If You Stay (Beautifully Broken, #1) If You Stay question

Have you ever found peace and comfort in oblivion?
Parul Sharma Parul Mar 10, 2013 11:46PM
some times oblivion is healthy..it is not important to fight back every time if you are not feeling up with the situations. Better to numb yourself and stay calm..its what I do wen I am really stressed. And its really works for me.
To block out everything is the hardest task for those who knows something's not right inside,much more harder than to fight for the right thing...such people find peace and comfort wen they are numb and oblivious to the stuff going around.

Peace and comfort can be found in oblivion. It's how you achieve that oblivion that can be a problem. Drugs, alcohol, cutting, dangerous thrill-seeking are all unhealthy ways of attempting to achieve it.

Yoga and meditation are examples of pretty good ways to help.

But the fact remains that if you feel you need oblivion, it is most likely far better to try to talk to someone you trust to try and work out the issues than to self-destructively seek oblivion. I'd point out that this is a large part of the message of this book.

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