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How much does cover art play in your decision to buy or NOT buy a book?
Diane Diane Mar 11, 2013 06:12AM
My friends and I were having a discussion this weekend about books and their covers. Does cover art influence your decision to buy/read a book??

The cover is the first thing that catches my eye. However, I always read the blurb on the back, and if that looks intriguing I will buy it, even if I don't like the cover. There have been some books that I didn't like the cover at all, but am so glad I delved further! :)

The cover of a book is usually what makes me want to read the summary.

I absolutely hate when a book has the same cover as another.. There are a few books out there that I've noticed has the exact same cover.

The first impression on a book is on it's cover 'cause you can't really read half the book in the book store. My basic criteria for buying a book is: I see it on the shelf, if the cover catches my eye, I read the back of the book and than it's either I buy it or not. But I'm not ashamed to say a majority of my books I buy are based on my cover and I buy them without even reading the summary on the back of the book and lucky for me, all these books have been really good.

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Absolutely! That doesn't mean I wouldn't read a book with a lesser cover but whose premise I like and ratings and reviews that draw me in, I would (and do) ultimately end up reading the books I want to read for those reasons - but a great cover is going to catch my eye and cause me to land on a book sooner than I might have if the cover were less appealing.

Marina I would have to say definatly yes!! A good cover captures my eye and makes me want to read it even more so than reading the book description.
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I always select the books I want to read by their cover art and/or the book name. I feel that the cover & name should describe the book itself, so if they can fascinate me than the book plot & characters will too. The cover should make a statement, you know, which will make a person really want to know what is 'INSIDE'. Books like Fifty Shades Trilogy Bundle Fifty Shades of Grey; Fifty Shades Darker; Fifty Shades Freed by E.L. James and have inanimate object on it's cover that is connected to the material in the book. While book
Beautiful Disaster (Beautiful, #1) by Jamie McGuire
has a very interesting cover that makes me WANT to read the book.
So i would say that the cover art can really influence the sales of a book.

I'm not ashamed to say I judge a book by its cover. Sure, there are times I'm disappointed, but a lot of the time, good cover=good book. The way I see it, if they don't put a lot of effort into the cover, how much effort did they put in the editing and such? The entire point of a cover is to draw readers in, it's like a visual subnobsis (spelled and pronounced wrong, the description on the back). If you don't like it, don't read it. Obviously there are times I read a book with a strange cover and it turns out fine, but I just feel they need to put effort into catching our attention, and covers are a HUGE way to do that. If the cover sucks and I don't give it a second glance, that's their fault.

I tend to not buy books that have animated characters on the cover for example Throne of Glass (Throne of Glass, #1) by Sarah J. Maas instead of buying this book in store i went online and bought the hardcover version: Throne of Glass (Throne of Glass, #1) by Sarah J. Maas just because of the cover.
And with series i need to have matching covers

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It's not a make or break thing on books I read, however "prettier" covers are much better at getting my attention than others. I usually buy books based on the synopsis/snippet. The only exceptions to this are Comic Sans and Papyrus. If your book cover uses these fonts I will not read it.

The cover will really only dissuade me from buying a book if it is at complete odds with the book description. If the book is listed as a dark romance between a girl and a...idk, werewolf and you've got a bubblegum pink cover with daisies and a girl dancing ballet...I'm probably not going to buy your book. Over the top example, I know, but I've come across quite a few books like this. If there's that much of a disconnect between your story and your cover, I don't have high hopes that the story is going to be that good.

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I have to say most books that I have read or are going to read have been base on what their covers look like. Just the other day I bought The Lifeguard because the guy on the covers is smokin' hot! But I read the sample for it and it was good so (which I try to do before I buy a book).

Unfortunately I really do judge a book by it's cover.
I know it's stupid but it's the first I look at when I walk into a book store... If the cover is cheese I don't bother with it but if the cover catches my eye, than I bring out my handy dandy Cell Phone & I look it up on Good reads...

yes, i always look at the cover. however, if a cover catches my eye,i then look at the blurb.

The cover captivates me and will start to read the blurb. If I like the blurb then I would browse and skim through the book and then look at the cover again. If I like what I have briefly skimmed through, then I would buy it.

honestly.I feel like it does play a part. But thats why I try not to pay too much attention. I didn't like this cover all that much but sounded really good.

