Vanish (Firelight, #2) Vanish question

Taylor Swift Cover ??
deleted member Mar 11, 2013 04:23AM
I have always thought that the girl on the cover of "Vanish" looked like Taylor Swift. Just wondering if anyone esle had the same thought..

Didn't even enter my mind that the cover model looked like Taylor Swift. I know she has a really angular face. And in the first and last book she looks great. This particular cover though, had great coloring. But I don't know the face angle or the way the cheek bones are showing. Sorta makes me think she looks a touch more masculine in a way than with the other two covers.

I could see the resemblance
but if I had a list made up of people I thought the model on the cover looked like, Taylor Swift would have been my fifty-eth choice.
I think mostly the face structure is immensely different
but good call.
Never thought of it that way. ^^

hahaha true..she does look like her ^^

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