) | 144 comments ON!!!! :D

message 5: by GonnaWingIt (new)

GonnaWingIt | 59 comments On~

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