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Teresa bella and edward in meadow photo: the meadow edward bella Copyofinthemeadowbmp1.jpg

Why don't you just put pics on here. Just a Suggestion.

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Oh, this is mine too and I found this shirt that Bella is wearing at Goodwill!!! It is made by Eddie Bauer. I just love the flowers in this meadow. I am currently reading Eternal Kiss or something like that and she uses these same flowers. I love reading about when they hike up the trail to this meadow.

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I had this one up on my FB page for awhile, thanks for posting it.

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That's cute!

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I like all of those!!!

message 11: by AurorainBookland (new)

AurorainBookland Renesmee playing with her moms hair.

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Yeah that's a good one.

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AurorainBookland ★Ms.Jackie ★ wrote: "


Did you draw that ms.Jackie it's really good.

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