I don't like the cover but the book was smoking hottt!!!!! it couldve been better but well it was good enough i guess for a fun read

This is soo true. Even though though i know from experience that a good cover does not mean good story or a bad cover doesn't mean bad story i still do it.I usually read ebooks and yes my first impression is based on the cover and then i go read the synopsis and then checkout rating before i decide to buy an ebook. If the cover doesn't catch my eye sadly i don't really check the rest. Shallow i know lol but its just a habbit i cant get rid of.

If the cover catches my attention I will definitely read the synopsis. But then I will look at reviews and mostly base my decision to buy on those. I know the cover for Wait for You swayed me more so to get it...I was expecting it to be much steamier :(. Then there are books like Maybe Baby that had an awful cover (not the current one) that turned out to be much better than expected. I think my final decision to purchase is mostly based on the synopsis and reviews because of these reasons. In my experience, you can't always judge a book by it's cover really!

I have to admit it.. The cover really draws me in first. Especially those black and white covers that seem really popular nowadays.. They just remind me of those SEXY Calvin Klein ads :)..can't help it

There's a reason for the saying "Never judge a book by it's cover" and we should REALLY listen to that today. Most of the time it's the publisher and NOT the author that has final say over cover art. Plus retailers can even get in on the action by refusing to stock books with covers that are too provocative or risque. So it can take a lot of out what we, as readers, think should be on the cover. A cover may draw me in- but I try to ignore them for the most part. I pick what to read based on the blurbs and/or recommendation from trusted friends/sources.

I feel really bad about saying this but it does play a really huge part; not only in deciding which books to buy but what books to read.
But then again if the synopsis doesn't intrigue me enough I probably won't read it.

If I don't think the guy on the covet is hot I won't read. No matter how shallow that is it's the truth.

I am an absolute cover judge! I know that I may miss out on some good reads that way, but a book has to catch my eye! If I hear about a book, or see a new on on a shelf the title may sound interesting, but a cover can totally throw me off. It's so funny, because if it's something I heard about, or the title seems interesting, or its a genre that I like, I will read a little bit of the beginning, almost like I'm trying to talk myself in to buying the book, lol.

Absolutely!!... I agree, it most decides if I choose the book or not. Its done unconsciously.

I think it matters to a certain degree but honestly the book Almost by Anne Eliot was a great book and I didn't really like the cover.

I don't like to admit it, but yes the cover influences very much, it just often says so much about the book often after my experience, but i know, don't judge a book by the cover, but whatever..

It plays a big part since that is the first thing you see, however, the sample is really what draws me in. If the sample is horrible then I won't bother.

I don't think it plays a really big part but good covers are definitely eye catching.
I always read reviews before i buy a book, so cover art doesnt matter much.

The cover absolutely affects my decision to read it or not. I have found that if the cover looks to "dated", I tend to sway away from the book. I will say though that maybe at first sight I sway away, but if I keep hearing people talk about it and discuss it. I do end up giving it a whirl, but if it weren't for the chatter, chances are I would pass by it.

If a book looks stupid or cheap on the cover I usually will not get it

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Absolutely! I don't like covers that look cheesy or, God forbid, don't match the description of the book or it's characters. Simplicity in a cover is more my taste.. However If i like the synopsis of the book and see good reviews from other readers it really wont matter too much.

but i have to say, that even with a good cover, if the story is about a couple, it annoys me when they look nothing like they are described, or how I picture them in my head.

Rashika (is tired) ^^ you hate them too? .-.
*wipes tear from eye* It makes me so sad when there are so many happy people but here I am fuming whenever one of my favorite
Apr 01, 2013 01:20PM

The cover will get me to open it but I don't always give a book the chance if the cover doesn't draw me in. I do have to say that I will try it if I read a great review from Goodread's and you guys & gals.... Good cover or not.

Probably a large part of picking up a book, when perusing the bookshelf or online is the cover. What irks me is when the same cover is used on different books. The average Joe can photo shop now so if the book is about blonde and brunette make the people on the cover match. Or if the characters have tattoos throw some on. They photo shop the heck out of real people why not on book covers?

I get a feel of the book from the cover and also the snippet they give you on amazon. I almost missed a great book because I didn't lik the cover too much...so yeah the cover is important to me.

When I search for a new book on Amazon the cover is the first thing I have to go on, so it plays a huge part for me. I hate to think how many great reads I've skipped over because the cover hasn't enticed me :p

I do judge books by their covers to a degree.. if they are plain thats alright it doesn't bother me.. if they are sexy you better bet your ass i'll be picking it up.. but if its cheesy i will def. stray.

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