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Training Squad: (Ask in thread to be put in one)

Powers and Abilities:



History: (Five lines)

Personality: (Three lines)





Pet Peeves:





Name: Clary Mayne
Codename: Elf
Age: 16
Grade: 10
Training Squad: The League

Powers and abilities: She looks like an elf, pointed ears, wide eyes and all. Her powers is summoning and using darkness, able to move silently through it and coat a space in it so no one can see except her.


Gender: Female

History: When Clary was born, her parents thought she was a freak as she had pointed ears, high cheekbones, and the other features of an elf. When she was a few years older and her brother was born, her parents rejected her for him. It was this tome that she discovered she could summon and use darkness, and used it to hide herself from the rest of the world. When her parents discovered that her brother, Alec, could use and summon light, there were horrified and cast him away from them. Alec came to her in tears, and she looked after him like a sister should, and mothered him. When they were old enough, she fled their home, taking with them very few belongings. They arrived at this school and stayed quiet, happy to have a home. Clary looks after Alec.

Personality: Clary is quiet, she didn't get attention as a child, and doesn't look for it now for the worry of being turned away. She longs for company, but stays in the darkness. Otherwise she is brave and very protective of Alec. She is friendly and kind if you get to know her.

Relationship/crush: Luke Thorn

Sexuality: Straight

Family: Parents disowned and little brother - Alec

Pets: A black and grey kitten named Marshmallow that comes up to her randomly.

Pet Peeves: Liars

Joys: Reading, singing (when alone)

Hobbies: Making her brother happy, shooting bow and arrows

Other: Because she is Elf, her weapons are a bow and arrows. Also uses darkness and daggers of solid darkness.

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Name: Alec Mayne
Codename: Lyte
Age: 15
Grade: 9
Training Squad: The League

Powers and abilities: He can summon and use light, altering it for different purposes.

[image error]

Gender: Male

Alec was born into a household full of confusion. He knew he had a big sister, but wasn't sure why his parents rejected her as he had never seen her. His parents gave him everything and anything he asked for, and he loved them for it. They threw parties for him, but he never saw Clary there. One say, he was playing with the light switch and a lightbulb. He took the light out of the lightbulb with his mind and was playing it in his hands. His parents came right then and his mother screamed, both horrified. Alec was rejected and in tears, he called out for his sister, now knowing why she was rejected. Clary cared for him, and when they were old enough, fled to this school.

Personality: Alec's a bit more bold than his sister, but still quiet because of their past. He sometimes seeks attention, still use to how his parents treated him when he was younger. He isn't as brave as his sister when it's nedded, but preotectiveness in him can still be ignited. Alec's also caring and funny. If someone cheats on him and he finds out, or if someone close to him hurts him, he takes it really hard.

Relationship/crush: Darcy Thorn.

Sexuality: Bi

Family: Parents (disowned), big sister - Clary

Pets: A black and grey kitten named Marshmallow that comes up to him and his sister randomly.

Pet Peeves: People that push it too far with him.

Joys: Reading, listening to music, the sun.

Hobbies: Playing with his powers, writing songs, mucking about with his sister.

Other: He fights with his powers. Hates Luke's guts.

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Thanks! :D

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Esther (essie7198) Name: Charlotte Sonns
Codename: Ghost
Age: 15
Grade: Freshman
Training Squad(Ask to be put in a squad and get daily missions or exercises in the danger room): Cosairs

Powers and abilities: "phase" through objects (generically the same as Kitty Pryde) also can become transparent(more when she's phasing through things)

Appearance: she's 5'3"

Gender: Female

History: She was raised in a generally normal family, she was the only girl of the family, she doesn't know what happened to her mother. Her two older brothers often teased her for being a girl and she grew stronger from that, determined to prove them wrong. She kind of ended up being a misunderstood delinquent who often got into fights which were usually in someone else's defense, but teachers never really listened to her. A year ago when she was in a fight someone threw a punch, and it went straight through her. Panicked she ran home to her family who each had different reactions, one brother tried to make it seem cool, her father tried to get her to ignore it, and the other brother just ignored her. Not long afterwards she ran away to the mansion.

Personality: She's always trying to be tough and prideful. She's always optimistic, silly, and cheery, unless she's pissed. She is very sarcastic and teases a lot, but that's how she was raised to show affection. She's always curious and is easily suspicious. When you get to know her better she does become very sweet and caring. VERY protective.

