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what happened to B&N

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message 1: by Debbie (new) - added it

Debbie It was on B&N and then I went back the next day to purchase it and now it's gone? Is it going to be back on B&N?

message 2: by Casey (new) - added it

Casey i don't see it on B&N....???!!! help me

Saffron Yea I know, it sucks. waited for it to come on B&N for a while. But kindle has it, so I gave up and got it from there

message 4: by Casey (new) - added it

Casey how do you get a kindle app on a nook? I don't know how to do that do you ?

message 5: by Debbie (new) - added it

Debbie nope...I don't have any of the other technology stuff to get the kindle app. I only have the Nook.

Saffron nope there is no way to get kindle app on the nook. for the longest time I only had the nook and I hated it because lots of indie authors are not on there. so as soon as I could I switched to kindle, now I have both. makes my life so so much easier!

message 7: by Casey (new) - added it

Casey OK thanks I guess I will have to buy a kindle when I can and buy all the books I wanted :)( Maybe by then they all will be cheaper lol. Thanks so much by the way do you know any GREAT books I can down load on my nook to read right now? I haven't been able to fine something that isn't six months waiting for part two.

Saffron Hey, so recently, I read this book called "Johnny be good", its kind of a rom com (bad boy, good girl with lots of drama). it has a sequel (baby be mine) but its on the market so you dont have to wait. "Easy" by Tamara Weber is another one that is a stand alone and is pretty good.
Also, if you have read books like Dark duet series, You might also like Wanderlust, screaming in silence. And there is an amazing book by A. Meredith Walters called "find you in the dark". it has a sequel but its been released already.

I hope this helps!

message 9: by Casey (new) - added it

Casey Thanks so much it helps me a lot. :)

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