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From all my years of food research, I think the issue of food addiction is a good place to start.

What do you think?

If you like it, I'm going to focus on books related to food addiction first.

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Links related to Fat, Sugar, Salt by Michael Moss:

Group Notes on Fat, Sugar, Salt by Michael Moss:

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This is the photo album on Healthy Eating that explains the neuroscience behind Food Addiction:

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I'm on Page 108 of Salt, Sugar, Fat and what is most striking is how ruthlessly the processed food industry has pushed its agenda on the American psyche - and now the world.

Did you know that the processed food industry deliberately infiltrated and eliminated the post Great Depression emphasis on self reliance, cooking and sustainability in the Home Economics classes of America's schools?

Betty Crocker wasn't real. She was developed in a marketing department. Yet her influence and emphasis on "convenience foods" instantly eclipsed the thousands of teachers who dedicated their lives to teaching the skills of growing and cooking to the next generation.

America has blandly accepted every underhanded tactic the processed food industry has used.

Like a parasite, Coke (and then Pepsi and the others) strategically invaded every situation in which people shared good times with one another: sports events, movies, etc. - and the American public let them do it.

Industry studies show that people love Coke (and other sodas) not so much for how they taste, but for what they mean.

In their minds, millions of people have paired these toxic substances with what brings them joy - even while it's destroying their health:



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