Relationship/crush: Open

Sexuality: Straight(not narrow)

Family: Father- 55, Brother- 17, Brother- 18

Pets: Had a dog when she lived with her family.

Pet Peeves: (in order of irritation) Being called weak because she's a girl, people bullying those weaker than them, bullying in general

Joys: Mock fights, hanging out with people she cares for

Hobbies: None in particular, when she's bored she sharpens her little daggers(she keeps them in her sleeves) against each other, or she passed one of her fingers through another one, just cause.

Other: can only phase through solids, or at least half-solids like oatmeal or something (only she probably would never have to do that)

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Eleanor (forever-angel) | 1030 comments Name: Luke Thorn
Codename: Danger
Age: 17
Grade: 11
Training Squad(Ask to be put in a squad and get daily missions or exercises in the danger room):

Powers and abilities: incredible telekinesis powers


Gender: Male

History: When Luke was born he seemed like a normal child, although he had a symbol of a bird on his chest when he was born. His parents didn’t think anything of it until they found him moving objects around the house. His parents abandoned him, leaving him at an orphanage when he was 3. He was adopted and never looked back. He had heard news of his sister, how she was a mutant like him but he’s never found her. He’s still looking for her.

Personality: Everyone likes him. He’s friendly and likes to have a laugh. Although at times he prefers to be alone. He’s responsible and independent; he can keep his head in any situation. He’s loyal and courageous.

Relationship/crush: Clary Mayne

Sexuality: straight

Family: Darcy Thorn, looking for her

Pets: Black dog with blue eyes called whisper. Whisper is a male.

Pet Peeves: none

Joys: relaxing,

Hobbies: playing soccer/football


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Eleanor (forever-angel) | 1030 comments Name: Darcy Thorn
Codename: Windy
Age: 15
Grade: 9
Training Squad(Ask to be put in a squad and get daily missions or exercises in the danger room):

Powers and abilities: Has control over all the elements.

Appearance: Has golden brown wavy hair that falls half-way down her back. Her eyes change colour from green, to blue, to orange/red, to brown, to white. She has pale skin with symbols all over her arms. They are the symbols of the elements.

Gender: Female

History: When she was born she had symbols all over her arms. The symbols of the elements. Her parents knew about mutants since her older brother was one, and they hated them. They gave her to an orphanage. The first memory she has was being surrounded by other children, them throwing rocks and bits of glass at her. Somehow she stopped the rocks in mid air, but the glass hit her. The next thing she knew she was on the roof, away from everything. She ran away from the orphanage after other strange events happened. She’s been on her own ever since. When she was at the orphanage, she found out she has a brother and has been looking for him, but has had no luck so far.

Personality: She’s independent and wants to live life to the full. She’s energetic, bubbly and loves to have a laugh. Likes most people but she dislikes anyone who thinks of themselves above others. She’s a free spirit just like the elements she controls.

Relationship/crush: Open

Sexuality: Straight

Family: unknown
Looking for her brother.

Pets: A black cat with bright green eyes called Shadow. Shadow is a female

Pet Peeves: people who think too highly of themselves

Joys: Singing, flying, playing with the elements.

Hobbies: Flying, singing

Other: Fights with the elements, although also fights with a dagger. Her favourite and strongest element to use is air and wind, that’s the reason for her code name.

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Abigail   (rose_way) | 572 comments Name: charlotte Xavior
Codename: adaptor
Age: 18
Grade: 12
Training Squad(Ask to kid xmenbe put in a squad and get daily missions or exercises in the danger room):

Powers and abilities: she is a tellipath and teleknetic like professer x (her uncle), when she is remembering a sad memory changes to a 10 year old, she can adapt to any situation.

Appearance: http://www.i-studios.org/ducksdwellin...

Gender: female

History: she grew up wanting to.get away from her family to find refugde in germany but found out a nother mutant was being harlmed for his power. When she did make it to the x-men she grew up training to use her powers more effectivly. some of her life she prefers not to show herself or anyone.

Personality: she is a deff so silent, confusing to understand. she speeks tellipathicaly to others. she hides emotions, memories and more different things.

crush: open

Sexuality: strainght

Family: charles Xavior (her uncle), she hates the rest of her family

Pets: none

Pet Peeves: she hdes things even from family

Joys: having friends, helping, learning

Hobbies: reading, being with friends

Other: charles exavior is the only member of family she trusts

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Esther (essie7198) My character has the same name..

