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Reviewed Again on March 7th 2013

Reviewed Lost and Found in Russia on March 9th 2013

Reviewed Healer's Touch on March 11th 2013

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Reviewed Manipulating The List on March 13th

Reviewed Executing the List on March 14th

Reviewed Mumma Shana on March 18th

Reviewed Observation City on March 18th

Revieed Memoria on March on March 21

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Reviewed Reckless Rescue on March 23rd

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Reviewed Prophecy of the Female Warrior by K.A. Young on March 24th

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Reviewed Somewhere Between Black and White by Shelly HIckman on March 25th

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Reviewed Wander Home by Karen A. Wyle on March 25th.

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Reviewed How I Got Him To Marry Me, 50 True Stories by Cherise Kelley on March 27th.

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Reviewed Until You by Jennifer McNare on March 30th

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Reviewed Two Weeks in Costa Rica by Matthew Houde, Jennifer Turnbull - March 31

Reviewed The Obituary Rule by Sandra Murphy on March 31

Reviewed The Third Man by Malichi King - done - 3-31-13

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Reviewed The Marauding Wall of Doom by Bert Paul on April 1

Reviewed The Reaper Within by Stephanie Jackson on April 1

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Reviewed Darkness on a Pale Blue Stone by D.T. Peterson on April 3

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Reviewed Becoming Red by Jess Ravens & Paula Black on April 5

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Reviewed The Shadow Rises by K. S. Marsden on April 6

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Reviewed Blood Ties by Rustin Petrae on April 7

Reviewed In Gods' Hands by Jessa Callaver on April 7

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Reviewed Iron Bloom by Billy Wong on April 8

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Reviewed Tuesday's Child by Dale Mayer on April 11

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Reviewed Is This All There Is? by Patricia Mann on April 15

Reviewed Strangers On A Bus by Robb Logger on April 15

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Reviewed Mace of the Apocalypse by Daniel J. Williams on April 16

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Reviewed In The Spirit of Love by Debbie A. McClure on April 17

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Reviewed A Woman of Proper Accomplishments by J.A. Beard on April 18

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Reviewed Apart From Love by Uvi Poznansky on April 19

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Reviewed Stranded by J.C.Valentine on April 20

Reviewed Reapers with Issues by H.E. Ellis, Tom Elias, S. Quinn Shaw and Mikhail Vlakfeld on April 20

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Reviewed Captive at Christmas by Danielle Taylor on April 21

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Reviewed Adrift in the Sound by Kate Campbell on April 22

Reviewed Chains of Freedom by jess Mountifield on April 22

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Double Sapphire by Matthew J. Gracon on April 23

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Reviewed Road Warriors – Driving Life’s Highways Without a Seatbelt by by Jackie Schnupp on April 24

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Reviewed Misadventures of a Reluctant Traveler by Dean MacAllister on April 25

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Reviewed Dreaming of You by Jennifer McNare on April 27

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Darlene Jones (darlene_jones) | 31 comments Hi Marguerite. I love your name. It was my mom's too.

Would you be interested in reviewing one of my books? They're "soft" sci-fi/romance/adventure.

Thank you for your time and consideration of my request.

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Reviewed Ruthlessnes of Cats & Dogs by S.J. Hunter on May 2

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Reviewed Fargoer by Petteri Hannila on May 5

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Reviewed Engaging the Enemy by Heather Boyd on May 7

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Reviewed Broken City by D.D. Chant on May 9

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Reviewed Pirate Tales by Richard Stephans on May 11

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Reviewed Paula Deen A Memoir It Ain't All About the Cookin' by Paula Deen on May 12

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Athanasios (athanos) | 39 comments Hi Marguerite
I see you're requesting books to review. If you're into occult/horror and vampire fiction my work might interest you.

Here's a preview of what Predatory Ethics, my book series is about:

I also have a single shorter book I Am Eternal:Cowboys and Vampires

Here they are on Goodreads:

I can email them but please specify the format and which book you're interested in, at:
If you do leave a review I would appreciate if you do so at Goodreads and Amazon, or Barnes & Noble or Kobo.

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Reviewed His Allure, Her Passion by Juliana Haygert on May 25th (a few minutes before midnight)

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