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message 1: by John (new)

John | 10 comments Mo, thanks for the invite to the group.

My wife Lauren and I spent our honeymoon at the House Alive cob workshop in Oregon--it was a pretty unusual honeymoon by most people's standards, but for a couple who spent a March spring break (we're teachers) in Maine at The Shelter Institute (diy homebuilding focused on post-and-beam and stick-frame houses, but very good, comprehensive introductions to all the systems of a house).

I'm sure we'll incorporate cob into our house when we build one, but we're not sure whether we'll build cob walls or not. It depends on how much attention we end up paying to building codes, which in turn depends on where we end up getting land.

We're currently living in Pennsylvania, but we're moving to Indiana, where Lauren will be teaching and I will be doing some freelance work and building up a skill base to enable us, eventually, to raise the majority of our own food (that's the plan, anyway). We're looking either to buy land in Indiana or upstate New York, in the Finger Lakes region where a friend of mine is already developing a homestead.

Mo, I'm right there with you, ready to get DOING.

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I live in a one-bedroom apartment with no plans to change that fact. I do wish that I could put a masonry stove in the laundry room and some stone walls up around the back 40. Maybe one of my suburban neighbors will want help with those projects.

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How did I miss adding my intro before now? :)

I have no idea how to relate how I have gotten to where I am on this path, but I'll give it my best shot. I have worked for the last 20 years in the construction trades while putting myself through college and graduate school, than then stayed in the trades after both since being so very clever I had chosen to go into the lucrative field of philosophy in my studies. For the last decade I have been a designer, working mostly on interiors, but also doing exteriors and landscape design when needed.

I have a long history of being frugal, and being on the fringes at best of popular culture. Not that I am some burned out hippie (nothing wrong with peaceful hippies mind you.. ) but rather just someone who has seen the desire and need for alternative solutions to virtually any problem.

I was drawn into cob first because of the amazing design possibilities. Once the decision to move, leaving behind my business and livelihood, was made I came across a situation where I could get some land in trade for work. This was not my first choice for several reasons but it did look like a practical choice. This led me to consider underground construction because the location was/is much hotter than the climate of my first choice which for reasons I won't go into had to be put on the back burner. Now I am sold completely on underground construction, particularly the PSP method by Mike Oehler, which allows almost anyone to build a house for pennies that will live more comfortably than the mass produced boxes that constitute suburbia.

I have been a gardener all of my life, and find little more satisfying that producing (and eating!) your own food.

The $50 and Up Underground House Book by Mike Oehler
How to Grow More Vegetables than you Ever Thought Possible (devons?)
The Reasonable Woman: A Guide to Intellectual Survival

The last of these is obviously not a book on alternative construction, but it is the best book I have ever found as an introduction and explanation to honest civil intellectual discussion, which helps the reader avoid the unnecessary confusions and emotional reactions to honest discussion.. thus is invaluable.. :)

Good luck to everyone, wherever you are on your path...

message 4: by P_Racemosa (new)

P_Racemosa (Tzu-Jan) | 1 comments Natural builder for GoldenMean Green Building and Design. I like to build treehouses and strawbales. I love to be the design consultant on green remodels but like best designing small spaces.
I am coordinating an Ecovillage project in Santa Cruz CA.
I really don't like the building code, but I like the pirate code.
I also don't like potato salad.
I do like...strawberry milkshakes
Ok...bye now....

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Luis (luisu) | 2 comments My interests are mainly in Urban planning and the resurgence as the bike as a primary mode of transportation. I am interested in Green Building and design as it evolves in Metropolitan Areas.

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Luis (luisu) | 2 comments Electric working bike?

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