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Abigail   (rose_way) | 572 comments lol

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Avril of Themyscira Name: Harriet Budreaux

Nickname: Hattie or Etta

Codename: Lady Fate

Age: 18

Grade: 11

Training Squad:

Powers and abilities: She can see the future- to an extent. Since the future has so many possibilities, her foresight changes. She can see all the possibilities, yet has no idea which is destined. She has unbeatable reaction time, and is highly sensitive to things around her, her power enabling her to process more in sight and sound than the average human. She has advanced stamina, flexibility and agility. She is very good at observing people's emotions and guessing their thoughts, due to seeing their futures. She is additionally an expert, near flawless marksman.
Temporal healing-can speed up the process of time and heal lightening fast.
Temporal Manipulation- Can slow certain aspects of the world around her
Temporal Stretching- Can alter her world to run faster, hit harder (has punched through steel)

Gender: female

History: Hattie was born in Afghanistan to a family of Afghan royalty, and they were killed when she was seven in a bombing. She reached the American embassy, and was then adopted at ten by an American family in Louisiana. There, from an early age, she worked to control her powers while working on her parent's fishing boat. At thirteen, she met and began to work for Gambit, having dropped out of school due to bullying. She loves him, but knows he doesn't reciprocate her feelings. She doesn't see him in her future, which causes her great pain.

Personality: She is caddy and sly, an ice queen by definition who doesn't seem to care much about anything. But say anything about her family or Gambit, and she will bite faster than you can run away. She is fiery and well spoken, and will speak up for herself. She has learned from being on the streets to have keen eyes and a sharp manner, and does not put much emphasis on what she wears, barely getting by in school as well.

Relationship/crush: Gambit

Sexuality: straight

Family: James and Adelaide Budreaux

Pets: A bernese mountain dog named Coit http://3.bp.blogspot.com/__v9tpe263VM...

Pet Peeves: People who don't like her accent or the way she talks, rude people, people who are arrogant and don't like animals

Joys: Talking to people (specifically Gambit), training excersizes, running and playing with Coit

Hobbies: Playing piano and guitar, playing poker and cards, cooking


Avril of Themyscira aww i'm sorry!!

Avril of Themyscira wow! Is he approved?

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Rue Fleur (mardigrasdemon) | 4578 comments Mod
*Cori* wrote: "Name: Veronica Vanessa Carlysle
Codename: Coycat
Age: 17
Grade: 11
Training Squad(Ask to be put in a squad and get daily missions or exercises in the danger room):

Powers and abilities: Just lik..."

Awww Wade is gonna meet his daughter

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Rue Fleur (mardigrasdemon) | 4578 comments Mod
You should have that happen while everyone is regrouped.

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Rue Fleur (mardigrasdemon) | 4578 comments Mod
The School Hall

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Ghost~still Luna~ | 678 comments Name: Luna Knight
Training Squad(Ask to be put in a squad and get daily missions or exercises in the danger room):

Powers and abilities:can control fire and can turn invisble when need be also has the ability to shapeshift and teleport and create things out of nothing

Appearance:(Pictue or 3 line description. No anime please)http://10wallpaper.com/wallpaper/1920...


History: (Five sentences) daughter of nightcrawler but she never knew him and he has no idea that he has a daughter.abandoned at the age of 2 she was taken in by a small family then thrown out at ten when they discovered what she could do and what she is. she was soon found by mystique but she got away and went to professor xavier and has been with him ever since learning to control her powers

Personality: (Three lines) she's shy and sweet and also she is not one people want to hurt or cross .she is very careful of who she is with and her heart tells her who to trust. she's a people person but she is very quiet

Relationship/crush:Alexander "Alex" Summers
Family:nightcrawler but cannot find him and he does not know she exists

Pets:a wolf pup named leo
Pet Peeves:none

Hobbies:loves to draw and sing and create thing out of nothing

Other: her wolf is overprotective

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Stephanie | 769 comments Name: Caroline Summers(sometimes goes by Cara)
Codename: Spirit(that ok?)
Age: 14
Grade: 7th
Training Squad(Ask to be put in a squad and get daily missions or exercises in the danger room):

Powers and abilities: can change form, like shape shift, into anything she wants to help herself in whatever situation however she wants to. Can also control the natural elements. Sometimes eyes turn different colors. She has this 'Nightmare' mode that sometimes takes over when she's fighting, but she doesn't know about it and passes out when she gets out of it, and the power makes her do things she doesn't know how to do, like scream and shake the room or hurt someones ears

Appearance: Brown hair that is thick and can be poofy when fully combed and brushed. Dark skin, but a little lighter so like a dark light brown. A little smaller than average height for a 14 year old, like by an inch or so.

