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Thorn nodded and sat down on a couch. "Nice place you have." He commented.

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"Charity, that was nice." He took a sip of the hot drink. "Besides my sister, no."

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"The last angel who said he loved her broke her heart. She's been fragile ever since." Thorn replied.

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Thorn nodded with regret and took a big sip. "But, I'm warning you, if he does break her heart..."

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Thorn nodded. "I won;t touch him physically, that isn;t my style." he finished the coffee. "Thanks for the drink and dinner. Your tip in in your pocket."

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Thorn tilted his head. "I said it was a tip." He placed it on her lap. "A gift from me to you."

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He smiled faintly and took off his shirt to take the money out. He put it in the front of hers. "It's ride to return a gift."

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Thorn raised an eyebrow at her, knowing her game. He averted his eyes out of respect. He uncliped his jeans and took the money out. He put it in her trousers.

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Thorn blinked with a smile. He leant forward and hooked the money into her bra with no hands.

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Thorn blinked his wide eyes in shock then kissed back.

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He grunted softly.

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The hidden part of his emotions came alive and he slid down hers.

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He shivered and slipped out of them. He kissed her hard.

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He groaned softly and slid down her underwear.

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He quickly slid on a cond. and went in her.

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Thorn pulled her close to him.

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He moaned softly, going in and out fast.

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He sucked on her toungue, kissing hard back. He pressed up hard against her.

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He grunted softly and stuck his toungue in her mouth, kissing fast and hard.

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He grunted softly everytime she pulled, kissing hard.

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His body went up and down, and his toungue moved around in her mouth.

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Thorn kissed where he could with passion, his hands going over her body.

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Still in her, he kissed her chest hard.

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Thorn gasped in pleasure, shivering. His eyes were wide and he was panting.

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Thorn hadn't slept. He looked at at Veronica with a faint smile. "Well, that was nice." He commented softly.

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