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Gisbelle | 27299 comments Thanks the people at The Lost Challenges Group for giving me permission to introduce this team challenge to our group.

This is our group first team challenge and I hope everyone is going to enjoy it.

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Gisbelle | 27299 comments Duration

The duration for each team challenge will be 4 weeks.

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Gisbelle | 27299 comments Point System
This point system will tell you how many points you can earn for your team

Individual Points
Genre: if your chosen book is in the same genre as one given, you'll earn 1 point
Cover: if the cover of your chosen book fits the requirement, you'll earn 2 points
Plot: if your chosen book fits at least one of the plots given, you'll earn 3 points
Title: if at least one word in the title of your chosen book matches the words given, you'll earn 4 points
Name: if at one name of the main characters in your chosen book, or the name of the author is the same as the name given, you'll earn 5 points
Setting: if the setting (place or published year) fits the requirement, you'll earn 6 points

Hidden Words: each week 5 words will be given. All you need to do to find them in the book you have chosen for bonus points. One word will earn you 1 point

Team Points
Extra points will be awarded to the team if everyone in the team finishes their book within:

Day 1 or 2 = 3pt
Day 3 or 4 = 2pt
Day 5 or 6 = 1pt
Day 7+ = no extra point

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Gisbelle | 27299 comments Rules

For Every Participant:

1. On every Friday, a set of requirements will be posted
2. Each participant needs to read 1 book only each week
3. The point system above will tell you how many points you can earn from your chosen book
4. Everyone in the team can choose to read the same or different book
5. The book has to be at least 150 pages or more
6. Reread is NOT allowed
7. Ebooks and audiobooks are ok


For Team Leaders:

1. Team leaders are responsible for posting to claim points for their teams
2. Posting to claim the points should be done by Sunday or as late as Monday the following week
3. Posting to claim the points should be done only when all the team members finish writing the reviews
4. DO NOT edit the post after posting to claim the points (I will not check back, so it is pointless to edit your post a few days later)
5. Team leaders need to report (whether in discussion thread or through PM) if any of the team members are inactive (so that I can find a replacement)
6. If any team leader doesn't report inactive members, it is considered that they are happy with their team performance already. Therefore, I will not take any actions.


Criteria for Selecting Movies

1. Each member in the team is allowed to pick a movie
2. Each member needs to send their selected movie to the team leader (through PM)
3. The team leaders then send me all the movies their team has chosen
4. 4 movies will be randomly selected to use during the challenge

* The movies should meet the following criteria:

1. The release dates need to be 1990 or newer
2. They have to be English-speaking movies
3. They must NOT be based on any books (except classic fairytale)
4. Animations are acceptable

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Gisbelle | 27299 comments Team Leader
Each team needs to have a team leader. The team leaders are the ones who posts HERE to claim points for their team.

Team X: Week X
Player A: Clash Genre + Plot + 3 hidden words: 7pt
Player B: Fall Guy Cover + Name + 1 hidden word: 8pt
Player C: Find You in the Dark Genre + Plot + Title + 2 hidden words: 10pt

Finished on day 2: 3 pt
Total: 28

Please DO NOT post to claim the points unless your team completes writing the reviews

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Gisbelle | 27299 comments Thanks for taking time to read this

Good Luck and Read On!!!


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