Gender: female

History: Was walking home from the mall when some guy grabbed her and tried to steal her money and items. She then attacked using her powers without meaning to. She kept it a secret for a while and finally told her parents after a month. Her parents sent her to the school with kids like her to learn how to use her powers. She arrived just barley knowing how to use her powers.

Personality: Can be really shy, especially around boys because she grew up with sisters and an older brother. When you get to know her she slowly opens up. Loves to make people laugh and smile, even if she ends up making a fool of herself.

Relationship/crush: none yet

Sexuality:(like which gender she likes?) boys?[idk what u mean by this]

Family: father, mother, two sisters(one older, one younger) and one brother in collage

Pets: none because siblings are allergic to cats and dogs

Pet Peeves: doesn't like it when boys make fun of her, or light of her, but it usually depends on what they say and the situation

Joys: reading, drawing, dancing, playing the clarinet and a few basic Bass[orchestra] notes

Hobbies: reading, drawing, dancing to music

Other: can get stuck in a form when shifts if hit by electricity, but only for a little while[mainly depending on how hard the attack was]

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Stephanie | 769 comments yay thank you!

Jane Isles-Rizzoli Name: Maria D'Ancanto
Codename: Rogue 2
Age: 16
Grade: 10
Training Squad(Ask to be put in a squad and get daily missions or exercises in the danger room):

Powers and abilities: Same as Rogue, Minus the Flying power

Appearance: [image error] [image error] [image error] [image error] [image error]

Gender: Female

History: Born in the same town as her mother Maria was raised to a Single parent. After a while her mother disappeared causing her to get sent into the Foster system. she left her home in Mississippi and headed to New York to see what was there. While she was there she'd gotten into a fight with a few muggers and somehow won. Discovering that she had leech, like Skin she then deigned herself to wear gloves, and long sleaved shirts, as well as long sleaved pants.

Personality: Tough to read she's really tomboyish. She hates doing girly stuff but will occasionally indulge one of her friends. She acts like a loner sometimes but mostly she wants to fit in.

Relationship/crush: She has a Crush on Logan Howlette (Wolverine)

Sexuality: Streight

Family: Antonette (Mother, Unknown, She watched the Newsfeeds and liked how Rogue acted and held herself so she named her daughter after her)

Pets: N/A

Pet Peeves:

Joys: Reading, Writing, Sports, Running

Hobbies: Reading, Journaling, Running, Sports


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Name: Celeste Cuckoos
Codename: Five-In-One
Age: 18
Grade: 12
Training Squad(Ask to be put in a squad and get daily missions or exercises in the danger room):

Powers and abilities:Telepathy, Telepathic Illusion, Mind Link, Mind Control, Mind Possession, Mind Alteration, Telepathic Camouflage, Cloak Mind, Telepathic Tacking, Astral Projection, Mental Paralysis, Mental Amnesia, Psionic Blasts, Gestalt Physic Link, Organic Diamond Form, Telepathic Immunity, Superhuman Stamina, Superhuman Strength, Flawless Diamond and Perpetual Diamond Heart
But they are not as strong for her as Sophie.

Appearance:(Pictue or 3 line description. No anime please) [image error]

Gender: Female

History: The five sisters were grown from ova cells harvested from the mutant telepath Emma Frost. They were properly known as Sophie, Phoebe, Irma (aka Mindee), Celeste, and Esme Cuckoo. They are only five of many cloned daughters. The remaining hundreds (if not thousands) of clones reside within incubation chambers inside a hidden underground laboratory at The World, a complex housing the Weapon Plus program.

Personality: Celeste is like her sisters, kind when she wants to be and judgemental. She follows Sophie, knowing she's the leader.

Relationship/crush: OPEN

Sexuality: Straight

Family: Mother, Emma Frost; Sisters... a lot

Pets: None

Pet Peeves: ((uh...))


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Quemares Name: Felipe Menares
Codename: Tassadar
Age: 17
Grade: 11
Training Squad:

Powers and abilities: Energy Absorption/Transferal, Can produce his own energy to use (which is part of his aura) and Ergokinetic Combat.

Appearance: http://weheartit.com/entry/52118148/v...

Gender: Male

History: Felipe was born with his powers but he didn't know how to use them until it was necessary to use them. When a thief tried to steal from his parents, Felipe used his aura to protect his parents from a bullet. The thief ran away and Felipe decided that he could make the world a better place. He made a costume and used the name of Tassadar as his superhero name. He later found out that he could absorb different types of energy and use it to enhance his own physical attacks, store it or release it.

Personality: Felipe is smart. He is nice and will always try to help others. He is loyal and will never give up on anything unless it is proven that the thing that he's trying to not give up on is wrong.

Relationship/crush: Open

Sexuality: Straight

Family: His parents

Pets: None

Pet Peeves: People that walk too slow and that don't show any reason for walking that slow.

Joys: Likes to get places in short periods of time.

Hobbies: Likes to practice parkour.

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Jane Isles-Rizzoli Name: Jasmine Aranthy
Codename: Tigress
Age: 7
Grade: 3rd
Training Squad(Ask to be put in a squad and get daily missions or exercises in the danger room):

Powers and abilities: the abilities and senses of a Tiger plus the ability to shift into a Black Tiger She bears the soul of a Black Tigress who was killed by a Hunter.

Appearance: [image error] [image error] When she's Older [image error] [image error] [image error]

Gender: Female

History: Was born in Stevens General in Texas then moved here because her parents were terrified of her powers. She's been learning how to control her Powers and how to fight. She misses her family but knows that staying here is for her own good. She started hearing fro her parents three months into her stay, but seven months later the letters stopped. She was an only child.

Personality: She's headstrong and strong tempered. She's increadibly brilliant. She hates being teased about her height.

Relationship/crush: N/A

Sexuality: Streight

Family: Davis (Father), Dannica (Mother),

Pets: N/A

Pet Peeves: People who tease her about her height.

Joys: Playing,

Hobbies: running, Jumping


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Training Squad(Ask to be put in a squad and get daily missions or exercises in the danger room):

Powers and abilities: can freez stuff and never mis a target with a bow

Appearance:(Pictue or 3 line description. No anime please) long blond hair and light blue eyes. Snow has wolf ears on top of her head and a wolf tail. she wears a hat to cover her ears and hides her tail. she wears t hoodie and jeans


History: (Five sentences) when she was 12 her mom and dad died in a car accident. she lives by helself and she works a a part time job. Snow only family was her mom and dad. she gose to the school now because of her DNA. and she will skip the scool one day because she will be at her partents graves.

Personality: Snow is shy and kind she cant to see some one hurt. because of her past she will gpo to that person and help unless their a bad guy.


Sexuality: stright

Family: none


Pet Peeves: when some one teaser her or someone comes up and ask her question about her past

Joys: seeing pic of her partents when she gose to their graves for the day

Hobbies: drawing, reading

Other: she can run really fast and smell, heard really good to

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Immy  | 19 comments AHHHHHHHHHHHHH I CREATED A CHARACTER AND I CANNOT FIND HER ANYWHERE!!!!!! her name is scarlette-rose and she can control the elemnts!! SOMEBODY HELP!!

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Okay, okay. Mutant, Avenger or Super Hero?
Are you sure you actually posted her? Because I usually look through them if Cori needs help to approve

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Abigail   (rose_way) | 572 comments kristin heres a link to a group that needs to be started, you can be a mod with me: http://www.goodreads.com/group/show/1...

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I don't know HP that well

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Abigail   (rose_way) | 572 comments how come?

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I haven't read them, and voldemort/harry (the actors) annoyed me in the movies... :)

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Abigail   (rose_way) | 572 comments wtf what I may not have read the books but I love the films

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my fave bit was when voldemort turned into 'confetti' :D

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Abigail   (rose_way) | 572 comments I loved his one and for ever death apart from his spirit 19 years after his death

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Abigail   (rose_way) | 572 comments lol masive HP and Doctor Who fan right here

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I'm trying to watch episodes, but my mum sends me to bed

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Abigail   (rose_way) | 572 comments lol mat is epic read my status from englands last weeks episode

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Nice :D

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Abigail   (rose_way) | 572 comments ikr

I'm armed.... with a screwdriver

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Screwdrivers are awesome

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Abigail   (rose_way) | 572 comments expecally sonic screwdrivers

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Yes, especially them :D


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Abigail   (rose_way) | 572 comments lol kk

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kirstin ✿ (shoutohdoroki) Name: Loraine Montgomery
Codename: Psyche /syk/
Age: 16
Grade: 10
Training Squad (Ask to be put in a squad and get daily missions or exercises in the danger room):
Powers and abilities:
1. Telekinesis - The ability to move inanimate objects by concentrating on it, full attention. Some other times, when her emotions are triggered, it can cause explosion or some minor combustion. This does not apply to humans, though.
2. Time Control - Stops time for 30-60 seconds, rewinds time within the past 15-30 seconds, fast-forwards time for 30-60 seconds. This ability doesn't alter the future or the past since it can only control limited time, but is pretty useful especially when in a do-or-die situation. Time control itself is limited. Psyche cannot use this ability whenever she wants. It can kill her. When she performs the power, she has to rest and make sure her energy's back before doing it again. Normally, it takes an hour or two to recover fully.
3. The Touch - By touching any object and even a person, Psyche learns their history and background. Although this ability is only a secret to her. She doesn't want anyone knowing that she knows what their life has been, especially when they have a dark past.
Physical Skills - Agility, stamina, and flexibility. She's been trained in hand combat, sword-fighting, and archery. She moves with such stealth that is impossible to distinguish from the wind.
Appearance:Psyche has a slender body, standing 5'6. Curly, copper red hair that matches her dark brown eyes. Fair complexion. High cheek bones. Long eye-lashes.
Image and video hosting by TinyPicImage and video hosting by TinyPicImage and video hosting by TinyPicImage and video hosting by TinyPic
Gender: Female
History: Loraine doesn't really know who her real parents are. She was raised in an orphanage until the age of 7, and then was adopted by two English people. She then grew up in England, attended in a boarding school, had boyfriends, and fight with her foster parents. At 12, her powers were slowly beginning to manifest. In Grade 6, when she touched her classmate, she started seeing visions: playing in the mud, 7th birthday celebration, drowning in the beach, and so on. She blanked out for almost a minute while the vision was unfolding in her mind, and then collapsed. She then realized that the girl she had seen was the classmate she touched. At 13, a bully humiliated her in front of the cafeteria. Since then every time she touched anything, she would see visions, flashes in her head, and then collapsed. And so she always wore gloves to avoid physical contact. She got mad. During her outburst, the windows exploded. She then collapsed. At 15, she began questioning who she really was after those incidents. When she confessed to her foster parents about what had happened, they were reluctant at first. When she showed them what she could do, they were unnerved. And so they brought them back to the orphanage. She wanted to know where she had come from, the only answer she got: Ox's. The orphanage then took her to the said school. There she learned how to enhance and control her power. And also learned of her Time Controlling ability. She still had contacts with her foster parents. And during summer, she comes back to England to spend time with them. At the present, Psyche still doesn't know who her real parents are. But she would say, "Who the hell cares?"
Personality: Psyche is clever, loyal to friends, feisty, has a good sense of humor, and has a sharp tongue. She says what has to be said, what is necessary. She's straightforward. But when it comes to the vision she sees from her Touch, she is very secretive. Determined; when she says she can do it, she will do it. She will make sure it will be done.
Relationship/crush: None at the moment
Family: Real parents, unknown. Foster parents are from England.
Pets: A very clever Persian cat named Nala.
Pet Peeves: When someone pinches her nose.
Joys: Seeing her foster parents. Learning something new about her abilities. Spending quality time with her friends. And when she flies, or when someone who flies bring her with them.
Hobbies: Psyche really loves reading books, going swimming, hiking. She also likes training.
Other: She names herself 'Psyche' because she thinks that her abilities really need full mind concentration.
** Hello! So I was the one who posted on the Suggestions & Questions thread. I just want you to know :)

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(until Cori gets back and can do the final yes :D)

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kirstin ✿ (shoutohdoroki) Kristin (R.I.P MCR) wrote: "Approved
(until Cori gets back and can do the final yes :D)"


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Jane Isles-Rizzoli Name: Kensi Blye
Codename: Bad-Ass Blye
Age: 18
Grade: 12
Training Squad(Ask to be put in a squad and get daily missions or exercises in the danger room):

Powers and abilities: Telekinesis, Psychokenesis, Telepathy, Teleportation, Enhanced Abilities including but not limited to Strength, speed, healing, sight, smell, Agility, Stamina, and more

Appearance: [image error]

Gender: Female

History: Kensi is the only child of a deceased Marine, Donald Blye, Kensi tells Nate that she used to help her father tune his car during the weekends. Kensi tells Deeks that her father taught her how "to survive pretty much anywhere," as well as how to "track, shoot, fix an engine, wire a house, and basically anything you'd teach a son. Only he didn't have a son. He had me". That statement suggests she is an only child. It was revealed that Kensi's father was murdered when she was fifteen, and that his murder case was never solved. After her father's death, Kensi ran away and lived on the streets for around a year. while undercover to get the trust of a suspect, Kensi tells him she was engaged to a Jarhead that was killed in action. she tries to relate to a man suffering from PTSD by telling him she had been engaged to a Marine named Jack, who returned from Fallujah with the same condition. She tells him that she administered Jack's medication and took care of him, insinuating that she wasn't working during this time. However, Jack left her on Christmas Day - the year is unknown. When asked if she went looking for him after he left, she replied "I was hoping he would come looking for me," showing that she was depressed when he left. Kensi was later reunited with her mother, Julia Feldman. Julia was uncomfortable with her husband's role in black ops missions while a Marine sniper so told Kensi that she had fallen for another man and that they were leaving. They got as far as Nevada before Kensi ran away, presumably back to her father. While on the phone afterwards to Julia, Kensi told her she never wanted to see her again and they lost contact for 15 years. Donald Blye's case was also finally solved, revealing Peter Clairmont, an old friend and fellow sniper of her father's, as Donald's killer.

Personality: Kensi is one of the more complicated people, she admits to being "the best first date girl in town," but is "antsy, bored, distant, impatient, irritable" on the second date, hinting that she has commitment issues. Despite having been noted by G. Callen and Sam Hanna to be a born operator Kensi has admitted to having something of a problem with the deception involved in her job during Brimstone. She also states then that she deals with the danger a lot better, implying that she is a thrill-seeker. she is particularly upset by the abduction of her partner, Dominic Vail. While checking out Dom's apartment, she mentions to Nate that she has never been to Dom's house. Later, she is seen at Dom's home, washing his dirty dishes and cleaning the place up in general. According to Callen if Kensi was asked if the glass was half full or half empty, she would just drink out of the bottle. Despite coming across as being an intimidating figure, Kensi is very loyal to the team and has some empathy for the victims involved. She is also capable of holding her own in battle. She might also be a feminist given her independent and strong nature and the fact that she reacts rather violently if a man tries to touch her or get the better of her.

Relationship/crush: Open

Sexuality: Streight

Family: Donald Blye (Adoptive Father, Deceased), Julia Feldman (Adoptive Mother), Wolverine/Logan (Father), Kayla Silverfox (Mother)

Pets: [image error] Named Shade [image error]

Pet Peeves: Players, Men that want second Dates, men who think that because she refuses to have more then one date with a man that she's easy

Joys: Investigating stuff

Hobbies: Hunting, tracking, shooting, Basically everything her father taught her

Other: She made two Living Metal Dragons Flutter [image error] Shield [image error]

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Grade is what year they are in at school

But approved.

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Mutantgirl36 | 9 comments Name: Mckinley Logan
Age: unknown
Powers: healing factor, heightened senses, adamantium skeleton, six claws, good reflexes, psychic resistance
Code name: Wolverine or wolverine 2
Family: Victor creed; uncle, Logan: father. Mother is unknown. Daken: big brother
Appearance: teenage female version of her dad
Personality: same as her dads
Pets: pet rats
Sexuality: straight

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Rue Fleur (mardigrasdemon) | 4578 comments Mod
Name: Alex Scarlette
Codename: Flare
Age: 15
Grade: 9
Training Squad(Ask to be put in a squad and get daily missions or exercises in the danger room):
Powers and abilities: She can light up a room with any type of energy source and create an explosion that way too
Gender: female
History: (Five sentences) she is from an alternate dimension, one where Apocolypse took over. Her mother was a singer and a spy taken prisoner till the X Men won. She was raised by only her mother because her father, Alex Summers, had died.
Personality: (Three lines) she is sweet with a temper but head strong
Relationship/crush: none
Sexuality: straight
Family: Scarlette and Alex Summers
Pet Peeves: being insulted by who her family is
Joys:her mom and singing
Hobbies: tbrp

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